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Kyle. Why is some random guy calling you out on old Vines?



Mar. 31st, 2019 03:59 pm
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Next to the door in the chapel that leads to Avalon:

Avalon Rules
-Buddy System - no one enters Avalon alone.
*Topaz, and anyone else immune to its effects, are exceptions
*Experiments for immunity need to happen at some point

-Do. Not. Touch. The. Thing. If you have questions, grab one of the magically competent (Topaz, Steven, Megan, Billy - Clea or Amanda in a pinch)

-No one spends longer than an hour in Avalon at a time
*No, Topaz is not an exception. Drag her out.

-Seriously, I can not stress enough - do not touch anything. We have no idea what half of this is. Cataloging is a slow process.

-Do not wander beyond the established borders. A map is slowly being made, and will be made available as it's updated. For now, don't go somewhere that hasn't already been scouted out.

-If something feels weird or your skin starts to turn blue - get a magic person. No, you can not fix it on your own. No, you will not be mocked.

-Per Laurie, safety masks and gloves are required, and have been provided on the table under the list.

-Avalon might be semi-sentient. That's being investigated. Just don't insult it and it'll be fine.

TXT to Ev

Mar. 30th, 2019 11:56 pm
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had team meeting. team named eXcalibur. yes just like that. u can't be mad.
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Were you kidnapped? You missed the eXcaliber meeting.
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I know this was you. Touché.
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To: [Strange]
From: [Topaz]

Subject: [Some Holiday Fun]


I could take the time to explain Holi to you, and it's significance and all the symbolism behind it. Or I can just tell you that I want to set up magic landmines around the mansion that explode colored powder when someone steps on them and thought it was something you might enjoy. Interested?

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[1/] I'm sure you'll be thrilled to hear there's a random portal in the middle of nowhere being guarded by an ex-SHIELD agent and whatever Namor is
[2/] And yeah, I went through the portal. Tell you more about that in person. It's interesting
[3/] Barton wants to know if there's a way we can move the portal to somewhere more secure. I said I'd talk to you, but I'm assuming it's in the realm of possibility

[1/] It'll be easy, he said. No problem, he said.
[2/] Barton is doing his own god damn paperwork for a month. Liar.
[3/] I've showered about ten times and now I'm going to go punch something in gym. If you join and still smell blood, don't worry - not mine.
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To: [ramssssssssssssssssssey]
From: [bartoooooooooooooooooooo]
Subject: translation favor
Attachment: omgwtfbbqpolarbear.mp4

Okay, so long story short, that woman we went after today opened a portal to a weird storage place. T says Lyton called it 'Avalon,' so that's a thing. While we were in there, I started recording audio on my phone, which turned out to be good, cause Lyton woke up some dude. He looked kinda old school ragged and obviously didn't speak any English. I've attached the audio -- think you can get me a translation back soonish?

There's vodak for you at the end of the translation tunnel.
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can u do the tech thing & find this woman w just herface?

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[From: Artie]
[To: M-A]
[Subject: LOA]

Hi Boss,

Been debating sending this to you for a while.

I need to take some time and get my head clear. Too many people wearing dead friends faces in the mansion these days or something. Had a chat with Gabriel, had a series of chats with our mandatory psych where I couldn't talk about most things. ETC.

I've set up arrangements for covering the mutant underground sources I work with across key cities. No-one will notice if I drop out of sight for a few months.

I just need some time. Promise not to take out a casino again.

- A
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(1/2) Hey, you know you have a sleepwalking problem, right?
(2/2) Just making sure before you stab someone in your sleep or something.
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To: Topaz; Braddock, Betsy
From: Abbott, Hope
Subject: Gala tickets 

Dear Betsy and Topaz, 

Today I received three tickets to a small gala event. I am afraid it is one of the less enervating ones though, but I cannot afford not to go to this one. I was wondering if the two of you would be interested in accompanying me and thus creating a hopefully far more pleasurable evening. Despite it being one of the less enervating ones, I will be able to introduce you to a few people worth knowing. 

Please let me know if you are willing and able to go. I have attached the invitation with all the pertinent details. 

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(1/3) I really don't want to talk about this, but have you found or heard anything about Adam Destine since July? I've been sort of quietly poking around - no luck.

(2/3) No sign of Jasmine either, but if she really turned on Adam, she's either already dead or hiding really well.

(3/3) Found Taboo, though. He's back in England. Since he's not making another attempt at necromancy, I'm happy to just let him be.
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Two tickets to the Imagine Dragon concert on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, including plan tickets for 12/28/18 and coming back on 1/3/19.

Note Included:
'Hi Husband, I thought you could use a vacation to see your favorite band. Hotel included. Love you and Happy Holidays! - Your wifey"
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[text]We've been forced into a cave to avoid... extremely large insects. We cannot leave without assistance.
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im stayn @ the condo on fri night, u n?


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