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Sep. 7th, 2017 03:05 pm
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Are you ready for this weekend? I'm thankful we're going to HQ, and not to Cape Canaveral...

Email to XF

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:38 am
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To: [Marie-Ange] [Doug] [Amanda] [Jubilee] [Artie] [Emma] [Gabriel]
From: Rogue
Subject: Satan lives

Hey guys,

I wasn't sure if I should pass this forward, but I think I can't sit on it. I'll be blunt: Jean is dating Parker Matthews.

Now, to be honest, nothing she has SAID leads me to believe he's the 'same' and I really hate to think the worst based on past stuff....but I need to tell someone so those lucky someones are you.

I also have no idea what else to tell you. He's still super cute?
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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange],[Ramsey,Doug],[Wilson, Wade]

Subject: [Please meet me in the suite Doug and I share.

There are things that need to be discussed, and I would like if you could all meet me as soon as you are able to.

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To: [Kyle]
From: [Reed]
Re: I apologize

I might have a tonic that could help with your experiment-induced stomach disorder. It's untested but the science is sound. There's an 80% chance you will suffer no ill side effects.

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To: Roommate McShinybutt
From: Roommate McBoombutt
Subject: As you're the only one who'll notice

My grandma is sick. Like, REAL sick. I'm going home. Probably won't be back any time soon, what with the complications of school transfer and all. If anyone asks, which I doubt, at least you'll know in addition to the PTB, that my mom contacted already.

Catch ya on the weird side, Al.

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to: [marie-ange colbert] [ethically messy mercenary bae]
from: [gabriel cohuelo]
subject: You've got to be kidding me

If people are literally going to hell and back, which based on my limited knowledge of religion, means they are coming back from the dead, I am going to need a drink.

Especially given current life circumstances to which I can only vaguely allude.
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To: [Cho,Amadeus], [McCoy, Henry], [Richards, Reed],[Storm,Sue]
CC: [Lewis, Darcy], [Barton, Clint]

Subject: Let's do science to it.

Good evening everyone,

It appears that those of us in 'team insert name here' and X-Factor have found the thing making people sick recently.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot about these pendants that we can tell from simple observation and I'd much rather that you all have a chance to look at this thing before I make Kyle trying licking it.

If you'd all meet me down in the labs this afternoon, I'll give you the pendants and let you do your work.


Laurie Collins aka 'team to be named later' current resident MD.
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Reed, leave Illyana alone.

I don't think she lived in a house or went to school or anything before she came here Reed. I think she was like, feral or something. Like, you know those stories about kids raised by wolves?

We used to be roommates and she'd sleep on the floor in the corner and store food under her bed and she's terrifyingly literal and doesn't know all kinds of basic things you assume people are supposed to know.

She's really smart. Just not academic.
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To: [light], [dark]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Illyana

Can you two do me a favour? Keep an eye on Illyana for any sign of Hela's magical influence? I'm not liking what went down in Hel with the Disir and for Frankenberry reasons, Hela might be a little too interested in her. I figure between the two of you, you'll be able to pick up any weirdness in terms of magical-type energy.

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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: New intel

Hey all,

I was approached by an informant who provided me with new intel. There's another mutant experiencing the same symptoms, and she thinks that she can arrange a meeting.

There may be objects in her possession which we can retrieve and pass along to have examined as well. This could be a big breakthrough for us.

- B
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To: [XFI]
From: [Centino, Arthur]
Re: Subject: Update on Case #128930A

L and I hit the ground as quick as we could with the awesome Miss Storm's intel. The Underground had a little info, but the 2 weren't looking for support.

For the casefile, and I'm obscuring the names here because I got a lecture on cyber security the last time:

Mr. Green [Address: see server]
Was a driver for both of the major app companies. His friends say that he preferred doing the tourist route. He boasted to a few people about his powers letting him "know when the red lights and traffic were a'coming," but they just thought he was boasting about being lucky. Apparently he liked to make some money on the side by running errands for souvenirs (the cheap stuff) while his rides were doing tourist things. Friends think this was a sideline, and there was a lot of nudging and winking. All kind of sketch.

Mrs. Mauve [Address and more deets: sameso]
A housewife. Her husband and immediate family (Lorna and I snooped in a middle of a bbq, ask Lorna for the recipes they insisted she take) didn't have any clue about her mutant status.

Her sister was apparently in town last weekend, and they did the touristy thing too.

Connection, maybe? See if Mauve left Green 5 stars? Maybe they ran across eachother.

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To: [XFI]
From: [Storm, Sue]

Subject: Update on Case #128930A

Hey all,

So I managed to trace back the first cases of the sickness Bobbi brought up in the hospital databases. I don't know if they've thought about cross referencing it yet, but I managed to get into all of the larger databases and it looks like hte first cases started showing up around the first of August. 

The weirdest thing I found, they don't seem to have had an epicentre of the epidemic. I think that's why it's proving so hard to lock them down, the first guy looks to have been a driver from Queens who works in Manhattan, the second case a housewife in New Jersey.

The kicker, the tests and interviews reveal they're both mutants, though she didn't know it till the event, but they only have minor powers. 

I've summarised what data I have and attached it to this email. The raw data is all stored in the server. 

I'll keep digging, see what else I can find.

~ Sue

Attached a word file: Summary of findings for case 128930A
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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: Investigation Request

Hey all,

I received a request from Dr. Grey to investigate a recent pattern of sick mutants with similar symptoms that keep getting worse over time. They're not all from District X either, but from all over the area.

The medlab is going to send us more information, but I wanted to put you all on alert. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this before things get any worse.

- B
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To: [One-G], [Two-G]
From: [Matt]
Subject: filing and things


While I appreciate all you do, did one of you put away the books I had out? With all the notes and tabs still in them I hope? Please find them.

Also, did anyone order that law book I requested? And coffee. We all need more coffee. Steal it from Warren.

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 Warren Worthington, what on earth are you doing to Hope. And more importantly...you're not scared of me?! I'm hurt.
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 From: Abbott, Hope
To: X-Factor Investigations
Subject: What in the world is going on with Mr. Worhtington? 

What in the world is going on with Mr. Worthington? I am in the middle of a workshops on the role of NGO's and IGO's in diplomacy and cannot really use this and I am getting strange texts from him. 

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To: [Morse, Bobbi]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Investigation Request


A few members of the medical staff, including myself, have noticed people checking into area hospitals with boils on the skin, difficulty breathing, and vomiting. They're being treated and released, but come back with the same symptoms--only worse.

The only connecting factor between them seems to be that they're mutants. There's not a specifically localized area. A few of them are from District X, but they're also all around the city as well.

There are a few theories floating around as to the case, but I suspect it might be some kind of poison or foreign contaminant.

Would you and XFI mind looking into it? I'd be happy to get with the rest of the medlab staff to see what other information we can give to you.
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Delivered to their room:

Happy Birthday love. xoxo - Lor

Present inside the Box )


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