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To: [fellowship of the weird rocks]
From: [royally pissed]

Subject: Results

It took a while, but I've finally run down what those black and white pebbles we found mean.

(when research fails, ask a magic user. In this case, my mum)

The pebbles are an invitation of sorts. To those in the know, there's this thing called the Winding Way - it's kind of like a magical union. Two paths - the light and the dark. By giving us the rocks, the Powers That Be have told us that they're watching us and that they'll be giving us a choice as to which path we want to take on the Way once they're satisfied we're worth it. There will be tests, apparently.

Typical wanker bullshit.

I'm not going to tell you how to choose. The whole point of my working with you lot is to let you now that your lives are exactly that. YOUR lives. My personal issues about this whole thing aside, if you want to take part, then that's your choice. But remember - no-one gets to tell you how to live your lives. No-one gets to use you. You aren't tools, you aren't power sources, you aren't weapons. You're yourselves.

Keep alert, be aware that we're all targets right now, and don't let anyone make you do something you don't want to do. Look out for each other. I'll be letting Charles and the rest of the team-types know what's going on, so if you're unsure of anything and can't reach me, talk to one of them.

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(1/2) So when are you taking your kids back?

(2/2) Not that I don't love being a bad influence but teaching them how to bring things to life just to annoy you seems more appealing every day.
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To: [The Top Witch]
CC: [The Green Queen]
From: [That Guy]

Subject: The Rock

Dear Ms. Sefton,

I hope this finds you well. My esteemed colleague, Ms. Dane, and I have completed our examination of the rock you entrusted us with, and we have concluded that it is... a rock.

Seriously, we have no idea what's up with this thing. We even sent a picture of it to an old professor and it's not like anything he's ever seen before either. Our best guess is that it fell out of space. And while mysterious space rock would be cool, it's not necessarily the most logical answer.

On the other hand, unless it's from space, there's not really anything special about it from what we can tell, either. It kind of looks some trinket you'd pick up at a cheap tourist store. Maybe someone picked up a bunch and thought it would be a good joke to play on you guys?

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Subject: URGENT - Rocks

From: [toil and trouble]
To: [magic class and assistants]

All jokes aside - have we all gotten these mysterious black and white rocks? Because I'm starting to think they're more than just geology samples.

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A small, gift-wrapped box, with this inside, and a card.

Written in the card:

Protection charms aren't hokey if they're from an actual magic person, right?

Anyways, happy birthday old lady.
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[1/4]: I heard about what happened.
[2/4]: I'll be back from Shanghai tomorrow.
[3/4]: You up for getting out of your cave of solitude? (Aka: Your bedroom.)
[4/4]: If not, I can deliver.

For Topaz

Mar. 10th, 2017 11:37 am
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Smuggled into Topaz's suite and left on the kitchen counter, a small gift-wrapped box. Inside is a set of car keys on a keychain with a little stuffie witch on a broomstick. The note reads:

It's not fancy or even brand new, but I figured every adult needs their own wheels. Check out the garage.

Happy Birthday,

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[1/3] What? Seriously?

*a few minutes later*

[2/3] It's brilliant. Thank you.

*another few minutes later*

[3/3] Seriously?
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[to:] [Colbert, Marie-Ange], [Sefton, Amanda]
[from:] [Kane, Garrison]

subject: Help!

Ladies, we have an emergency. An encounter at some kind of portal between Earth and an Asgardian realm has turned the Avengers into, well, blood enemies of SHIELD intent on destroying the whole agency. The X-Men are going to try and blunt the attack, but we need to know what's happened to the Avengers and how to reverse it. There's a SWORD Quinjet inbound to take a group to the site of the incident. We need magic and Asgard experts on the ground there, ASAP. Can you pull a team together to help you out?

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Midnight is currently eating my two-hundred dollar textbook. I've given up trying to stop her because she actually crawled into my bag to get to it and you have to appreciate that kind of effort.

It might be time for Aunt Amanda to catsit for a night though.
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Haven't seen much of you lately. You still in the country?
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[1/6] Maya's granddad's in a safe house in between the one
[2/6] he's actually living in. Willie says he'll be there
[3/6] for the next week or so. Also says granddad knows
[4/6] about the possession thing, so he can offer some help
[5/6] and advice. Address/directions are attached.
[6/6] Driving's safest. Sorry for the convoluted parts.

Attached: DrivingDirections001.doc
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To: [Mandy]

From: [Jubes]

Subject: Talking time.


Mind meeting up for dinner some night in the next week or so? Have a question for you that kinda requires physical presence.

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Happy birthday, Ms. Amanda!
Sending you good wishes & positive energy.
<3 Megan

It features an illustration of a cake surrounded by colorful swirls of magic, and also melting into rainbows of frosting.
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[1/4] hi evry attmpt ive made 2 talk 2 topaz has gotn n automated reply
[2/4] kinda real woried
[3/4] ur lik her sensei guru rght?
[4/4] wld lik 2 no shes as ok as she cn b
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Hey, need a favor. Could you watch Midnight for a few days? She can just stay in my suite and you can feed her or you can take her to yours if you're lonely.
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1/2 I didn't forget. Just laying plans.

2/2 Happy Birthday.


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