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[From: Artie]
[To: M-A]
[Subject: LOA]

Hi Boss,

Been debating sending this to you for a while.

I need to take some time and get my head clear. Too many people wearing dead friends faces in the mansion these days or something. Had a chat with Gabriel, had a series of chats with our mandatory psych where I couldn't talk about most things. ETC.

I've set up arrangements for covering the mutant underground sources I work with across key cities. No-one will notice if I drop out of sight for a few months.

I just need some time. Promise not to take out a casino again.

- A
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(1/2) Hey, you know you have a sleepwalking problem, right?
(2/2) Just making sure before you stab someone in your sleep or something.
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To: Topaz; Braddock, Betsy
From: Abbott, Hope
Subject: Gala tickets 

Dear Betsy and Topaz, 

Today I received three tickets to a small gala event. I am afraid it is one of the less enervating ones though, but I cannot afford not to go to this one. I was wondering if the two of you would be interested in accompanying me and thus creating a hopefully far more pleasurable evening. Despite it being one of the less enervating ones, I will be able to introduce you to a few people worth knowing. 

Please let me know if you are willing and able to go. I have attached the invitation with all the pertinent details. 

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(1/3) I really don't want to talk about this, but have you found or heard anything about Adam Destine since July? I've been sort of quietly poking around - no luck.

(2/3) No sign of Jasmine either, but if she really turned on Adam, she's either already dead or hiding really well.

(3/3) Found Taboo, though. He's back in England. Since he's not making another attempt at necromancy, I'm happy to just let him be.
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Two tickets to the Imagine Dragon concert on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, including plan tickets for 12/28/18 and coming back on 1/3/19.

Note Included:
'Hi Husband, I thought you could use a vacation to see your favorite band. Hotel included. Love you and Happy Holidays! - Your wifey"
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[text]We've been forced into a cave to avoid... extremely large insects. We cannot leave without assistance.
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im stayn @ the condo on fri night, u n?
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[1/2] I was arguing with Jean to let me cut into Natasha’s head.
[2/2] I’m not that upset. Just annoyed.
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[1/2] I'm not sure if I'm depressed because I'm useless without magic or thrilled because I got to meet Cecil Palmer. Even if it was just some weird simulation. Or whatever.
[2/2] Where'd you guys end up?
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[1/4] Finally made it back? Took you long enough.
[2/4] I bet Kyle that Domino was gonna kick you in the junk.
[3/4] Just sayin'
[4/4] Help a girl out, it's like, a whole ten bucks.
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(1/3) Oh I forgot to mention
(2/3) I took some of your booze while you were gone
(3/3) Not paying you back.
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Yo, Gabe, my dude. How do you feel about cocktail parties?
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Kyle! You'll never guess what I found out.
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(1/3) Thank you for your help with my attire, the wedding has been very enjoyable.
(2/3) It's difficult to explain but there was a murder at the venue prior to the wedding that threatened to disrupt it. Quentin and I managed to apprehend the culprit and turn him over to the police before the nuptials, however.
(3/3) Here's a picture of Quentin in the wedding party - I think he looks quite dashing.

[120118113.jpg attached]
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To: [warren]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Recent shenanigans.

So I'm slowly collecting the pieces of what happened with you. I know you're probably not wanting to see anyone at the moment, but I'd like to give you the magical all-clear, make sure there's no lingering Limbo issues, if that's all right?


P.S.: No lectures - I figure you've had plenty. Just next time something weird happens, give me a call. It's what I do, after all.
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(1/3) Are you drinking somewhere
(2/3) Because I'm drinking somewhere
(3/3) We can drink somewhere together and ogle boys
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(1/3) just so you know if you ever have sex w a demon i will fight for you and i will win
(2/3) this is not permission to have sex w a demon. bc i will also fight you too and i will also win that
(3/3) 💖
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Hi Clint,

I don't know if it's possible but my suit needs repairs. It's a long story, but basically I got roped into a demon fight (that's like the sixth this year) and it got torn up. I came out fine, though! So if you could help, you'd be the best and maybe my favorite Barton-Murdock brother. Just don't let Matt know.

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(1/2) Don’t have a ton of time to talk but
(2/2) Guess who just decided to resurface


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