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[1/5] June sucked. I hate having to discipline kids.
[2/5] Especially Maya. She makes me feel old.
[3/5] Yesterday's lightshow was good, though.
[4/5] Let's make July awesome.
[5/5] By 'awesome,' I definitely mean full of explosions.
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[1] googlemap.jpg
[2] Your appointment is at 530pm tomorrow
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Would you get off your new ass and come back to work already? I am sick of doing your stupid paperwork.
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To: [North], [Felicia], [Do]


You guys know the deal, and if you don't after that briefing I'm scared for you. What have we got so far? I don't really want any of us stepping over the same ground, so sound off.

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To: [NorthByNorthwest]
From: [EastbySouthEast.]

Subject: You still into clocks?

I might have found one for you. Some guy here makes them. I think he said this one was made from ghost gum, whatever that is. It's got a little emu that pops out of it anyway.


PS: Better stock up on left overs.
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Memorial of sorts

Right, better to send to you all personally considering world damaging possibilities.

I wanted to wait a few days to do this but with Nu!Wanda arriving, guess that's a bust.

We may not be allowed a funeral, or grave stones but I refuse to let them go without something.

So meet me at the boathouse tonight, bring food and be ready to share a few memories.

For Ororo, Remy and Wanda, dudes.
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To: (North, David; Frost, Emma; Black, Cammie; Maddicks, Artie; Ramsey, Doug; Sefton, Amanda; Lee, Jubilation)
From: (Colbert, Marie-Ange)
Subject: X-Force

So it seems we are rebuilding. Rebuilt? Ugh, verb tenses. Doug fix it.

We are not closing the doors to what is an effective team.

We have lost too many - Pete is still unknown, Remy and Ororo gone, Wanda... I am not sure what has happened but with Wanda, when is it not chaos? I think we need to rebuild our numbers too.

Remy is going to absolutely haunt me for this, but I have a very short list. Does anyone else have anyone in mind before I send my very short list of two people?

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I'm kidnapping you for Christmas. Just fyi.
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Haha. I get to go to the Caribbean to kill somebody and you don't.
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A Harley-Davidson FXRG Leather Jacket with lightweight body armour (including back armor) and a birthday card.
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A note reads:

Happy Birthday, David.

Something for future dinner plans.

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1/2. How did I get home?

2/2. What happened? I have a putter with me.
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To: [Grumpy Old Guy]

From: [Not so grumpy youngish person]

Subject: Feel like going to the Ukraine? )
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One homecooked German meal:
- Schnecken; Escargot in garlic & burgundy sauce served in puff pastry
- Zwiebelsuppe; Creamy onion soup baked with swiss cheese
- Sauerbraten; Marinated beef roast in a sweet & sour sauce of red wine vinegar
- Apfelstrudel; Apple strudel with whipped cream on the side

and a bottle of red wine.

No name provided.
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So this Logan guy goes by Wolverine. I've heard that second one before. Not loving the memories. Do I need to be concerned since he's got memory issues?
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Brownstone was attacked. MA ok but at clinic.
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So I know we're not really doing the talking thing, but I think I'm starting to bore Sarah M. and you might enjoy the opportunity to have your very own Wade Wilson Punching Bag. Let me know.


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