May. 31st, 2008

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To: [Xavier Institute Staff], [X-Men.list], [Sefton, A.]
From: [Forge]
Subject: **ALERT**

Security sensors just went haywire. Something surged and in doing a security sweep we have four missing: Shiro, Angel, John, and Marius. Visual check confirms they're not on the grounds, and their phones aren't responding - GPS shows them still onsite, but somehow fried.

Second visual check confirms. Five missing - Jubilee was on grounds. All five seen in the company of a blonde woman, I've attached the security photo. They appear to have been teleported, but not through any means I'm familiar with.

Amanda, those wards you put up are fried, as in literally. Burned to ash on the walls. Any clues this gives would be appreciated.

I'm instituting a full lockdown as of now.

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to: [XMEN all], [SNOWVALLEY all]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Found them

We ran down the coordinates that Xavier provided us from Cerebro on our missing people. They're being held in Symkaria. We've got a couple of contacts in the country. It's about the size of Delaware, and mostly known as an excellent base for covertly moving money in and out of Eastern Europe.

One of the very few interesting things about it is a dormant volcano, Mt. Schron, right on the border. Xavier's pinpointed them right in the midst of it, and a little money spread around got us three different confirmations of massive shipments of building material to a site adjacent to the volcano. There's a complex inside the volcano itself, which is the only place you could hide that volume of material.

I'll be inside the country getting some people organized on the ground to get us close without getting spotted. Our people are going to deploy as soon as possible to join me. Ororo, let us know when you're on the ground, and we'll figure out how to take them best.



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