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To: [Haller]
From: [Cecilia Reyes]
Subj: Oops.


So sorry to find out I forgot your birthday! To make it up to you, lunch is on me for our next sit-in-silence-and-make-no-pretense-at-socialization appointment.

Belated happy birthday,

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To: [Abbott, Hope], [Szardos, Meggan], [Topaz], [Kinross-Dayspring, Rachel], [Cuckoo, Sophie / Phoebe / Irma / Celeste / Esme ], [Quire, Quentin], [Grey, Jean]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: No subject )
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To: [Frost, Emma], [Abbott, Hope], [Szardos, Meggan], [Topaz], [Kinross-Dayspring, Rachel], [Cuckoo, Sophie / Phoebe / Irma / Celeste / Esme ], [Quire, Quentin], [Grey, Jean]
From: [Haller, David]

The professor is cutting his trip short and will be back tomorrow morning. He'd like to take a look at us all to make sure there aren't any long-term effects. If you feel like there's something acutely wrong please let myself or Emma know and report to the Medlab immediately.
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[1/3] Know you're feeling weird about mission.
[2/3] Invitation is open any time. Not just tomorrow.
[3/3] Just let me know.
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To: [Summers, Scott] [Sefton, Kurt] [Grey, Jean]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Today's mission

After reviewing my performance on today's mission the professor has decided I should be removed from the active duty, effective immediately.

I apologize for my behavior in the field. My actions further inflamed the crowd and I failed to handle the situation in a way expected of an X-Man. Regardless of the risk, it was irresponsible to ignore orders. After speaking with Charles I accept that a hiatus is probably for the best.

Please let me know if there's anything you want to discuss further.

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[1] So like, I felt/heard that thing again today.
[2] Wasn't gonna say anyth but apparently people are passed out?
[3] I mean, IDK, but it def wasn't my fault this time.
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Dude. Did you hear that wild monkey getting decapitated by a rhino sound?!
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To: [Haller]
From: [Wilson]
Subject: Maya

You know stuff about kids, right? Could you have a voodoo conversation or whatever it is you do with them so that Maya's less 'rawr everyone sucks, must disobey every rule ever invented' and more like, I dunno. Not that?
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A red gift bag with some tissue paper. Atop it is a folded piece of paper that explains it's contents.

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Hey - you've seen your share of weird, right? I got these random texts hours ago, and I'm wondering what you make of them.

screenshot of the following
Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.58.14 PM
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To: [Guy with the weirdest hair.]
From: [Girl with the sparks]

Subject: Molly

So, what exactly was it you said to Molly? She was so afraid of fucking up she froze during a dangerous situation, and I'm pretty sure that's not something you'd have intended.
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To: [Haller, David]
From: [Bowen,Tandy]
Subject: ..

You free tomorrow?



To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Bowen, Tandy]
Subject: Crash course

I was wondering if I could get a crash course in demons and wards.

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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: ...

First, Scott posted something to the effect that you and Snow Valley helped bail out Namor and the girls. So thank you. I'll check on them all as soon as they're back. Is there anything I should know?

Secondly: I can safely say I never dealt with any of this until I started teaching at Xavier's. What is it about the student body that attracts them and why are there so many motherfucking demons?

Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system.

David Haller
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1/2 I got tickets to go see Aladdin on Broadway in July. You two down?

2/2 Don't say no. I know where you two sleep.
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To: [Haller]
From: [Dr. Cecilia Reyes]
Subject: (no subject)

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To: [Jean Grey-Summers], [Clarice Ferguson]
From: [Dr. Cecilia Reyes]
Subject: The project of feminism

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To: [Lorna]
From: [Jim]

Molly's on restricted privileges, Namor's slated for sessions on self-control, and I have mandatory counseling with the professor. I'd rather be grounded.
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To: [Wilson, Wade]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Molly
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To: [Frost, Emma]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Molly Hayes
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Namor
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Grey-Summers, Jean; Haller, David
About: The astral plane

Dear Dr. Grey-Summers and Mr. Haller,

I have found in the past few weeks that what I saw on the astral plane still haunts me. I would like to learn more if that is possible, even if I might not yet be able to ghost out much. Would there be any theoretical materials available?

And I don't know if this would be possible soon, but I would like to work on this aspect of my powers practically as well. The longer I will wait, the scarier the idea becomes, i think.

Thanking in advance,
Hope Abbott.


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