Email to Amanda and Marie-Ange

to: [weird boss] [witch boss]
from: [gabriel]

Yeah, I'm gonna be out of the office today. Which I think is fair.

Snapchat texts - they disappear - to Angel

(1/3) You have got to be fucking kidding me
(2/3) How does this keep fucking happening
(3/3) I just can't I'm sorry I can't
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Santa Ana is the new asshole of the universe

Email to [All Teams]
Subject [Santa Ana is the new asshole of the universe]
Attachments [Previous emails - poison rocks - Kevin,Sue Poison Rocks sapiens league dossier - UNCLASSIFIED

This email is brought to you via my portable wifi at LAX and the ~economy class waiting area~ outside one of the United gates, ready for the 9:15pm United flight back to JFK. Santa Ana is literally the worst, and that includes the rest of the OC plus half of the rest of LA plus it's too hot.

Next time, I am being the business man and someone else is being the seedy college student/artist/whatever and they are going to get the red-eye to New York, not me.

To Business:

I sucked (and sucked up to, because there are anti mutant groups very into the idea of some mutie action on the side ugh I probably have throat chalmidia) my way into the local scene - we've been working around the edges of the mutant underground in a few cities for about a year now - and long story very short:

Sapiens League are nasty. Surprise!

They're planning a large scale anti-mutant action. We sort of knew that but not the what and how.

That stupid green emerald that the college kids have been after? They're using it against mutants. Dates to be confirmed but my friends are talking to their friends and they'll text me.

Thank fuck I don't have to go back to LA for anything for the next month or so. I hate that place.

(no subject)

To: [Colbert, M.], [Ramsey, D]
Subject: URGENT

Get down to Snow Valley offices ASAP, bring others. Not anyone close to Quentin. I blew out a wall to get Stephen and Illyana out.

It's bad. Bring ... just bring a container. It's as bad as that sounds. Will explain in person - danger has probably passed but not letting these two out of my sight for a while.

Emails to Wanda and Stephen

To: [strange]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Project

Hey Steve, I have an extra-curricular project I need your help on. Can you come by the SV offices after school tomorrow? I'll explain things when you get here.


To: [boss lady]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Need some help

Hey boss lady, I've been looking into this whole thing at the mansion with Jean and Haller and Emma, and there's a ritual I can do that will flush out this psychic parasite thing. But I need some help with it. I need Illyana to open a portal to the astral plane, and I need you to act as anchor. Can I come by and explain things and get you to bring Illyana in on things? She's more likely to respond to you than me.



Text to Wade

(1/4) You know what's great
(2/4) Is when someone knows you're weird about birthdays but still won't come out with you or fuck you on your birthday
(3/4) And then you somehow fail to get lucky and spend the next few days sexually frustrated
(4/4) TLDR I need you to come out and drinking buddy slash wingman me tonight

Two minutes later
(1/2) I know we are not this level of close but just roll with it
(2/2) Pretend this is me asking you to drive me somewhere sketchy
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Inmate Escapes Upstate Prison

Valhalla, NY — An inmate at Westchester Correctional Facility, who was convicted of kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon earlier this year, has escaped, with officials saying he may be armed and dangerous.

The New York Department of Corrections said today that Randall Bush, 47, broke out of the prison some time earlier this morning. Officials are unclear how Bush escaped. There is a gap of approximately 15 minutes on security footage throughout the facility. His cell was found empty with the door open and unlocked, but no one — neither correctional officers nor fellow inmates — could recall letting him out or seeing him leave. Because of Bush’s past association with mutants and mutant issues, officials are considering the possibility the escape was orchestrated by mutant allies.

Bush was convicted of taking several hostages at a Salem Center bank and shooting a security guard, all reportedly to get the attention of local police, who he claims were refusing to search for his runaway mutant teenage son. Only the security guard was injured, and Bush surrendered to the police without further violence. He pled guilty to all counts after his son returned home, apparently unharmed.

