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[Miriam Birchwood - society blogger]

Someone's been going strong on the white powder during the opening of Eastside club 'Havoc'. A certain billionaire (whose name rhymes with Barren Borthington) was seen chewing out a noted journalist Sally Floyd. This blogger overheard choice words like "you're just a woman" and "you're nothing without a man" followed by a graphic description of sexual acts I was fairly certain were outlawed (spoiler alert: a few are). A quick slap to the face led to an unwanted slap to the ass before he was unceremoniously thrown out.

Guess money doesn't solve everything. Can't wait to see this play out.
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Manhattan — A terrible accident this afternoon would have turned deadly were it not for the quick thinking of one young man. Miles Morales, 19, of Brooklyn, sprung into action to pull coworker Jim Garcia out from underneath an unsecured stack of steel girders at the Brighton Suites construction site in Midtown.

"I saw the girders start to tip over and Jim was standing right under them," says Morales, a rising sophomore at Columbia University. His father Jefferson Morales stands proudly behind him. "He would've been hurt or worse. I just did what anyone else would do, you know?"

Despite Morales's modesty, his colleagues at BMB Construction are calling the young man a hero. Especially Mr. Garcia himself

"I've never seen someone move so fast! Crazy what adrenaline will do to you. I owe the kid my life."
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Breaking: NYPD report that approximately 1:30 a.m. last night, two women were assaulted on their way home after a night out. One of the victims, name withheld, was a mutant.

"It's unusual to get something like this out of District X," an unnamed police source told us. "Things are getting tense both in and out of Mutie Town."

The two women were taken to Claremont emergency room with serious, but not life-threatening injuries. The hospital refused to provide any further information on their conditions.

Police are investigating the attack, and while it is assumed to be a mutant hate crime, have not ruled out other motives.
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It’s not even three months into the new administration and there are serious concerns for the rights of mutants impacted by various executive orders and bills meant to “protect Americans from terrorism”. Post M-Day, domestic safety and security has become the prominent concern of the public at large. The preceding government’s ‘cautious response’ was seen as inadequate among many citizens impacted adversely by the disaster. With the support of groups such as the Friends of Humanity and promises to “come down hard” on what they called the ‘mutant terrorist threat’, 45 garnered the support of those citizens. The new administration now appears to be following through on those promises.

Travel Ban

The new version of the executive order banning entry to the US of residents of six Muslim-majority countries also included a new clause banning mutants “who pose a potential threat” from entering the U.S. despite their visa status. The term “x-gene” is a misnomer as mutation is caused by a number of genetic triggers. There is also no easy, fast and reliable test for the “x-gene”. This clause is expected to impact visible mutants and those from countries who have some form of mutant registration in place and have their genetic status marked on their documents.

The subjective nature of the definition of who would cause a “potential threat” also makes the clause extremely problematic for mutants wishing to travel. This clause increases existing flight restrictions put in place since M-Day. These restrictions were created when non-mutant passengers on domestic and international flights complained about the safety issues of having a visible mutant on board.

The travel ban has been overturned by courts in two states already. The ACLU is continuing to challenge the executive order. Muslims and other U.S. citizens travelling from the named countries on the ban are potentially protected by the constitutional right to practice religion. There is little in the way of specific legislation protecting the rights of mutants. A handful of legal decisions in favour of protecting mutant rights to education and insurance may provide precedent, but even the most staunch defenders of mutant rights are unsure of their chances.

What Next?

After such a controversial beginning to the new presidency, many mutants are left wondering what other restrictions are yet to come down the pipe. A new version of the Mutant Registration Act, lobbied by Senator Robert Kelly in 2002, is most frequently named as a possibility. The MRA was discarded when Senator Kelly had his sudden – and, some claim, extremely suspicious – change of heart. Post M-Day, there is increasing support for legislation requiring mutants to register their identities and powers with the government. While there may be some good reasons for registration, the mutant community, perhaps justifiably, are reluctant to be identified in the current atmosphere of conflict and suspicion. Certainly acts of anti-mutant violence have increased along with the threats to Muslim and Jewish communities. And various state legislation, such as Virginia’s recent attempt to criminalize mutants by making any use of powers in a crime an automatic felony, fail to reassure mutants that the government has their best interests at heart.
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Following four weeks of protests, sit-ins, and rallies, New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio, NYPD chief of police James O’Neill, and select members of the New York City Council have agreed to meet with mutant activists.

This massive unrest was caused by the acquittal of officer Raymond McCoffer for the shooting deaths of two mutants in District X, Raymond Ferrero and John Redden. Following in the footsteps of movements like Black Lives Matter, mutant activists and their allies took to the streets to protest what they claim is an anti-mutant bias within law enforcement and the justice system.

Public opinion polls vary and have swayed over time. While many NYC residents at least weakly supported the initial protests, opposition rose after the murders of McCoffer and his wife and several other people associated with the trial, apparently revenge killings.

Mutant activists swiftly condemned the murders and denied any involvement or knowledge.

A spokesperson for the grassroots organization Mutant Rights League expressed cautious optimism for this meeting. They have provided Mayor DeBlaiso with a list of 20 demands, along with proposals for solutions, that they say will improve public safety and community trust in the police.

