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Sep. 7th, 2017 03:05 pm
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Are you ready for this weekend? I'm thankful we're going to HQ, and not to Cape Canaveral...
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To: [Cho,Amadeus], [McCoy, Henry], [Richards, Reed],[Storm,Sue]
CC: [Lewis, Darcy], [Barton, Clint]

Subject: Let's do science to it.

Good evening everyone,

It appears that those of us in 'team insert name here' and X-Factor have found the thing making people sick recently.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot about these pendants that we can tell from simple observation and I'd much rather that you all have a chance to look at this thing before I make Kyle trying licking it.

If you'd all meet me down in the labs this afternoon, I'll give you the pendants and let you do your work.


Laurie Collins aka 'team to be named later' current resident MD.
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To: [XFI]
From: [Storm, Sue]

Subject: Update on Case #128930A

Hey all,

So I managed to trace back the first cases of the sickness Bobbi brought up in the hospital databases. I don't know if they've thought about cross referencing it yet, but I managed to get into all of the larger databases and it looks like hte first cases started showing up around the first of August. 

The weirdest thing I found, they don't seem to have had an epicentre of the epidemic. I think that's why it's proving so hard to lock them down, the first guy looks to have been a driver from Queens who works in Manhattan, the second case a housewife in New Jersey.

The kicker, the tests and interviews reveal they're both mutants, though she didn't know it till the event, but they only have minor powers. 

I've summarised what data I have and attached it to this email. The raw data is all stored in the server. 

I'll keep digging, see what else I can find.

~ Sue

Attached a word file: Summary of findings for case 128930A
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 Warren Worthington, what on earth are you doing to Hope. And more importantly...you're not scared of me?! I'm hurt.
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To: Sue
From: Reed
Re: Travel

Attachment(s): itinerary.doc, introletter.doc

Dear Sue,

I have been invited to attend a special conference at NASA. They are allowing me to bring a partner. I thought of you.

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Are you disappointed in me? I know 13 minutes isn't very impressive, but considering hacking isn't one of my strong points, I was pleased with myself. That being said, I've decided to start brushing up my skills, so to speak as I was also not very pleased with my results. I anticipate having increased my ability within approximately one month, to be fair.
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 To: Worthington, Warren
From: Susan, Storm

Subject: Question

Which of these guys do you think Bobbi would like?

attached image )

Do I have to give them up?

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 From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Storm, Sue; Richards, Reed; McCoy Hank
Subject: Want to take a look at something for me? 

Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if you'd be willing to take a look at something for me. When I was in the field a few months back, a strange weapon ended up in my gear. It's a handgun, but with some kind of chemical ammunition. 

Found it again this weekend and really wondering what it was, since I think one of the Avengers had it. 

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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue
Subject: Putting some things into practice

Attached: Writeup Regal Crest.docx

Hi Sue,

After our mentoring sessions I decided I wanted to put into practice what you showed me to see how far I'd get in an investigation and I decided to focus on my father's company. I created the write up I attached and I am curious what you think of it.

Kind regards,
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue
Subject: Business research

Dear Ms. Storm,

Thank you for the aid with the research into Downing Inc. However, I suspect I will encounter the need for such research skills again. Would you be willing to give me some more suggestions?

I did some research online and found several tips for starting journalist into doing research in a company, which was helpful, but I am mostly trying to get some insight into understanding the structure of a business in itself. The nuts and bolts, so to speak.

Thanking in advance,
Hope Abbott

From: Abbott, Hope
To: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Business research

Hi Doug,

Got a favor to ask. At XFI I am currently learning more about doing research into companies and businesses, along with doing some research of my own in how to tackle that. Would you be willing to sit down with me and give me some tips as well. I strongly suspect it will not only come in handy for my work at XFI, but as well for my service at the Hellfire Club.

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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Topaz; Bowen, Tandy
Subject: Need help?

Hi Tandy, Topaz,

I have over a hunderd jewelry boxes standing on the table here... Would you be willing to come help me sort through them? Please?



From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue
Subject: I don't believe it...

But that idiot actually did it. He actually ordered the whole collection for me. What do I do now?!?!

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[Text to Sue, Bobbi, and Hope]
Hey, So. This year Alex and I are getting married. I think we settled for an October timish wedding. BUT I need help. I can't plan this on my own and every time I open a Wedding magazine my head spins.

[Text to Wanda]
Hey sis. I need to talk to you. In person. Soon.

Txt to Sue

Sep. 15th, 2016 09:11 am
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my phone works again
forgot to pay bill again
just letting you know
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Happy Birthday Hank. I hope you had a great day and got to relax a little.

If we can pry Reed out of the lab then the first round of drinks are on me this weekend.

Txt to Sue

Jun. 7th, 2016 05:45 pm
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it's taken a couple of days but i think if we all chipped in, we could feasibly power the mansion. im emailing you schematics for treadmills and/or wheels for the children
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An anonymous delivery of yellow roses is made at 1:32 am, at the precise moment of the moon set.

A note accompanies it:

C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+ C43H66N12O12S2
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To: [Worthington, Warren], [Morse, Bobbi], [Dane, Lorna], [Frost, Adrienne], [Summers, Alex][Storm, Sue]
From: [Centino, Arthur]
Subject: So... Uhh....

So has anyone been paying attention to JJ lately

She needs a hug

And maybe a talking to

And hey I'm not the boss!
But still
So many concerned emoji faces

~ A

PS: I left QQ off this and feel horrible but also not really, but we may want to keep them apart?
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You know you've been at the mansion for weeks now, if only in your suite and the labs, but people are starting to wonder who that odd guy wandering around is. Perhaps it's time to say hello to everyone, and I don't mean walk around introducing yourself to everyone at the mansion Reed.  Something like posting something on your journal saying hello.


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