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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: Investigation Request

Hey all,

I received a request from Dr. Grey to investigate a recent pattern of sick mutants with similar symptoms that keep getting worse over time. They're not all from District X either, but from all over the area.

The medlab is going to send us more information, but I wanted to put you all on alert. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this before things get any worse.

- B
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To: [One-G], [Two-G]
From: [Matt]
Subject: filing and things


While I appreciate all you do, did one of you put away the books I had out? With all the notes and tabs still in them I hope? Please find them.

Also, did anyone order that law book I requested? And coffee. We all need more coffee. Steal it from Warren.

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 Warren Worthington, what on earth are you doing to Hope. And more importantly...you're not scared of me?! I'm hurt.
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 From: Abbott, Hope
To: X-Factor Investigations
Subject: What in the world is going on with Mr. Worhtington? 

What in the world is going on with Mr. Worthington? I am in the middle of a workshops on the role of NGO's and IGO's in diplomacy and cannot really use this and I am getting strange texts from him. 

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To: [Morse, Bobbi]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Investigation Request


A few members of the medical staff, including myself, have noticed people checking into area hospitals with boils on the skin, difficulty breathing, and vomiting. They're being treated and released, but come back with the same symptoms--only worse.

The only connecting factor between them seems to be that they're mutants. There's not a specifically localized area. A few of them are from District X, but they're also all around the city as well.

There are a few theories floating around as to the case, but I suspect it might be some kind of poison or foreign contaminant.

Would you and XFI mind looking into it? I'd be happy to get with the rest of the medlab staff to see what other information we can give to you.
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Delivered to their room:

Happy Birthday love. xoxo - Lor

Present inside the Box )
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To: [Clea Lake], [Stephen Strange]
From: [Sebastian Druid]

Subject: Farewell for now

Hello friends,

After a summer with my father at home, I have decided that it would be in my best interests to remain here with him. I have enjoyed our time together immensely but my responsibilities lie here with my family. At the earliest opportunity possible I will be extending invitations to you both to come visit me, but do not worry if you do not hear from me for some time.

Kind regards,
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To: Sue
From: Reed
Re: Travel

Attachment(s): itinerary.doc, introletter.doc

Dear Sue,

I have been invited to attend a special conference at NASA. They are allowing me to bring a partner. I thought of you.

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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Topaz
Subject: First day of diplomatic training course 

Hi hi, 

They were not lying when they said it would be an intensive course. Only just got back to my hotel room after the welcome reception. After the opening this morning we had a lecture about public speaking and in the afternoon we had various exercises and finally had to do a short speech ourselves. For later in the week we have to prepare a larger one... 

Quite a bit of it was familiar from my 'public speaking' class during high school, but I learned quite a few new pointers as well as refreshing old skills. 

I have some reading to finish up for tomorrow and am going to head to bed then. 

See you this weekend, 
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo
Subject: X-Corps harddrives or laptop around

Hey Angelo,

Do you have any idea if there are old X-Corps or hard drives around somewhere? Looking for my notes on my project on gathering methods for training power and while I've found some, I seem to remember there are far more.

Hope you have some idea's,
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To: [sydney]
From: [gabriel]
Subj: Aha!

Well, this explains your stance on flip flops: https://twitter.com/HistoryInPix/status/890646478989004801

Don't tell me this isn't true. I'm going to be staring at your shoelaces until the end of time.
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So, I appear to be a giant bruise. Garrison wasn't kidding. One of you up for keeping me company as I hopefully soak my muscles enough to be able to move my arm tomorrow?
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I'm still in. Now what?
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You are going to let Daddy Warbucks pay for some of your wedding right? Or do I have to be sneaky about this?
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So you were not home during the spider thing, right?


So uh, who would I talk to about powers stuff? Specifically I did something new today by accident and want to see if I can repeat it somehow?


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