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To: [Colbert, M.], [Ramsey, D]
Subject: URGENT

Get down to Snow Valley offices ASAP, bring others. Not anyone close to Quentin. I blew out a wall to get Stephen and Illyana out.

It's bad. Bring ... just bring a container. It's as bad as that sounds. Will explain in person - danger has probably passed but not letting these two out of my sight for a while.
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Your bot program

Hi Doug,

I was using your bot program today to dig across the web for documents with certain search words and it worked really well. I was also quite astonished me what things are floating around out there... for the person I was investigating I found a half finished autobiography and various documents of a previous employer. I still need to gather all the information for both documents and then verify it, but still...

It made me think though, could we plan an appointment and do some checking what there is out there about me and clean it up a bit if needed?


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To: [artie], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [jubilee], [marie-ange], [rogue]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Parker Matthews

I did some poking around among the magical community and looked into Matthews' history. I wasn't expecting anything, so of course I found something. Apparently our lad had a couple of friends in magical circles - nothing big, just dabblers on the edge mostly. They haven't been heard from for a while, tho', which is never good. I'll keep looking, see what I turn up.


Email to XF

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:38 am
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To: [Marie-Ange] [Doug] [Amanda] [Jubilee] [Artie] [Emma] [Gabriel]
From: Rogue
Subject: Satan lives

Hey guys,

I wasn't sure if I should pass this forward, but I think I can't sit on it. I'll be blunt: Jean is dating Parker Matthews.

Now, to be honest, nothing she has SAID leads me to believe he's the 'same' and I really hate to think the worst based on past stuff....but I need to tell someone so those lucky someones are you.

I also have no idea what else to tell you. He's still super cute?
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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange],[Ramsey,Doug],[Wilson, Wade]

Subject: [Please meet me in the suite Doug and I share.

There are things that need to be discussed, and I would like if you could all meet me as soon as you are able to.

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So, I appear to be a giant bruise. Garrison wasn't kidding. One of you up for keeping me company as I hopefully soak my muscles enough to be able to move my arm tomorrow?
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue
Subject: Business research

Dear Ms. Storm,

Thank you for the aid with the research into Downing Inc. However, I suspect I will encounter the need for such research skills again. Would you be willing to give me some more suggestions?

I did some research online and found several tips for starting journalist into doing research in a company, which was helpful, but I am mostly trying to get some insight into understanding the structure of a business in itself. The nuts and bolts, so to speak.

Thanking in advance,
Hope Abbott

From: Abbott, Hope
To: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Business research

Hi Doug,

Got a favor to ask. At XFI I am currently learning more about doing research into companies and businesses, along with doing some research of my own in how to tackle that. Would you be willing to sit down with me and give me some tips as well. I strongly suspect it will not only come in handy for my work at XFI, but as well for my service at the Hellfire Club.

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[From: Darcy]
[To: Hope, Doug]
[Subject: Oops]

Just got a text from Clint, apparently Scanner and Garrulous got teleported away from the transport, and now nobody knows where they are. Fucksticks.
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To: [Forgiving Ones]
From: [Seeker of Forgiveness]
Subject: [Weekend Away]

So, not only have I forgotten Wade's birthday but I booked myself into a conference next weekend in California. It's going to be suitably boring as a bunch of humans and probably about as many non-disclosed mutants argue about mutant biology and the challenges facing hospitals currently. But! If we do some planning, we could all go and have a nice weekend away? I hear they have nice beaches?

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To: [laurie], [angie]
From: [doug]
Subject: Well, crud.

I think I figured out why Wade's been trying to oh-so-subtly avoid bringing us down with his mood. The thing Logan posted about the Tragically Hip - I noticed Wade working out wearing earbuds, which he NEVER does.

So clearly, since he's trying to avoid us, we should totally ignore that and do something nice for him. ;-)

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To: [the queen]
From: [your knight]
Subject: Hope Abbott


I've been tutoring Hope in some of the grayer areas of things we do for about a year now - things like how to compile a dossier on someone, rumor campaigns, and the like. It seemed like a good way to channel her experiences with Archduke What's-his-butt. And she had an interest in a wider application than her mother's social climbing.

Anyways, she's dropped a few hints recently about an interest in the Hellfire Club. She's a bit young (says the man who was White Knight at 21) and for all her experience, somewhat green. But she's definitely interested - she's stopped just short of asking me directly about membership requirements and initiations a few times.

Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

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[1/6] I'm seriously legit confused right now.
[2/6] Molly thought 'poutine' was something kinky and sexual.
[3/6] Which made our conversation really awkward for a while.
[4/6] It's fine now, no big, but like. What the hell kinda
[5/6] kinky stuff could she have thought poutine was?
[6/6] I kinda feel like I should ask McSparkles, but.
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TXT to Doug: mthrfkn nanites

TXT to Scott: srry i was so abrpt re: debrief need 2 sleep 4 a wk more deets ltr
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To: [angie]
From: [doug]

fuck fuck shit fuck that Russian bitch might be in this one
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Wilson, Wade; Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Another skill to learn 

Dear Doug and Wade,

I hope you do not mind me coming to you with another request. I have found another skill I think would be useful to at least master some basics in.

During the recent events at Keller Industries someone managed to get their hands on my authenticator for laptop by pickpocketing me. I did not even realize it had happened. I figure the best way to prevent this from happening again is to know the ways they operate, so I can recognize and prevent something like this from occuring.

My request to you... would you be able to recommend anyone to teach me some basics?

Thanking in advance,
Hope Abbott 
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To: [Doug] I think we forgot Valentines Day. Shh. They might want our guild card back.
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[1/2] Do either of you know where I can get buckets of Asopao for Cece?
[2/2] We've already eaten all the lasagna I brought over.


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