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Missed you yesterday :( where were you? There was an impromptu pool party, and almost everyone came out.
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(1) So, sitting in class this morning, I feel like I rly rly need to apologize again for crappy dinner. I think I need to give up. I'm sorry you had to cook again, even tho I know you were super bagged, and that you're super tired of take out and I'm the worst girlfriend! I don't cook, I don't clean, and I just suck.

*five mins later*

(2) Okay wait, I don't suck. I'm pretty cool. But still. Sry about dinner again. <3 I love you?
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[1/5] June sucked. I hate having to discipline kids.
[2/5] Especially Maya. She makes me feel old.
[3/5] Yesterday's lightshow was good, though.
[4/5] Let's make July awesome.
[5/5] By 'awesome,' I definitely mean full of explosions.
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1. You guys up for a trip into the city? Like, now?
2. Got a case that needs to be secured quickly. Might be some corporate experimentation on mutants involved.
3. Need computer records as well.
4. Meet me in the garage if you can.
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Um. I might hv done smthng stupid yesterday that you're gonna get all frowny over.
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Backdated to right before all the battle logs because I suck.

Got some activity on the CCTV cams. Looks like we got a gang of mutants attacking people in uniforms on a boat.

Pretty messily and in public to top it off. Think we should get out there quick before it turns into a massacre on both sides.
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[1/2] What's the fastest you've ever seen a WX facility self-destruct?
[2/2] For that matter, what's the shortest WX self-destruct countdown you've heard?
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Not sure what all holds true now. Surprised this is the first we've heard of new Sabretooth.
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(1) Tell me not to meddle. Remind me I'm an adult who should keep her big ol' nose out of other people's business, especially when said people don't seem as upset as I am, and it has NOTHING to do with me at all, not even if I squint... but yeah. No meddling. None.

(2) I absolutely should not confront anyone.

(3) Text me back before I do something I regret.

(4) Seriously

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[1/2] I can practically hear your laughter from here, asshole.
[2/2] I expect so much beer when I get back to the mansion. So much.
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Come help me rearrange the explosives and various weaponry hidden in my suite.
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Jesus Christ, this crazy parent thing, what the hell. You, me, alcohol. Like now.
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[to] [Old Man Logan], [Keller, Julian], [Pryde, Katherine]
[from] [Kane, Garrison]

[subject]: I need your help

I know this is short notice, but I've gotten mired in a case out here in St. Louis. Looking at a possible serial killer targeting mutants. But thanks to local prejudices, I've got no resources to work with through official channels. I wouldn't ask normally but we're talking about teenaged mutants here - kids. I can't like department beefs and bullshit allow this guy to slip through my fingers.

Let me know if you can make it.

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Off to Muir Island tomorrow. They're letting me fly the jet. Guess all those simulation hours paid off :)
Want anything from over there?

(2/2) I wonder if this means I'm an adult again...even though I am anyways...or something. Bleh.
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(1/2) There's people on every corner handing out escort cards with half naked photoshopped women.

I'm gonna make you a playing card set out of these <3

(2/2) I haven't been sober since I landed... this is fun!
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How you holding up after that mission?

Enjoy Vegas. Don't do anything you'll regret too much.
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TXT to Adrienne

Can we do something? This being your minion is seriously cramping on our fun time.

TXT to Angel

Guess who has wine and TLC on?!

TXT to Logan

(1/2)Please don't ever let me get to 650 lbs.
(2/2) You should bring me donuts :D
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Well...this universe just got complicated.

A beer or several at Harry's might be a good idea right now.
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Sounds like once this is over you and me need to head to Harry's and empty the backroom.


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