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To: [Benevolent Overlord] and [Kevin]
From: Minion #2
Subject: I Come Bearing Cake

Kurt gave me a big chocolate cake yesterday afternoon, and I’m trying to share it. I just gave a slice to Molly, and I was wondering if either of you wanted to be the next ones to grab a piece of it while there’s still more than enough left.

It’s chocolate cake with sprinkles, and chocolate icing if that sways either of you to saying yes.
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Technically, I think if you're cool with the teeth scraping you could sock him in the mouth while his trap is going. He eats, right? Can't be a force field there then.
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To: [BO]
From: [MN1]
Subject: Hens )

To: [Angel]
From: [Kevin]
Subject: HELP! )
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So, back in the day when everyone was sexy-crazy? I tried to sleep with Marius, so he jumped out of a window and broke his ankles.

Then I had sex with Kyle.

So yeah.
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To: [Laurie]
From: [Kevin]
Subject: For the record

I know Kyle's apparently all up in arms and Marius somehow broke his ankles fleeing from a hot girl, but just so you know? As the guy who lives next door, I didn't really care. You forgot to order something or something broke or whatever. I put it in the accident category pretty much. It didn't affect me that much aside from not getting a lot of sleep. Okay, there were other effects but I'm not complaining about them.

Kyle's being sort of loudly cranky about it so I figured you could use an email from someone who isn't mad at you over it all. Just, you know, apologize for the inconvenience to the people who need/want it and don't feel that bad about it. (And then have back up filters, I guess.)

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To: [Love Mushroom Aficionado]
From: [Possessor of the Love Mushroom]
Subject: 'Gifts' )
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I am so sorry I will not be able to go to your opening. I am in Madripoor for the X-Men business. Good luck!
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To: [Dictator]
From: [Resigning]
Subject: Signs

So, basically what you're saying is I'm Stupid x 21?

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To: [Minion #1]
From: [Jedi Master]
Subject: Gratis

In honor of your most excellent support efforts so far as getting Tabitha Tabitha Smith (aka Paranoid Hot Chick, aka Pretty Hot & Tempting, aka Every School Boy's Dream, aka Sexy Librarian) into my shower, I propose food. Or at least free labor on my part. How's that art house studio thing of yours coming along?



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