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1/4 - Sorry I missed your text, kiddo. It's been a Week.

2/4 - Same intensity of dream as before? Same realism? Or regular nightmares?

3/4 - The Ancient One promised he'd made sure there couldn't be any more portals from the DD.

4/4 - I'll go check with him. And try for some answers generally.
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[1/2] I think I broke my liver
[2/2] Is there any red ambulance in the office?
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Note left on a package for Darcy.

I saw this and thought you might like it.

In the Package )

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I am starting to dream about the city again. Should we worry?
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To [the old crowd]
Subject  [i goddamn quit]
Attached  [mansion security footage]

Remy. Is back. The new improved version. 

Fuck this shit.
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Professor suspects extremely low-level telepathy, but we can't figure out what triggers it since I haven't been able to repeat it.

Meeting took long enough I ran out of my own tea, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed shoving the Earl Gray on me.
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To: [Infantry]
CC: [Archer], [Pryde]
Subject: Santa Anna Business

We are saddened to here of your unfortunate weakness concerning green rocks. We have heard from second hand sources that you were inquiring about our own health by comparison. While I am delighted that your weakness has given you cause to look for better role models, I would advise against trying to emulate me on a physical level.

It is better to have goals you can reach, Miss Hayes.

Atlantean stock has always been more superior to your human base. Let Us both enjoy that the universe still feels fit to give this fact a chance to shine. Mister Barton and Miss Pryde are more aware of the baseline of my superiority, if you would like to enlighten yourself further.

Warm Regards,
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(1/3) It's Friday the 13th
(2/3) Oh wait, the rehearsal dinner is tonight
(3/3) Weird how that lined up
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To: [Reed Richards] [Hank McCoy]
From: [Gabriel Cohuelo]
Subject: Thanks

Hey nerds,

Cool hanging out with you. If you count a flight and then hanging out somewhere in the same region but far apart hanging out. Which I guess we should, given the standards of the place we live.

Anyway, can't say I understand what you did, but thanks for building that thing so that we could get this thing done and not die.

See you around,

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To: [Super Awesome Team!]
From: Rogue
Re: You guys are amazing!!!!!

Hey you three peeps,

I just wanted to let you know how unbelievably proud I am of this whole thing. You guys stepped up to the plate when you didn't have to.

I know it's scary sometimes (even if you've had like tons of experience doing your own thing and/or danger room sessions with Kane) but I'm really just so so excited for you all because this is just the first of many life-threatening situations.

Molly, honey, I could hear you puking all the way in my room. If you need Disney and cuddles, let me know.

Bobby, high fives big guy! The way you kicked ass - I was impressed. I thought to my self 'self, that's one amazing popsicle.'

Johnny, I barely know you buddy but hey, extending the love anyways.

Pizza party is on me, kiddos! Just let me know when!


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Can you bring me ginger ale and salty crackers? I'll give you a million dollars.
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To: [Excalibur]
From: [Green Molly]
Subject: Santa Ana Smackdown

We just got back from the giant emerald mission and I do not feel good at all. I got all the stuff the people got. So I'm going be in my room for awhile.

But...Namor seems fine. He didn't react at all the way I did and we were both right by the rock longer than anyone.

That's kinda weird, right?

Just thought I'd give people a heads up.

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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Generation X Mentors 
Subject: Training Program 

Hi everyone, 

I was hoping you'd be willing to help me with something. I've been taken on by the Xavier Institute as an consultant and I'll be picking up an old X-Corps project of mine, namely a kind of ability training manual. I know you work with the kids to teach basic control and I'd love to discuss how you do this. I'm also on the hunt for training exercises for unusual power sets and I'd love any insights you have on these. 

I hope to hear from you soon, 
Sooraya Qadir  
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Summers, Scott; Kane, Garrison; Thomas, Everett
Subject: Request 


I have a request I'd like to make. Soon I will be starting as a consultant at the Xavier Institute where I will be working on creating something of a powers training manual. My primary focus is on exercises that teach control. 

I know all three of you have quite a bit of experience in training mutants and I'd like to discuss what you have found the most useful exercises with each of you sometimes. I would also be very grateful for any special exercises you might know of for uncommon power sets. 

Eagerly awaiting your reply, 
Sooraya Qadir 
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From: Qadir, Sooraya, 
To: Espinosa, Angelo 
Subject: Remember all those notes we dug out? 

Angelo, Angelo, 

Remember all those notes we dug out? They are gonna come in handy, because I'm going to be working on my power training manual again! Professor Xavier has hired me as a consultant for the Xavier Institute! 

Want to meet up sometimes soon because I'd like to spar a bit about what set up might work best for the Underground. 

Love, Sooraya 
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[1/6] In Cali.
[2/6] On a stakeout.
[3/6] It feels like old times.
[4/6] Why the fuck do I miss this life?
[5/6] The company I'm keeping reminds me a lot of you. But with more anger issues.
[6/6] And repression. All the emotional repression.
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(1) I HAVE CELL SERVICE NOW.......and be prepared to be totally spammed by texts because OMFG why can't we ever have normal vacations?!

(2) So we showed up here and the cabin was traaaaashed. Logan did his quiet angry thing (rawr), Scott and Kitty were chill, it was actually okay but yeah. Turns out they were like poachers or something, hanging around the area, so naturally, we came up with a plan. I present exhibit A -- btw, Kitty drew it, not me.

(3)picture )

(4) Yeah. That's right. We totally let out our inner teenagers and pranked the crap out of them. But no actual crap was involved. I could not bring myself to shit in a paperbag and set it on fire.
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To: [Science Bros]
From: [Rogue]
Re: help plz

Hey guys,

So we will definitely be needing that containment thing you guys were working on and two people to help out. Long story short -- we're making a move now, Sapien League wants to find this emerald before we do and that ain't happening.

We're moving out asap, anyone around and able to help? Lord knows none of us will work that containment thing properly, and we'll end up, I dunno, ripping a hole in the space time continuum or something equally ridiculous.


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To: [Stephen Strange], [Billy Kaplan], [Megan Gwynn]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Rescue Mission

Okay, I've got a way to go get Topaz and Clea. I'll need the three of you to meet me in the woods to open the portal - better we do this away from the house.

Billy, I'll need you to stand guard on the portal site, make sure the rescue team can get back.



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