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 From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Storm, Sue; Richards, Reed; McCoy Hank
Subject: Want to take a look at something for me? 

Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if you'd be willing to take a look at something for me. When I was in the field a few months back, a strange weapon ended up in my gear. It's a handgun, but with some kind of chemical ammunition. 

Found it again this weekend and really wondering what it was, since I think one of the Avengers had it. 

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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Reyes, Cecillia; Ferguson, Clarice; Grey, Jean; Collins, Laurie 
Subject: Afraid you'll have to miss me this summer... 


Hope this is not gonna be a problem this summer, but after a long assessment last week I've been admitted to a nurse-to-paramedic bridge program in NYC. Between my shifts at the Claremont and the schooling my time in the medlab is going to be tight.  

I'll start riding as an EMT-B for a few weeks, since they want to double check if I am up to date on my alphabet soup (ACLS, BTLS, TNCC, PALS, ECRN and even my CEN... Like the Claremont would let me work if those were not up to date).

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Wanna go out tonight and beat up bad people with me and Pete?
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A simply wrapped box, with this inside, and a card that has Happy Birthday Hope written inside.
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A package is mailed to Hope, along with a card.

You intrigue me. Here's to your future.

Read more... )
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To: [Warren]
From: [Lorna]
Re: Request Time Off

Hey Warren,

After this case, I was wondering if I can take some time off. Not long - just a day or two.



Text to Alex
Beach? I can't pretend that everything is okay anymore. This case hurts my heart.
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo; Jones, Angel; Rogue
Subject: Graduation ceremony

Hi everyone,

I'm a little late, but next week on May 24 I'm having my graduation ceremony at two in the afternoon. Would you like to be there? 

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From: Friedlander, Sharon 
To: Salina
Subject: Take a look at this 

 Hey Salina, 

Long time no see. I know we are not supposed to talk about this anymore, but take a look at the video clip I've added. 

Doesn't something look familiar to you? 

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"Hey, Hope. Thanks for the tip, hey? It's now official. We have an MOU between WI and Regent Crest Trading. It's taken me an embarrassingly long time to get into that niche, and here I am, thanks to you. It's all getting reported at the shareholder's meeting today, so I thought I'd call and let you know instead of texting."
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Reyes, Cecilia
Subject: Can you miss me next week in the Medlab? 

Hi Cece, 

Wanted to check in with you if you could miss me next week in the Medlab. Between my shifts at the Claremont and the assessment that I have for the Nurse to Paramedic program my time is pretty tight. Since my 'experience' is so spread out, they want to me to do some practical tests as well. 

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[1/3] What the hell, Tandy?

[2/3] Seriously, that wasn't funny.

[3/3] What the hell?
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To: [The Top Witch]
CC: [The Green Queen]
From: [That Guy]

Subject: The Rock

Dear Ms. Sefton,

I hope this finds you well. My esteemed colleague, Ms. Dane, and I have completed our examination of the rock you entrusted us with, and we have concluded that it is... a rock.

Seriously, we have no idea what's up with this thing. We even sent a picture of it to an old professor and it's not like anything he's ever seen before either. Our best guess is that it fell out of space. And while mysterious space rock would be cool, it's not necessarily the most logical answer.

On the other hand, unless it's from space, there's not really anything special about it from what we can tell, either. It kind of looks some trinket you'd pick up at a cheap tourist store. Maybe someone picked up a bunch and thought it would be a good joke to play on you guys?

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Hey what are you doing this Saturday, around noon?
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Clear everything tonight! Amanda is going to show us a rock.
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(1) So, sitting in class this morning, I feel like I rly rly need to apologize again for crappy dinner. I think I need to give up. I'm sorry you had to cook again, even tho I know you were super bagged, and that you're super tired of take out and I'm the worst girlfriend! I don't cook, I don't clean, and I just suck.

*five mins later*

(2) Okay wait, I don't suck. I'm pretty cool. But still. Sry about dinner again. <3 I love you?
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 To: [Monica Rambeau]
 From: [Reed Richards]
 Subject: Powers

Attachment:  overview of readings.doc; breakdown.xslx; m.rambeau findings.doc

Ms. Rambeau,

I apologize for the tardiness of my reply.  While the results certainly took less than 24 hours to compile, the implications alone caused me to do further research, which then lead to the attached documents.  I was able to input your data into a biomagnetic workup, as well as a neural schematic.  Might I say, your physiology is very interesting. If you would permit me to, I would enjoy working on this project.  


Dr. Reed Richards

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Hey Doc, any word from the assault victims? I was gonna pass around the proverbial hat to see if anyone else wanted to donate but I figured I should ask first.
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Are you guys available? I need your help with something, vigilante style.


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