Text to Garrison

I'm still in. Now what?
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TXT to Lorna

You are going to let Daddy Warbucks pay for some of your wedding right? Or do I have to be sneaky about this?
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Texts to Scott and Lorna


So you were not home during the spider thing, right?


So uh, who would I talk to about powers stuff? Specifically I did something new today by accident and want to see if I can repeat it somehow?
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Text to Topaz

I got to hit Namor with a frying pan...

Which was not so bad. Better then demons... 

Email to Billy, Topaz, Megan, Clea, Stephen

To: [fellowship of the weird rocks]
From: [royally pissed]

Subject: Results

It took a while, but I've finally run down what those black and white pebbles we found mean.

(when research fails, ask a magic user. In this case, my mum)

The pebbles are an invitation of sorts. To those in the know, there's this thing called the Winding Way - it's kind of like a magical union. Two paths - the light and the dark. By giving us the rocks, the Powers That Be have told us that they're watching us and that they'll be giving us a choice as to which path we want to take on the Way once they're satisfied we're worth it. There will be tests, apparently.

Typical wanker bullshit.

I'm not going to tell you how to choose. The whole point of my working with you lot is to let you now that your lives are exactly that. YOUR lives. My personal issues about this whole thing aside, if you want to take part, then that's your choice. But remember - no-one gets to tell you how to live your lives. No-one gets to use you. You aren't tools, you aren't power sources, you aren't weapons. You're yourselves.

Keep alert, be aware that we're all targets right now, and don't let anyone make you do something you don't want to do. Look out for each other. I'll be letting Charles and the rest of the team-types know what's going on, so if you're unsure of anything and can't reach me, talk to one of them.

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Emails to Warren and Topaz

From: Abbott, Hope
To: Worthington, Warren
Subject: I really really need two weeks of.

Mr. Worthington,

I just received word I have been accepted in a special short summer program called 'The Fundamentals of Diplomacy'. It teaches basic diplomatic skills, along with some lectures etc and is held on August 7-20. It does run from nine in the morning till in the evening with activities in the weekends as well...

Thanking in advance, 
Hope Abbott


From: Abbott, Hope
To: Topaz
Subject: I got in


Remember that diplomatic skills program I told you about? I got in!!! Even despite being waitlisted... 

It's going to be intensive, but I am really looking forward to it! 


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Text to Angel

Just read the article. Thank you for writing it.
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Txt to Logan

Missed you yesterday :( where were you? There was an impromptu pool party, and almost everyone came out.
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txt to Wanda

Omfgggggg! Who are these people we live with?! Like how has a war not broken out? We got the exhibitionists, the typical teens, the modest peeps, and Kyle, who defies alllll labels. Dood. What a weird life :p :D
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Text to Alison

Hey, get your butt down the the pool. Mr. Gibney is barbecuing.
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Email to the XFI team

To: [All those people I work with]
From: [The cool boss]
Subject: Relaxation

Hey everyone,

It's been a rough go. I want everyone to take some time off, stat. I'm making an executive order and closing the office down for the next couple of days. Don't worry, I'll still be working, just in case something comes up, but for the rest of you, I want you to relax, enjoy, and spend my money.

Quire knows where my business credit card is (I know it was you who made those purchases). Decide as a group what you'd like to do or however you want to go about doing it.

Stay well.

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Email to XFI

From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: [Group: XFI]
Subject: People missing from the Underground

We might have an issue you'd want to look into. Ray Miller and Kaori Tanaka have gone missing after having gone to meet someone asked for help. The police is not giving much of response with what I could offer. Garrison Kane is on my list to talk after that.

Any chance you could get some boots on the ground to help look for them?


Text to Sue

Are you disappointed in me? I know 13 minutes isn't very impressive, but considering hacking isn't one of my strong points, I was pleased with myself. That being said, I've decided to start brushing up my skills, so to speak as I was also not very pleased with my results. I anticipate having increased my ability within approximately one month, to be fair.

E-mail to Warren

 To: Worthington, Warren
From: Susan, Storm

Subject: Question

Which of these guys do you think Bobbi would like?

attached image )

Do I have to give them up?

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Email to Bobby

To: [iceman]
From: [spectrum]

Subject: Totally late notice...

Yo, dude! Bayville prom is tomorrow night and I WAS planning to go with a group, but then everyone had to go and get dates and long story short, do you want to go? With me? As friends? I totally get that it's incredibly late notice, but I'll make it up to you.

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Text to Amanda

(1/2) So when are you taking your kids back?

(2/2) Not that I don't love being a bad influence but teaching them how to bring things to life just to annoy you seems more appealing every day.