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To: [All those people I work with]
From: [The cool boss]
Subject: Relaxation

Hey everyone,

It's been a rough go. I want everyone to take some time off, stat. I'm making an executive order and closing the office down for the next couple of days. Don't worry, I'll still be working, just in case something comes up, but for the rest of you, I want you to relax, enjoy, and spend my money.

Quire knows where my business credit card is (I know it was you who made those purchases). Decide as a group what you'd like to do or however you want to go about doing it.

Stay well.

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To: [Group:XFI_staff]
From: [Quire, Quentin]
Subject: OOO

The Quires may be on drugs and/or possessed because they've decided that we should be together as a family for Christmas this year. In Colorado. Because nothing says family like a posh ski resort on the other side of the country.

I'll be out until Tuesday or Wednesday. Try not to get killed by hairy mutant-hunting mutants before I get back. If my parents are possessed as I expect, then I might need you to come kill them.

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To: X-Factor Investigations
From: Lorna
Subject: Time Off

Thank you.

I need some time off to heal and to rethink my life choices.

Seeing my dad again, I was not ready for that. The man you call Magento is my dad. I betrayed the Brotherhood by feeding my sister intel of Brotherhood activity and when they found out about the mole, I went into hiding here. I am sorry to Sue and Rogue that you two got caught in the blast.

Alex is awake.


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Hey all,

I just found out that all of the suspects from our sting case have mysteriously died while in custody. Signs are pointing to foul play but we don't have any solid leads or suspects as of right now.

Just thought you all should know. Will advise if I hear anything further.

- Bobbi
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To: [amanda]
From: [doug]
Subj: Thank you

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.



To: [vanessa], [jean-paul], [bishop], [laura]
From: [doug]
Subj: Thank you

Thank you all for your help in finding my sister.

I trashed Porter's bank accounts. There's a check in your inbox, Vanessa. Call it a bonus.



To: [tabs]
From: [doug]
Subj: Thanks

Thanks for your help. Hope you got some good licks in on that slimebag.



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