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(1/4) You know what's great
(2/4) Is when someone knows you're weird about birthdays but still won't come out with you or fuck you on your birthday
(3/4) And then you somehow fail to get lucky and spend the next few days sexually frustrated
(4/4) TLDR I need you to come out and drinking buddy slash wingman me tonight

Two minutes later
(1/2) I know we are not this level of close but just roll with it
(2/2) Pretend this is me asking you to drive me somewhere sketchy
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To: [artie], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [jubilee], [marie-ange], [rogue]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Parker Matthews

I did some poking around among the magical community and looked into Matthews' history. I wasn't expecting anything, so of course I found something. Apparently our lad had a couple of friends in magical circles - nothing big, just dabblers on the edge mostly. They haven't been heard from for a while, tho', which is never good. I'll keep looking, see what I turn up.


Email to XF

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:38 am
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To: [Marie-Ange] [Doug] [Amanda] [Jubilee] [Artie] [Emma] [Gabriel]
From: Rogue
Subject: Satan lives

Hey guys,

I wasn't sure if I should pass this forward, but I think I can't sit on it. I'll be blunt: Jean is dating Parker Matthews.

Now, to be honest, nothing she has SAID leads me to believe he's the 'same' and I really hate to think the worst based on past stuff....but I need to tell someone so those lucky someones are you.

I also have no idea what else to tell you. He's still super cute?
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To: [sydney]
From: [gabriel]
Subj: Aha!

Well, this explains your stance on flip flops: https://twitter.com/HistoryInPix/status/890646478989004801

Don't tell me this isn't true. I'm going to be staring at your shoelaces until the end of time.
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From: [Gabriel Cohuelo]
To: [All Snow Valley Staff]
Subj: While I'm out

Hi all - Gonna be gone for a little while for a thing. Details don't matter, but what does: Can someone please remember to feed the office fish? I'm a little worried he'll die while I'm gone.

And don't try to buy a new one. I'll know.

See you when I see you,

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(1/2) This store is a disaster
(2/2) Who even goes to a hardware store on Black Friday
[identity profile] xp-erverse.livejournal.com
you working Wed? tattoo appt that night if you want to come with
[identity profile] x-velocidad.livejournal.com
(1/3) You know how sometimes things sort of come back to you
(2/3) Well
(3/3) Sorry for that thing I did on my birthday.
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(1/5) I need a favor
(2/5) I want a drunken 21st birthday celebration
(3/5) Next Saturday night because responsible adult party on Friday
(4/5) Can you come with me and also maybe be responsible for me? Can't really ask anyone else
(5/5) Marie-Ange can come too obviously
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I would like to sleep with an Olympic gymnast. Surely you have a way of enabling this.
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A card:

Happy birthday! I know this is really cliche, but I don't know, it's a good read. And I like reading about the arctic in the summer.

And a book )
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I may have spared the life of the pathetic fish left at my doorway earlier this week, but the lives of these most recent may not be so fortunate. Tell me if this "prom" is some sort of "pop culture" "joke." Please enlighten me as to the punchline so I may feign appropriate humor.

As well:
These squid hovercraft are exceedingly primitive and also crude representations of an undersea terror. If they were not cute, I would be offended.
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[1/4] I am very bored.
[2/4] How do you feel about Miami?
[3/4] It is still too cold for beaches here.
[4/4] Or Jamaica. Somewhere warm.
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(1/2) get your drinking shoes on
(2/2) we're going on a bar hop
[identity profile] x-velocidad.livejournal.com
(1/5) Where are you?
(2/5) I had a great idea
(3/5) This holiday is bullshit but let's go on a ester bar hop
(4/5) Eater
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To: [Marie-Ange Colbert], [Wade]
From: [Gabriel Cohuelo]
Subject: Gone for a few days

M-Day anniversary coming up. Can't be here for it. Just can't. I'm mostly better but if I have to sit in this mansion thinking about it, I will just... well.

I'm only telling you because the easiest way to get to Cuba (no wifi there, I'm told) was to do it through Snow Valley. Tell Emma I'll pay her back.

Gotta power down. See you in a few days.


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