Jun. 3rd, 2008

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To: [Xavier, Charles]
Cc: [Summers, Scott; Munroe, Ororo]
From: [Frost, Adrienne]

Subject: Requesting a brief absence

I've been invited to a funeral in Paris on friday. (I modeled for Saint Laurent once or twice in my day and was often graced with his advice in my company's tenuous first months. We kept in touch over the years.) I know it's the last day of school, but what I'm not sure about is how much work actually gets done on the last day of school. If possible, I'm hoping to take my jet, make a brief appearance, and be back mid-morning New York-time so I won't miss much here. I guess I'm asking permission? I know I canceled a couple of classes last week. Please let me know in due course as I'll have to arrange for someone at the company to go in my stead and send my regrets if it's not possible for me to go myself.

A. Frost.
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to: [Kane, G]
from: [Stavros, J]
subj: maybe not done yet

You know why I don't like you?

Because you treat me like some idiot child who doesn't know her thumbs from her asshole. I understand and respect the fact that you've had more training than me, but when you use that in a pissing contest it holds very little merit. I am willing to admit that I over-reacted in regards to the forklift, and yes, it did quite possibly save my life and everything, but to go around bragging about it really made me angry. I said I wanted to talk to you and I felt that your tone was really dismissive and it basically set me off.

And then when I say I want to work with you in order to overcome my distrust, you turn around and lecture me like I'm five. I'm very sorry to inform you of this, but I am a full member of this team and you and I are equals, and as such, I would like if it you extend the courtesy of at least speaking to me like an adult. There is no easier way to calm me down than talking to me like an adult, and there's no easier way to piss me off further than by speaking to me like I'm a child.

We depend on one another Mr. Kane, like it or not.

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To: [captain canuck]
From: [rule britannia]

Subject: Journal Threads

Next time you're in town, drinks are on me. You're just about my favourite person right now.



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