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To: [Fi]
From: [War]

I'm laying here listening to our song without any pants on.

Why, do you ask?

Because Bobbi SUCKS and she hid all my leather pants and how the hell am I supposed to strut to OUR SONG without leather pants on??

She also doesn't make fun of my penis like you do. It's such a turn off.

When are you back already???

I've eaten way too much "I miss you" ice cream. This has to stop. For the sake of my body, come back already.

ps: I'm super high. Like high enough to grow a cape. Pretty awesome.
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 Warren Worthington, what on earth are you doing to Hope. And more importantly...you're not scared of me?! I'm hurt.
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You are going to let Daddy Warbucks pay for some of your wedding right? Or do I have to be sneaky about this?
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Worthington, Warren
Subject: I really really need two weeks of.

Mr. Worthington,

I just received word I have been accepted in a special short summer program called 'The Fundamentals of Diplomacy'. It teaches basic diplomatic skills, along with some lectures etc and is held on August 7-20. It does run from nine in the morning till in the evening with activities in the weekends as well...

Thanking in advance, 
Hope Abbott


From: Abbott, Hope
To: Topaz
Subject: I got in


Remember that diplomatic skills program I told you about? I got in!!! Even despite being waitlisted... 

It's going to be intensive, but I am really looking forward to it! 


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To: [All those people I work with]
From: [The cool boss]
Subject: Relaxation

Hey everyone,

It's been a rough go. I want everyone to take some time off, stat. I'm making an executive order and closing the office down for the next couple of days. Don't worry, I'll still be working, just in case something comes up, but for the rest of you, I want you to relax, enjoy, and spend my money.

Quire knows where my business credit card is (I know it was you who made those purchases). Decide as a group what you'd like to do or however you want to go about doing it.

Stay well.

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 To: Worthington, Warren
From: Susan, Storm

Subject: Question

Which of these guys do you think Bobbi would like?

attached image )

Do I have to give them up?

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A package is mailed to Hope, along with a card.

You intrigue me. Here's to your future.

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To: [Warren]
From: [Lorna]
Re: Request Time Off

Hey Warren,

After this case, I was wondering if I can take some time off. Not long - just a day or two.



Text to Alex
Beach? I can't pretend that everything is okay anymore. This case hurts my heart.
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"Hey, Hope. Thanks for the tip, hey? It's now official. We have an MOU between WI and Regent Crest Trading. It's taken me an embarrassingly long time to get into that niche, and here I am, thanks to you. It's all getting reported at the shareholder's meeting today, so I thought I'd call and let you know instead of texting."
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Are you guys available? I need your help with something, vigilante style.
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I've been told to tell you to give Maya Lopez a job
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(1/2) Stuck in teleconference hell. No one seems to know how to mute, and this one guy is eating carrots..chips..bones of small children. it's so loud.

(2/2) I think he's a virgin, with a propensity for tie dye and birkenstocks. he also sounds like he loves the environment. I hate him so much.
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(1) You darling girl. I've been busy on duty travel for the last two weeks, and completely forgot my own birthday. I am very excited for these cookies.

(2) Let me nap, and then I'll redeem that birthday hug. We'll hunt Jubilee down and watch a terrible move together, sound good?
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[1/2] Thanks for the funding. It's been put towards a good cause.
[2/2] Maybe one day you'll even find out what. ~C
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[1/3] dude I hate to be a pain in the ass but I'm broke af and I wanna get Miles something to cheer him up
[2/3] like maybe a cake or something idk? he likes star wars n shit too, maybe I can get him a book or w/e
[3/3] he's sad and I just want to cheer him up. idk. I'm gonna get a job n I'll pay u bk, promise


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