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Left on Terry's desk is a sealed envelope with her name written across the front in capital letters. Inside is a set of keys as well as a letter. The letter reads, "Terry - I am not sure if you have found a place of your own yet, but I remember that you were looking. I will not be using my apartment in District X any time in the near future and so I thought you might like to stay there. It is fully furnished, of course, and you should not worry about rent. If you prefer not, or if you have already found an apartment, please simply give the keys to the Professor. I am sure he will find some use for the space. Should you decide to stay, the larger keys are for the building door and the apartment door in the hallway. The smaller keys are for the windows. Au revoir. -JPB"
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I believe I will go to the rally at the Genoshan embassy tomorrow. Dinner afterwards, maybe? There is a new Thai restaurant I think would be very good.
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I have something that is not so much a case but I would like your help. May we talk?

TXT to Jean

May. 1st, 2012 02:09 am
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My neighbor, he has asked that I thank you for your help. I have not found out who attacked him, but I will. Merci, mon ami.
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My neighbor has been injured and does not want to go to the hospital. You remember his mutation, oui? Very visible. Would you come to see him?
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Three panels of artwork, carefully wrapped, and a note that reads, "Apologies, my friend, for the late delivery. I hope the pieces make up for it. -JPB"
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To: [Grey, Jean], [Worthington, Warren]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Adrienne's Birthday

Bonjour - I have discovered that this Saturday is Adrienne's birthday. Of course, I did not get this information from her, but that is not so important. I was thinking we could take her for something. Lunch, maybe? If you are both free, of course.

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Have tickets to a movie. Would you care to see something this weekend?
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I unexpectedly have tickets for a movie. Would you be interested in seeing something?
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Meet Laurie, Jean, Piotr, and myself at 21. in the city, mon ami. I will buy the first round.
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I am sorry I had to leave last night. I thought it best to get Jean somewhere other than the bar, oui?
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I have no case tonight - I am very bored. I also have many tortilla chips and much cheese dip. You should help me eat it. Also, movies.
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To: [jpb]
From: [jpc]
Subject: Your advice

I went for the thing I wanted. It turned out very enjoyable.

Stop looking so smug. I can tell that you are smiling smugly at your computer.

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Going out of town on missing person/stalker case. Could use company if you're up for it.

TXT to Lex

Going out of town for a case. Doubt I'll be back by Thurs. Reschedule for when I get back or today?
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To: [Gavin, Jake]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Are you alive?

The last time I saw you, people were trying to ambush you on the street and I have heard nothing from you since. I thought I would check to make sure you were still alive, as the subject says.

Oui, and so. Are you?



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