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(1/2) This store is a disaster
(2/2) Who even goes to a hardware store on Black Friday
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To: [Wade]
From: [Laurie]

Darcy just had the best idea. You. Me. A Trebuchet. Pumpkin Chucking. You in?
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(1/3) You know how sometimes things sort of come back to you
(2/3) Well
(3/3) Sorry for that thing I did on my birthday.
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[1/5] Hey, Speedy McSpeederson wants us to chaperone him
[2/5] while he gets trashed for his day of birth this Saturday.
[3/5] We would have to be responsible, probably, but I figure
[4/5] he deserves it. You in? No idea where we're going, but
[5/5] it starts are 10p.
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(1/5) I need a favor
(2/5) I want a drunken 21st birthday celebration
(3/5) Next Saturday night because responsible adult party on Friday
(4/5) Can you come with me and also maybe be responsible for me? Can't really ask anyone else
(5/5) Marie-Ange can come too obviously
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To: [Forgiving Ones]
From: [Seeker of Forgiveness]
Subject: [Weekend Away]

So, not only have I forgotten Wade's birthday but I booked myself into a conference next weekend in California. It's going to be suitably boring as a bunch of humans and probably about as many non-disclosed mutants argue about mutant biology and the challenges facing hospitals currently. But! If we do some planning, we could all go and have a nice weekend away? I hear they have nice beaches?

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[1/5] June sucked. I hate having to discipline kids.
[2/5] Especially Maya. She makes me feel old.
[3/5] Yesterday's lightshow was good, though.
[4/5] Let's make July awesome.
[5/5] By 'awesome,' I definitely mean full of explosions.
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Um, Hi! I may have just gotten myself arrested. Come get me?
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[1/6] Maya's granddad's in a safe house in between the one
[2/6] he's actually living in. Willie says he'll be there
[3/6] for the next week or so. Also says granddad knows
[4/6] about the possession thing, so he can offer some help
[5/6] and advice. Address/directions are attached.
[6/6] Driving's safest. Sorry for the convoluted parts.

Attached: DrivingDirections001.doc
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[1/3] Is it okay if I camp out in the woods for a few nights?
[2/3] I've got supplies, and I'll keep my phone on me.
[3/3] Promise I won't be late for school in the mornings.
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[1/7] Dude.
[2/7] What part of 'under the radar' do you NOT get?
[3/7] http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/04/29/476154494/weasel-shuts-down-world-s-most-powerful-particle-collider
[4/7] I know at least six science people who're gonna shit bricks.
[5/7] Put it back the way it's supposed to be or I'm gonna have to take your toys away.
[6/7] C'mon, I got one teenager to deal with, you're supposed to be grown.
[7/7] Stop making me be responsible.
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[1/2] If I had a mission that requires you wear a kilt.
[2/2] On a scale of 1-100, how objectified do you feel?
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im fine, guys.

my cover for the drop was college kid on break, so i did the backpackers, hung out with some norwegian kids until i got the bad sushi.

wasnt worth blowing cover for an extract - its a good passport with enough entries and exits and i want to keep it clean.

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Got you that thing we talked about before I left for my whirlwind tour of backwater Thai villages.
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[1/6] I'm seriously legit confused right now.
[2/6] Molly thought 'poutine' was something kinky and sexual.
[3/6] Which made our conversation really awkward for a while.
[4/6] It's fine now, no big, but like. What the hell kinda
[5/6] kinky stuff could she have thought poutine was?
[6/6] I kinda feel like I should ask McSparkles, but.

TXT to Wade

Apr. 3rd, 2016 07:48 pm
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I'm home from Alaska. Nobody died. I'll be in my room.
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From: Lincoln-Lopez, Maya

To: Wilson, Wade

Subject: Camping


What is your opinion on camping?

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[1/5] Molly's going on her first real mission.
[2/5] She says it's for SHIELD but Barton's involved.
[3/5] We've got a file on Barton, right?
[4/5] She's all grown up and bashing people's faces in.
[5/5] I'm so proud.
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Hey Wademan! Have you been feeding Daisy extra trees? She's looking kinda fat. Also, I'm gonna go on my first REAL mission with SHIELD and Clint and Kyle and Topaz and Clint's friend!


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