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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo
Subject: X-Corps harddrives or laptop around

Hey Angelo,

Do you have any idea if there are old X-Corps or hard drives around somewhere? Looking for my notes on my project on gathering methods for training power and while I've found some, I seem to remember there are far more.

Hope you have some idea's,
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo; Jones, Angel; Rogue
Subject: Graduation ceremony

Hi everyone,

I'm a little late, but next week on May 24 I'm having my graduation ceremony at two in the afternoon. Would you like to be there? 

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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo
Subject: Contacts

Angelo, do you happen to have any contacts in Algeria I don't know about? My own cannot find what I am looking for.

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From: Qadir, Soorara
To: Espinosa, Angelo & Jones, Angelica
Subject: Would you like to come with me?

Hey hey,

I don't know if you saw the news I posted on my journal, but in two weeks time I will be taking the Oath of Alligiance and become an American citizen. I am allowed to bring guests and I was wondering if you wanted to accompany me and maybe go out for lunch afterwards to celebrate. The ceremony will be on June 24, around 11 in the morning.

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Apparently I'm going to Atlantic City with Molly and the dog, and possibly Jubilee. Still room for one more...
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To: [stretch], [john-boy]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Free Food!

Since you two tend to go all ostrich and ignore the journals, I'm giving you a personal invite/poke. Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey and all that good stuff. Being social and all that good stuff.

Don't make me use the puppy eyes.


To: [cousin of frenchie]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Your boyfriend

I know it's not your thing, but I also know Ange is going to want to hibernate, and he's done that plenty already this year. Think you can drag him to this Thanksgiving thing? I'll owe you one.

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[1] And people wonder why I don't talk to most folks around here anymore.
[2] If they do. Nobody's said so.
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To: [stretch], [frenchie]
From: [murphy's butt monkey]

Subject: Megan's post re new students.

Yes, you read it right. I'm going to be teaching a 15 year version of my old teacher.

There is not enough booze in the world.

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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo
Subject: About yesterday...


You have any contacts who can find out how the man from yesterday is doing and if he is getting at least something of what he needs? I tried to make a discrete inquiry or two today, but I hit a wall.

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To: [Summers, Scott], [Espinosa, Angelo]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Emergency Leave

I received a call from one of my mutant underground contacts. A couple, Fiona and Kevin Brennan, who had been fostering a group of mutant children in Ireland were accidentally killed when one of the children's powers flared up out of control and almost leveled the house they were living in. The boy died as well and several of the children were wounded. They will need to be cared for until they are well enough to travel. My contact's been trying to keep things afloat until I can get there. The police have a suspicion the boy was a mutant, as well as the other kids, so things have been pretty tense.

I need to go through my old contacts to find them some safe places where they can live that's closer to their home. The children are deeply traumatized by this. Many of them were living with the Brennan's for some time. Completely uprooting them and taking them to the mansion probably wouldn't be the best idea. I have some ideas where to place them (if those people are still alive after M-Day, I don't know yet) but it'll take some time. I'm not sure how long it will be, likely a few days or longer. It's a complete tragedy. Fiona and Kevin were great people.

I should be able to take care of this myself but if I need help I will contact someone. If anyone needs me I have my cell phone and laptop with me.

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From: Qadir, Sooraya 
To: Espinosa, Angelo; Allerdyce, John; Colbert, JP; Reyes, Cecilia; Grey, Jean
Subject: Anyone I need to keep an eye out for?

Hey everyone,

Had my first day here at Amnesty in Washington. Mostly getting familiar with lots of reports. Do any of you have any names of folks it would be good to see if they are stil sympathetic to the plight of mutants?

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To: [Angelo]
From: [Dr. Cecilia Reyes]


I know this probably isn't the time, but I'm going to have to end my involvement with X-Corps. If there is an X-Corps. I haven't figured anything out yet, except that the medlab is now going to take up more of my time, what with everything.

Sorry to do this to you - hope you understand.

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To: [Angel Cakes]
From: [Grey Goose]
Subject: I live.


So I am in town for awhile visiting my sister Sara and remembered you were still stateside. Charles mentioned something about trying to get the school back up and running. Are you there? If so, do you want to grab a beer?

I promise, no dart playing (but you have to admit he deserved it). We'll avoid the bars with dartboards this time.



May. 19th, 2014 11:34 am
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To Angelo (text):

Jellybean. You're probably drunk off your fucking ass. When you're done, can you come to Muir and get drunk with my dad? He's being emo and I want to be a teen that can't deal with it. Mum's not helping. Bring friends if you want. We'll have a party.

To Matt (voice recording):

Sorry I missed your birthday. I'm with the parents now but you can have thoughts about how I'm supposed to make it up to you. I'll be back next we~ek. Probs. Toodles!

To Sooraya (text):

I probably shouldn't call everyone from our office out, but do you want to take some time off this week and pop by Muir? We can do girly things.
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To: [Angelo Espinosa]
From: [Cecilia Reyes]
Subject: Your offer

Okay. I'm in. I can't give you anything close to 40 hours a week, and I've still got my eyes open for surgery jobs.

But I'm in.
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Espinosa, Angelo and Allerdyce, John
Subject: Location of Malala's Rose

Hey Angelo and John,

After yet another meeting, the location near Herat seems to be working the best for Malala's Rose. The area has been in the hands of the Northern Alliance for a while and thus fairly stable, it's near a larger city with access to an airstrip and is fairly far away from major Taliban skirmishes. All the paperwork will be in your inboxes tomorrow morning for you to look over and final approval.

I will be turning my attention now to finding a director for on the ground in Afghanistan, so we can start putting the framework into place. An update will follow as soon as possible.

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A customized Angelo Action Figure!

(A Nathan Peterelli action figure painted with grey paint on the face and the hands).

The action figure's box has been covered in cut out paper with "SUPER STRETCHY ANGELO!" written all over it in 5 different colors of marker with drawings of him fighting robbers and what appears to be some sort of monster that looks like a combination of a cat and a gargoyle wearing a mask. The box is wrapped in the Sunday comics and topped with a red bow.

A note reads:

Happy Birthday Angelo!

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Two tickets to Perfect Crime by Warren Manzi.

Enclosed is a card, saying:

Happy birthday and many returns, Angelo

I hope you will have a fun night out. You need more of those.

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To: [angelo]
From: [doug]
Subject: lol cinco de mayo

Happy White People Appropriating Your Culture As An Excuse To Drink Shitty Tequila And Cerveza Day!

(I suppose that doesn't fit as well on a card)

You doing the usual?



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