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We've tracked down the parts of the machine that Pete's old boss sent us. This is a bizarre list of stuff.

The first is a set of reflectors that disappeared from a French lab, and made their way through a Miami fence into the Carrib black market. There's rumours of a resort in the Bahamas fronting as a link to the market for wealthy buyers. Wisdom says he knows the place, and will check it out.

The gem or focusing crystal is actually, if you can believe this, a sacred gem. It's supposed to be mystical in some way. Amanda is in touch with Stephen Strange, and he thinks he knows where it can be found.

There's a strange targeting computer, which was bought six years ago by none other than our old friend, Jacob 'Arcade' Lowenstein. I called him, since if Arcade thinks someone is coming to steal something from him, he can protect it better out of paranoia then anyone else. Turns out it was stolen a couple years ago from the Japanese lab he had it in, and made it into the Asian underworld. The group responsible is involved in a poker tournament in Monaco, and has made a side bet with him for it if he can beat their man. As a result, he's willing to enter us as his people.

Finally, if it couldn't get any weirder, the power source is located in... a Soviet research facility deep under the Pacific Ocean. There's a Russian, Shostokov, who talked to Vazhin, and he's sending Natasha Romanova over with the old Soviet keycodes and plans for it.

'ro, I think we're best positioned to go after the Bahamas and Monaco. What do you think about the other two? Are you going to send X-Men teams out?

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