Anyone with information on Bush’s current whereabouts is urged to call their local police or the Department of Corrections.
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Email to Amanda

To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: A problem

Hi, Amanda. I know Emma touched base with you about the incident with the Shadow King, so I just wanted to give you an update. Jean and Parker Matthews both scanned clean, and Emma and myself check out as well, so we feel confident it didn't manage to contaminate anyone during the incident the other day. Even so, I wanted to ask if there was anything you could do on your end. Didn't you perform some kind of ritual last time?


Text to Quentin

(1/5) So
(2/5) Back to back birthdays
(3/5) When/where are we meeting tonight?
(4/5) 🍆
(5/5) That's supposed to be ironic I'm not an asshole
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Email to XForce

From: Artie
To: XF group

Subject: SL



I've heard back and gotten more information from my sources.

There's a lot of gaps but what I have is attached. They're planning a large anti mutant action on the west coast. Still pinning down the location.
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Email to Fi

To: [Fi]
From: [War]

I'm laying here listening to our song without any pants on.

Why, do you ask?

Because Bobbi SUCKS and she hid all my leather pants and how the hell am I supposed to strut to OUR SONG without leather pants on??

She also doesn't make fun of my penis like you do. It's such a turn off.

When are you back already???

I've eaten way too much "I miss you" ice cream. This has to stop. For the sake of my body, come back already.

ps: I'm super high. Like high enough to grow a cape. Pretty awesome.
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Text to Garrison

I just saw the post about Adrienne. I'm currently working with a special case patient right now for the next few days but if you need anything--covering comms, etc., let me know.

Email to David Haller and Emma Frost

To: David Haller; Emma Frost
From: Charles Xavier
Subject: A problematic patient

David, Emma:

It has come to my attention that Jean has come into contact with a certain Parker Matthews. He has been her patient and appears to be suppressing his telepathy, so she has asked for permission to bring him to the mansion for help. I have granted this.

I do not do this lightly. I recall our previous encounters with Mr. Matthews' previous incarnation and I do not wish a repeat performance. I am requesting both of you to monitor him while he is here for any untoward behavior. I would do so myself, were I capable, but as I am not, I hope that you will act in my stead.


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Email to Charles Xavier

To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Guidance


I was wondering if I could get your advice on something. I know someone who is presenting with symptoms that I suspect may have an psionic cause.

He was first admitted as my patient we have since gotten into a closer relationship. During that time, he confided in me that he has powers. He appears to be a low-level telepath but seems to be suppressing his powers.

When he was admitted he seemed to display fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, and vomiting. Initially, after a few days of observation, he seemed to get better but he was recently re-admitted, with a worse reaction than before. I know the cursed emerald that the others were investigating isn't the cause because he isn't wearing it or has it in his home.

Have you heard or seen any instances where telepathy can manifest with symptoms other than ones centered around the brain? I have run every test I can think of.

I would appreciate and welcome any insight you might have.

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Email to Doug

From: Abbott, Hope
To: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Your bot program

Hi Doug,

I was using your bot program today to dig across the web for documents with certain search words and it worked really well. I was also quite astonished me what things are floating around out there... for the person I was investigating I found a half finished autobiography and various documents of a previous employer. I still need to gather all the information for both documents and then verify it, but still...

It made me think though, could we plan an appointment and do some checking what there is out there about me and clean it up a bit if needed?



Email to P1 X-Force and Rogue

To: [artie], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [jubilee], [marie-ange], [rogue]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Parker Matthews

I did some poking around among the magical community and looked into Matthews' history. I wasn't expecting anything, so of course I found something. Apparently our lad had a couple of friends in magical circles - nothing big, just dabblers on the edge mostly. They haven't been heard from for a while, tho', which is never good. I'll keep looking, see what I turn up.

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Text to Clea

So, feel like painting to town red birthday girl?

Chance to relax after the start of school and for me to spoil you rotten ;)
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Left For Clea

This, wrapped in plain white paper, along with a set of colored pencils, and this card. Inside the card is a $50 Amazon gift card, and a short note.

<i>Happy birthday, kid. i'd say stay out of trouble, but I know you. -Topaz</i>