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[1/2] I was arguing with Jean to let me cut into Natasha’s head.
[2/2] I’m not that upset. Just annoyed.
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[1/2] I'm not sure if I'm depressed because I'm useless without magic or thrilled because I got to meet Cecil Palmer. Even if it was just some weird simulation. Or whatever.
[2/2] Where'd you guys end up?
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[1/4] Finally made it back? Took you long enough.
[2/4] I bet Kyle that Domino was gonna kick you in the junk.
[3/4] Just sayin'
[4/4] Help a girl out, it's like, a whole ten bucks.
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(1/3) Oh I forgot to mention
(2/3) I took some of your booze while you were gone
(3/3) Not paying you back.
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Yo, Gabe, my dude. How do you feel about cocktail parties?
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Kyle! You'll never guess what I found out.
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(1/3) Thank you for your help with my attire, the wedding has been very enjoyable.
(2/3) It's difficult to explain but there was a murder at the venue prior to the wedding that threatened to disrupt it. Quentin and I managed to apprehend the culprit and turn him over to the police before the nuptials, however.
(3/3) Here's a picture of Quentin in the wedding party - I think he looks quite dashing.

[120118113.jpg attached]
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To: [warren]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Recent shenanigans.

So I'm slowly collecting the pieces of what happened with you. I know you're probably not wanting to see anyone at the moment, but I'd like to give you the magical all-clear, make sure there's no lingering Limbo issues, if that's all right?


P.S.: No lectures - I figure you've had plenty. Just next time something weird happens, give me a call. It's what I do, after all.
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(1/3) Are you drinking somewhere
(2/3) Because I'm drinking somewhere
(3/3) We can drink somewhere together and ogle boys
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(1/3) just so you know if you ever have sex w a demon i will fight for you and i will win
(2/3) this is not permission to have sex w a demon. bc i will also fight you too and i will also win that
(3/3) 💖
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Hi Clint,

I don't know if it's possible but my suit needs repairs. It's a long story, but basically I got roped into a demon fight (that's like the sixth this year) and it got torn up. I came out fine, though! So if you could help, you'd be the best and maybe my favorite Barton-Murdock brother. Just don't let Matt know.

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(1/2) Don’t have a ton of time to talk but
(2/2) Guess who just decided to resurface
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[1]  Found your number on the school network, I need a quick primer on this Limbo place and hear you’re who to ask.
[2] How likely is it for someone to come back fucked up and is this treatable or are we just going to have to put them down behind the barn or something?
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[KS] - Gabe. I need help. ASAP! *tracker enabled*
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I've always been lucky, so on the chance you still check this email. I need a favor.


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[Miriam Birchwood - society blogger]

Someone's been going strong on the white powder during the opening of Eastside club 'Havoc'. A certain billionaire (whose name rhymes with Barren Borthington) was seen chewing out a noted journalist Sally Floyd. This blogger overheard choice words like "you're just a woman" and "you're nothing without a man" followed by a graphic description of sexual acts I was fairly certain were outlawed (spoiler alert: a few are). A quick slap to the face led to an unwanted slap to the ass before he was unceremoniously thrown out.

Guess money doesn't solve everything. Can't wait to see this play out.
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[1/5] Guess who's back early from her trip?
[2/5] And guess who fucked around on his girlfriend YET AGAIN?
[3/5] BONUS ROUND: guess who left in his private fucking jet and stranded someone w/o money or their passport?
[4/5] Don't ask how I got back but some serious favors had to be called in.
[5/5] And now I'll be getting drunk or something idk fuck.
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(1/6) Quentin has just invited me to accompany him to his cousin's wedding in a few week's time.
(2/6) It will be difficult to clear my experiments but I would very much like to attend so I will endeavour to do so.
(3/6) However, there is a slight issue - the dress code is suit and tie. My current suit was bought at the Burlington Coat Factor Big & Tall section.
(4/6) I have a feeling its quality leaves something to be desired to those who know anything about fashion. Quentin is one of those people.
(5/6) I'd prefer not to embarrass him in front of his family - or myself in front of him.
(6/6) All of which is a long-winded way of asking if you will help me find something suitable to wear. I have seen what you have picked out for Reed and know you have excellent taste.
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(1/2) My parents are forcing me to attend a family wedding in a couple weeks. Blackmailing me, even.
(2/2) Come with me and help me keep my sanity, I beg you. I cannot survive this alone.


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