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A picture of a steak, with a note that reads 'check in the freezer!' In the freezer is a box of 5 steaks. A note reads:

Happy Birthday!
You are unmis-steak-ably awesome!
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So my birthday was yesterday buuuut...Thank you guys for the birthday macaroons!
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To: [Topaz], [Mols], [Ev], [Tasha], [Kyle]
From: [Clint]
Subject: FWD: Alaska

Phil sent us some presents and some wrap-up info about Alaska. See below for deets. Also, I'm sticking your gift cards in your mailboxes. Kyle, can you proof my after-action since Phil's being all snooty about words?

Begin Forwarded Message )

TXT to Wade

Apr. 3rd, 2016 07:48 pm
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I'm home from Alaska. Nobody died. I'll be in my room.
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Hey Wademan! Have you been feeding Daisy extra trees? She's looking kinda fat. Also, I'm gonna go on my first REAL mission with SHIELD and Clint and Kyle and Topaz and Clint's friend!
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To: [Zapot the Wise]
From: [Yllom the Sparkly]
Subject: Busy?


So Clint invited me and Kyle on a mission to Alaska. Some people are missing, including his old partner but they don't know what's going on. Since you can sense people I was thinking maybe you might be able to help? Do you wanna come?

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To: [Kyle], [Mols]
From: [Clint]
Subject: Wanna take a trip?

Hey guys -

So a friend of mine just called and asked me to check out a thing in Barrow, Alaska. That's where SHIELD sent me last year around this time-ish. He said I'd probably need a small team, so I figured I'd see if you guys were interested in tagging along. It's cold as balls, though, so be warned. I've got some extra awesome cold weather gear to share, if you want in. Let me know - I'm looking at heading northward tomorrow or the day after, depending. I've gotten word that the weather's not actually as bad as the NWA says it is, so.

- Clint

To: [bro]
From: [bro]
Subject: Dogsitting?

Looks like I gotta take a trip up to Barrow in the next couple days. Not sure how long I'm gonna be gone, but Tasha's coming with. Can you watch Lucky for me?
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[1/] is he l8?
[2/] hes never l8
[3/] maybe sumthng ate him
[4/] supermassive asshole
[5/] hendrickson not u obvs
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[2/3] Who's your favorite musical artist?
[3/3] (Also you know how to build things right?)
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To: [Kyle], [Doug], [Namor], [Molly], [Billy], [Matt], [Laurie], [Felicia], [Angel], [Gabriel], [Wanda]
From: [Clint]
Subject: game night bad science party

Yo, dudes and dudettes -

So this weekend is Shweekend on the Discovery Channel and that means alcohol and board games at the same time! Also, straight up drinking games when board games get too hard or the pieces get to be too small to handle without fumbling. Join me Friday night (and probably Saturday) in the rec room, I'll bring the good vodka and the strange, sour European Skittles. Feel free to bring whatever else, too.

Also, breakfast will be pancakes, possibly homemade but that depends on how epic our various hangovers are (shut up, Kyle, you cheat). Also, whatever stuff goes with pancakes that you guys want.

- Clint
(game master)
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So...I've got a fish man spear and like all my Asgardian weapons but I dunno where to put them. We had an armory in Asgard and I just have my room. But I wanna like....be able to get to them in case I need them. What do you do with your guns and knives and stuff?
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A handmade gun holster with a birthday card featuring a cat eating a taco that is filled with glitter when he opens it.
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hey namor gave me a project, u want n? looks pretty mech heavy
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Hat Chick to Gemsational, Operation Hippity Hoppity You Don't Stoppity is a go! Repeat. Operation Hippity Hoppity You Don't Stoppity is a go! All the packages are hidden. Roger roger. How's it looking over there? Anyone grab any yet? Did you hang up the sign telling them where to go for prizes?


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