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To: [One-G], [Two-G]
From: [Matt]
Subject: filing and things


While I appreciate all you do, did one of you put away the books I had out? With all the notes and tabs still in them I hope? Please find them.

Also, did anyone order that law book I requested? And coffee. We all need more coffee. Steal it from Warren.

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To: [fellowship of the weird rocks]
From: [royally pissed]

Subject: Results

It took a while, but I've finally run down what those black and white pebbles we found mean.

(when research fails, ask a magic user. In this case, my mum)

The pebbles are an invitation of sorts. To those in the know, there's this thing called the Winding Way - it's kind of like a magical union. Two paths - the light and the dark. By giving us the rocks, the Powers That Be have told us that they're watching us and that they'll be giving us a choice as to which path we want to take on the Way once they're satisfied we're worth it. There will be tests, apparently.

Typical wanker bullshit.

I'm not going to tell you how to choose. The whole point of my working with you lot is to let you now that your lives are exactly that. YOUR lives. My personal issues about this whole thing aside, if you want to take part, then that's your choice. But remember - no-one gets to tell you how to live your lives. No-one gets to use you. You aren't tools, you aren't power sources, you aren't weapons. You're yourselves.

Keep alert, be aware that we're all targets right now, and don't let anyone make you do something you don't want to do. Look out for each other. I'll be letting Charles and the rest of the team-types know what's going on, so if you're unsure of anything and can't reach me, talk to one of them.

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Subject: URGENT - Rocks

From: [toil and trouble]
To: [magic class and assistants]

All jokes aside - have we all gotten these mysterious black and white rocks? Because I'm starting to think they're more than just geology samples.

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One large, life size plastic green army man, watching over a bunch of little ones (at least a hundred in each room) scaling various bits of furniture.
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Okay this is weird beyond weird. A little black and white pebble under my pillow this morning. What is going on? You still have yours, yeah?
[identity profile] x-topaz.livejournal.com
Whoever slipped the cursed image generator into my bag and used it to turn my clothes pink all day has until midnight to own up.
[identity profile] x-welshpixie.livejournal.com
Sut mae! Did you ever study Welsh in England? Anyway, what's up?
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Happy birthday, Ms. Amanda!
Sending you good wishes & positive energy.
<3 Megan

It features an illustration of a cake surrounded by colorful swirls of magic, and also melting into rainbows of frosting.
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I know we have to leave for the airport soon. I've had everything packed for a week. But what am I going to wear to the after parties? Ahhh I'm almost ready to go, I promise!


Sep. 10th, 2015 11:41 pm
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I just had a long day of work and finishing up an art project for school, but still I didn't think I'd be able to sleep tonight. Diolch - thanks - to whoever left the teddy bear! (Sir Bedivere? Beardivere?) He's going to sit on my pillow and guard while I read and listen to music for a little bit, then hopefully sleep.
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The following was left for Megan Gwynn outside her suite with the following, unsigned note:

Read more... )
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To: [Group 1]
From: [Druid, Sebastian]
cc: [Steve]

Subject: Surprise party

It's our mate Clea's birthday today and since she's away from her friends and parents in England we wanted to invite people here to get together to wish her well. We have a cake and ice cream and pizza. Setting it up in the common room at 1800hrs. Please join us if you want to wish her well. If not, please don't join us. No drama allowed.

Bas and Steve.
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Hey Pixie, you up for a field trip? Contacts have placed a lot of magical energy being tossed around in rural England, so I'm going to go check it out. Figured you might want to come along. A.
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To: [candyfloss]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Magic Class

Since it's just you and me until Topaz gets back, let's make things a bit more personal next class. Is there any particular type of spell you want to learn?

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To: [Sooraya Qadir]
From: [Megan Gwynn]
Subject: Hey

I wrote several replies to Q in the discussion on the journals but deleted them all before I pressed "post". I hate fights! I'm just glad that you were there to help and that all of us got out safely.

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Was there always this weird tiny space in the second floor hallway of the mansion? The space that apparently has no purpose other than to give hugs from a wall? Today I've had 3.
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Coffee/tea this weekend? I would love to catch up!

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To: [Boss Lady]
From: [Megan Gywnn]
Subject: Schedule

Hi Boss Lady,

I need to change my schedule at the shop again - SORI! I know, only two weeks into the semester. This was the last week to add/drop classes. But I did NOT get to take the space/materiality class I was trying to take by force, by showing up, which is what my advisor said to do. I had to add a drawing class instead, which is at a totally different time, and puts me back with availability in the evenings and not mornings.




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