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I'm still in. Now what?
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Reyes, Cecillia; Ferguson, Clarice; Grey, Jean; Collins, Laurie 
Subject: Afraid you'll have to miss me this summer... 


Hope this is not gonna be a problem this summer, but after a long assessment last week I've been admitted to a nurse-to-paramedic bridge program in NYC. Between my shifts at the Claremont and the schooling my time in the medlab is going to be tight.  

I'll start riding as an EMT-B for a few weeks, since they want to double check if I am up to date on my alphabet soup (ACLS, BTLS, TNCC, PALS, ECRN and even my CEN... Like the Claremont would let me work if those were not up to date).

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A few of the med crew are headed out for beers after our shifts. You up for it?
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To: [Wade]
From: [Laurie]

Darcy just had the best idea. You. Me. A Trebuchet. Pumpkin Chucking. You in?
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Grey, Jean; Ferguson, Clarice; Reyes, Cecila; Collins, Laurie
Subject: A thought I had...

Just an idea I wanted to float by you gals... In Rapid City I've taught the Certified First Responder course a couple time and in the army as a medic I was responsible for the Combat Lifesaver training. How about combining some elements from these two into an advanced first aid course?

I've been thinking about this of and on ever since that whole bus thing last year where the Cho kid ended up doing an emergency tracheotomy from a video... Not that I want to teach them that, but folks here seem to get stuck in in the mud a lot.


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To: [Forgiving Ones]
From: [Seeker of Forgiveness]
Subject: [Weekend Away]

So, not only have I forgotten Wade's birthday but I booked myself into a conference next weekend in California. It's going to be suitably boring as a bunch of humans and probably about as many non-disclosed mutants argue about mutant biology and the challenges facing hospitals currently. But! If we do some planning, we could all go and have a nice weekend away? I hear they have nice beaches?

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To: [laurie], [angie]
From: [doug]
Subject: Well, crud.

I think I figured out why Wade's been trying to oh-so-subtly avoid bringing us down with his mood. The thing Logan posted about the Tragically Hip - I noticed Wade working out wearing earbuds, which he NEVER does.

So clearly, since he's trying to avoid us, we should totally ignore that and do something nice for him. ;-)

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[1/4] Wait...why were you naked?
[2/4] I mean, I know you don't like shoes.
[3/4] But isn't that taking it a little far?
[4/4] Are you a naturalist now?
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Why are you not answering your phone?


Anyway. Did you know that if you drop a bowling ball and a feather in zero gravity they fall at exactly the same rate?
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I hear Doug is already bringing you Vodka. Let me know if you need food.
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[1/6] I'm seriously legit confused right now.
[2/6] Molly thought 'poutine' was something kinky and sexual.
[3/6] Which made our conversation really awkward for a while.
[4/6] It's fine now, no big, but like. What the hell kinda
[5/6] kinky stuff could she have thought poutine was?
[6/6] I kinda feel like I should ask McSparkles, but.
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You need to come with me to see Zootopia.
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To: [Doug] I think we forgot Valentines Day. Shh. They might want our guild card back.
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From [Collins, Laurie]

To: [Gibney, Kyle]

Subject A possible distraction.

Given that you're a popular man, I have no doubt there have been a multitude of offers to take you drinking and for food and possibly even some offers of a more salacious nature.

This is not one of those. (Not that you are not an exceedingly attractive man, my friend. Just that I prefer to not think of you in such fashion )

But I digress. I wish to take part in an ultra marathon - I have not decided which yet (Perhaps you could help choose?) and if you would be so kind as to help me train, or indeed attend with me - I would be grateful. (Not so grateful that I would share my French toast however - we are not heathens)

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[1/3] Know you're feeling weird about mission.
[2/3] Invitation is open any time. Not just tomorrow.
[3/3] Just let me know.
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Free for some range practice tomorrow morning?


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