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Dear Professor Xavier,

It's been a long time since we've spoken and I know this is out of the blue, but I need your help. It's not something to be discussed over email. I am somewhat local so maybe I can come to the school if you're free? Tomorrow or the next day, whichever is convenient for you. Thank you in advance. It means a lot to me that you're still here.

Best regards,
Everett Thomas
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[To: All adult mansion residents]
[From: Xavier, Charles]
[Subject: Adult Comm]


I've noticed recently an increase in more "adult" activity on the journals. While it's perfectly fine for you to partake in these activities, there are still students on the journals. As such, the staff comm has been opened up for all residents over eighteen, and will serve as the adult comm going forward. I recommend if you have something you don't want the students to see, you post it there.

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As an addendum to my announcement, I wish to explain to you my full reasons for dismantling Cerebro.

It is true I am no longer able to use it. It is also true that it was damaged by Dark Phoenix' use of it. However, the additional - and final - reason that I am dismantling it is that I can no longer justify keeping a device of mass destruction in the mansion's basement.

Dark Phoenix' use of it to destroy 90% of the mutant population was only the most recent use of the technology to kill. The responsibility for every death caused by it weighs on my conscience. It has been proven most emphatically that even with the best intentions and our best attempts, we cannot keep the world safe from Cerebro. And so, reluctantly, I have decided it cannot exist in this world. All plans and research will be destroyed, and the device itself will be dismantled and removed.

I understand that the loss of Cerebro as a resource will hit hard, especially now when it is so important to be able to locate mutants in need. However, I must balance that need with the risk, and I have concluded that this is the only way to prevent future genocide.

I trust you all to do your best with the resources you have access to, as well as those of the mansion, including our "mutant underground" contacts. And if you wish to speak to me about this decision, you will find my door open.

Thank you.

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To: [Charles Xavier]
From: [Gabriel]
Subject: (no subject)

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To: [cyclops], [phoenix], [professor x]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Security Issue.

Head's up - one of ours has been targeted, so we thought we'd better give you lot the info. Doug was shot in the shoulder by persons unknown today. He'll be fine, but we aren't 100% sure who is after. The most likely scenario is it's Hellfire Club related, but just in case it's the school, you might want to tighten security up for a bit.

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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Collins, Laurie]

Subject: [Accompanying Hope to Michigan]


I'd be happy to accompany her to Michigan. I'll contact her now to get details about the trip.


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From: Xavier, Charles
To: Collins, Laurie
Subject: Escorting a student

Dear Ms. Collins,

Hope Abbott will be returning home to Michigan this upcoming weekend, and in light of the anti-mutant atmosphere of her hometown, she requested to have someone accompany her, just in case. I was wondering if you would be up to the task. Please let me know.

Professor Xavier
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Xavier, C.F.
Subject: A visit to Michigan

Dear professor Xavier,

I received a request today from my friend Amy Wright from Michigan requesting my assistance in talking with her mother on some issues. I was wondering if it would be possible to head to Bloomfield Hills this weekend for brief visit. I also would like to ask if someone would be willing to accompany me in the light of events of the previous summer.

Hope Abbott. 
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To: [Xavier, Charles], [Haller, David]

Subject: Proper Etiquette for Emergency Situations

Prezado Sr/a.,

Sirs, I have been increasingly concerned about the lack of formal education given to new students in how to properly handle powers-related incidents. This is not to openly criticize the current structure — I found the tour and additional information to be pleasant, informative reading — but instead to suggest that the School reconsiders how it addresses potential crisis situations of the mundane powers variety.

I speak, of course, of the precognitive incident I experienced with Miss Colbert. While I am sufficient to the task of first aid, I feel as though I was not properly equipped to handle the situation if it had progressed into a full epileptic fit or past controllable auto-writing levels. Miss Colbert has been with the mansion for some time, as I understand, so events like these are likely more common than not.

It also strikes me as problematic that every new person I encounter seems to downplay the imminent danger that they claim hovers over the school. I expect that there are proper channels and systems in place to deal with these situations (and the evacuation information included in the new student booklet/training was most welcome), but none of these were on the tour.

I apologize if I have somehow missed these items in formal writing, but the best weapon is preparation.

Namor, Marques de McKenzie, Heir Apparent to the Dukedom of Thakkor
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To: [Winnifred], [Sarah]
From: [Mary]

Subject: Hallowe'en Shenanigans?

Do you ladies still have your Sanderson Sisters costumes from last year when we went trick-or-treating with Jean's sister's kids? I hear through the grapevine that Miss Pryor's organized a viewing of Hocus Pocus tonight and I think the Sanderson Sisters should make an appearance...

Who's with me?
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To: [Grey-Summers, Jean], [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Summers, Scott]

Subject: A problem

So, I somehow found myself with 3 tickets to a Rolling Stones convert and a reservation at Fat Tony's for tonight. I was hoping one of you had an idea of what I could do with them.

Happy Birthday Jean.

Sorry to rope you into this Charles, but I know how much you loves the Stones and it just felt right having you along.

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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Xavier, Charles
Subject: Request for assistance

Dear professor Xavier,

I am emailing with a request for assistance. It is a long tale, but last Tuesday I revealed to the town I am a mutant and this has spread around quickly. The backlash has been negative, with vandalism and FOH tracts being put in our mailbox.

