Jan. 8th, 2017

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The NYPD announced today that a single killer may be responsible for five recent homicides in Manhattan. Ballistics reports showed that the bullets that killed each victim were fired from the same gun.

Former NYPD officer Raymond McCoffer and wife Linda were shot in their home two weeks ago. McCoffer was the defendant in a widely publicized murder trial of two mutant men while he was on duty. He was found not guilty, a verdict that spawned several protests and clashes between activists and police. The judge of that trial, Alton Fink, was found dead in his home one week later, also dead from gunfire. Sandra Williams, a key defense witness whose testimony legal experts say may have been prejudicial but was allowed anyway, was also killed in her home three days ago. The most recent victim was Sam Colburn, a member of the jury, who was found shot in the head and then hanged in a Chelsea alley.

“These gruesome murders are an attack on the whole city,” said NYPD chief of police James O’Neill. “And furthermore, they are an assault on our democracy and justice system. It is appalling and unconscionable that someone would decide murder is an appropriate response to a verdict they don’t like.”

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[Text to Sue, Bobbi, and Hope]
Hey, So. This year Alex and I are getting married. I think we settled for an October timish wedding. BUT I need help. I can't plan this on my own and every time I open a Wedding magazine my head spins.

[Text to Wanda]
Hey sis. I need to talk to you. In person. Soon.


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