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[1/4]: I heard about what happened.
[2/4]: I'll be back from Shanghai tomorrow.
[3/4]: You up for getting out of your cave of solitude? (Aka: Your bedroom.)
[4/4]: If not, I can deliver.
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[1/2] J, We/I need to speak with you about something critical. No rush. Not time constricted. You pick the place. I've talked myself into so many circles recently I don't trust my own room anymore. Just make sure it's 100% secure. Nobody but you can know.
[2/2] There's something I think you deserve to know. PS: Bring your violin.
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[1/2] If I had a mission that requires you wear a kilt.
[2/2] On a scale of 1-100, how objectified do you feel?
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To: [Mandy]

From: [Jubes]

Subject: Talking time.


Mind meeting up for dinner some night in the next week or so? Have a question for you that kinda requires physical presence.

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Revenge! Tell me you didn't get silly stringed like I just did?
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Inside are an IOU 1 fancy dinner note and a birthday card with a cartoon Unicorn on the front.


Sorry to miss your birthday - work is hell.


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[1/2] Pixie Stix, tell me you're home.
[2/2] Need an emergency port to Busan.
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[1/5] Your friend in Busan is unhappy you didn't show.
[2/5] Seriously unhappy.
[3/5] Like violently, seriously unhappy.
[4/5] Haven't killed him yet, but you might want to get here fast.
[5/5] Really fast.
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Not that I do not like it, <I>mein herz</I>, the souvenir from Munich is very nice, but - why did you choose a ring for me, not a pin as everyone else had?
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Dude, sorry if I came off all judgey or something. You know I think you're cool right?
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We've got a new Hank and nobody thought I'd maybe need to know so I didn't freak the fuck out?

Fuck Whathisface. Seriously. Frankenbery fucking cat.
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Sending something your way - think it could be helpful.

Txt to Kurt

Sep. 6th, 2015 08:20 pm
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So, if I said I wanted you to meet me in Madrid in a week, think you could make it?
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I'm back in town for the next week before I have to head to Cuba for some meetings. Anything you want me to handle while I'm around? Also, what's with all the influx of small people. It's like a midget factory or something.
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To: [Fuzzy]

From: [Sparky]

subject: Dinner?

I'm meant to go to Prague tomorrow but I figured we could catch dinner when I get back on Sunday?

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We need to get on this whole 4th of July thing, J. When can you meet me???
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Just checked in and heard you got hurt. Sorry I'm not there, babe. Should be home tonight. Anything I can bring back for you?


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