Also, my mother has decided I will not be returning to the school because of this, while I do wish to return. I have attempted to discuss this desire with my parents, but my mother cannot be swayed. I have no idea how she envisions the next school year.

I apologize for bothering you with this, but I did not know where else to turn.

Hope Abbott
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from: [Lebeau, Remy]

Alright, we haven't been able to pick up a hint of Betsy since she disappeared. She hasn't hit any of our communication systems, check-in points, and there's been a lack of catatonic Jane Does with purple hair turning up in the media so far. Someone tell me that Cerebro has been able to pick her up? Otherwise, I'm running out of options...

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To: [Xavier, Charles]
CC: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Logan]
Subject: Clint Barton One on One Training

I was talkin' to one of the kids on the journals, Clint Barton, and he was wantin' to know if he could get some trainin' one on one with me. That a possibility? I know the teachin' thing's still up in the air. I get it. But the one on one stuff couldn't hurt. I'd even coordinate with his other teachers.
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to: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]


Rachel has struck out with my initial starting points for Xorn, and I'm going to be sending David North into the field to support her efforts. I have the suspicion that her personality and experience in her old world is getting in the way. I hoped that her psionic abilities might draw Xorn out, but so far, no luck. So, time to abandon the stalking horse approach and go back to straight investigation.

I'll keep you updated as to their progress, but my gut feeling tells me that Xorn isn't going to be found until he wants to be found, and I don't have any bright ideas on how to make that happen.

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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Rescheduling for Today's Training Session


As you might've guessed, I'm going to have to reschedule today's training session between the two of us for another date after what happened this morning. I will be putting up a notice on the team comm shortly regarding Garrison's condition.

Luckily I feel confident that my abilities have stabilized enough to the point where I can telekinetically help with Garrison's medical care. Unfortunately due to the extensive nature of his injuries and the complexity that is involved in repairing them my progress could not have come at a moment too soon.

I'll keep you updated.

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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Update


We have managed to secure allies in two of the mutant Genoshan Commission members. They have agreed to help us get a message to the Genoshan people about what members of their government are really doing to its mutant population and those who oppose them. I don't think most of the Genoshans are truly aware of what's going on.

We will be going to one of the national broadcast stations tomorrow to get the two Commission members on the air along with some video that was obtained of the mutate process. Hopefully this will bring some good.

I need to go. Can't stay here long. I'll check in again as soon as I can.

I hope you're well.

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Hi Professor - Polaris reporting in.

We reached the refugee camp safely. Our guide held true to his word. We are going to re-group and discuss our next plan of attack will be. In the meantime, we are going to rest and preserve our strength, we will need it.

Polaris out.
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to: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

subject: Genosha


I don't know how long we'll have a secure connection to contact you on, but there's a group of us that have gone to ground in Hammer Bay, Genosha's capital. My father managed to shake us loose some resources that aren't connected to the mansion, so we should be able to lay low for a while safely.

I've attached a file that has some disponsible cell phone numbers that you and any one else who got out can use to contact us. I'm pretty sure another large group got away. If they're in the position to fight back, we can coordinate another attempt to rescue those who are in the prison in the Citadel.

We think that we might have an angle on how to push back against Genosha. The people are disconnected with the government's mutate program. Most I don't think know it really exists. If we can get some information out, maybe stir up some civil unrest, maybe we can force the GDF to commit more resources trying to keep order, and open a window during which we can hit them.

I don't know how good the odds are, but we decided that we're not going home until we've got everyone with us.

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Voicemail #1:

Hola, Señor. This is Tom Kruse - not the crazy scientologist - calling with something very like an update on a certain situation with which I'm sure you're intimately familiar. So far we've got a half-pint without a hat - this is a travesty but I am totally working on that so don't worry, a pixie with 3/4 functionality in the wing department but a splint of tongue depressors and all the fairy dust you could ever ask for, a kid with a stick who keeps complaining that I smell - which is really just uncalled for since I'm sure we all stink, my favorite Bea Arthur hair impersonator who's not currently sporting that hairdo of all hairdos, mechanic and groundskeeper extraordinaire - seriously this dude is like eight feet tall right now and how did I not know he could do that, everyone's favorite purple kitty cat whose bite is definitely worse than her roar - and that's saying something wow, plus the guy who's mostly Australian but doesn't sound it half the time and has really interesting scars on his palms.

Was that beep meant to warn me that I was running out of time on your voicemail? Because I will totally call back - why do these things even have limits on them? I mean -

Voicemail #2:

Damn it. Seriously - I hate voicemail sometimes. Anyway, next up we have a Frenchman who could make the 90s regret inventing the electric slide but comes in handy in a fight, McFrosty Senior - it's entirely possible she's currently trying to kill me one cell at a time with the power of her mind, an Eastern European lady who sadly lacks an interest in flowy skirts but who could probably do a pretty good job of poisoning me for a few minutes using the local flora, my green-haired siren of the kitchen - I'm counting on her to make the stuff we've got here edible, and last but certainly never least, our flyboy with the pretty feathers and the fabulous hair.

No word from anybody else yet on whether or not they're enjoying their stay thus far, but we're hopeful we'll run into them soon so we can find out, compare notes, and maybe get some suggestions on what to hit up next.

While sightseeing, we met up with an interesting local fellow who offered to show us around - it'll cost us a pretty penny, but he'll probably be useful. Also, if none of this makes sense, you should be ashamed of yourself and pay more attention the next time you're poking around in my head, Señor. Adios.


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