Whether anything comes of this meeting remains to be seen.
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The NYPD announced today that a single killer may be responsible for five recent homicides in Manhattan. Ballistics reports showed that the bullets that killed each victim were fired from the same gun.

Former NYPD officer Raymond McCoffer and wife Linda were shot in their home two weeks ago. McCoffer was the defendant in a widely publicized murder trial of two mutant men while he was on duty. He was found not guilty, a verdict that spawned several protests and clashes between activists and police. The judge of that trial, Alton Fink, was found dead in his home one week later, also dead from gunfire. Sandra Williams, a key defense witness whose testimony legal experts say may have been prejudicial but was allowed anyway, was also killed in her home three days ago. The most recent victim was Sam Colburn, a member of the jury, who was found shot in the head and then hanged in a Chelsea alley.

“These gruesome murders are an attack on the whole city,” said NYPD chief of police James O’Neill. “And furthermore, they are an assault on our democracy and justice system. It is appalling and unconscionable that someone would decide murder is an appropriate response to a verdict they don’t like.”

Read more . . .
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New York, NY — New York City Criminal Court judge Alton Fink was found dead in his home yesterday. Authorities are treating this as a homicide investigation. No further details have been provided.

However, sources say that Judge Fink’s death may be related to last week’s murders of Raymond and Linda McCoffer, a former NYPD officer and his wife, who were also killed in their home. Raymond McCoffer was found not guilty on two counts of murder for the shooting deaths of two mutants, and Fink was the judge on that trial. One source said these may be revenge killings.

Judge Fink was appointed to the bench by Rudy Giuliani in 1999 and was re-appointed by Michael Bloomberg in 2009. He was known for a hard stance on criminals, often supporting maximum penalties. This made him a controversial figure, particularly in the African American and Latino communities, who claimed such severe punishment disproportionately affected black and Hispanic criminals. However, he was praised by law enforcement and his peers, who point to what they claim to be a significant drop in recidivism in his jurisdiction. Many activists challenge this claim.

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New York, NY — Former NYPD officer Raymond McCoffer and wife Linda were shot to death in their Parkchester apartment, and Raymond McCoffer’s corpse dismembered, according to NYPD chief of police James O’Neill. The victims were discovered last night by their superintendent, who responded after receiving calls of concern from other tenants.

McCoffer was a 7-year veteran of the NYPD before being dismissed in light of criminal charges in the shooting deaths of two mutant men last January, Ramirez Ferrero and John Redden. A jury found him not guilty of murder, which has led to several protests by activists and scuffles with police.

Chief O’Neill reported that McCoffer had received several death threats in the weeks after his trial. The NYPD is investigating all leads.

Read more . . .
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New York, NY — Over one hundred demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest a Manhattan jury’s verdict that found NYPD officer Raymond McCoffer not guilty of murder and several other counts of misconduct in the shooting deaths of two mutant men last January.

Ramirez Ferrero and John Redden were killed in the Manhattan neighborhood known to its residents as District X. According to the police report, McCoffer witnessed what appeared to be a drug deal between the two men and asked for identification. The men fled on foot, with Redden unleashing an energy burst. McCoffer opened fire in response, hitting both men, who were taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital. Redden was pronounced dead on arrival, and Ferrero did not survive surgery.

Police said both Ferrero and Redden were carrying vials of the illegal mutant power–enhancing drug hypercortisone D, known as Kick.

Mutant rights activists and other civil rights leaders expressed cautious optimism when the District Attorney’s office not only agreed to prosecute McCoffer, but also secured a grand jury indictment. Across the country, several other police officers involved in civilian shootings have either not been prosecuted at all, or the grand jury has declined to bring charges.

“We owe it to the people of this city, regardless of their genetic status, to investigate these shootings, and if appropriate, bring criminal charges,” said assistant DA Franklin Nelson, who prosecuted the case.

Nelson expressed regret for the outcome of this case, but echoed former US Attorney General Eric Holder, who said in 2014 that while the majority of police officers are good people, this shooting violated the public’s trust, and the justice system had an obligation to step in and repair that trust. Nelson further said he hopes this case will embolden other DA offices to look more closely at police misconduct and bring charges when appropriate.

Read more . . .
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Press Release – For Immediate Release

New York, NY (May 17, 2016) – OsCorp is partnering with the National Ataxia Foundation to host a Fundraising Gala and Silent Auction to benefit patients of Solmander’s Ataxia on Saturday, May 21, 2016. This year’s gala will be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to work with an astounding organization such as the NAF,” said OsCorp spokesperson Jane Bashir. “We hope that with the generous gifts from our friends and family, we can raise the funds to provide treatment and care for people who live with Solmander’s Ataxia, and continue our research to expand care options to people living with other genetic conditions.”

Read more . . .

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There's A New Drug That's Making Mutants More Dangerous — And Scientists Are Covering It Up
An X-Quisitr Exclusive

An explosive new report obtained by The X-Quisitr shows that scientists know that mutants are taking the new street drug Rave so that they can increase their powers — and they're not doing anything about it.

The news has been sprinkled with reports recently about muties found dead after Rave overdoses exhibiting strange features that go unexplained in autopsies. Unexplained burns on their bodies. Disfigured limbs. Signs of drowning in landlocked cities.

A publicly released report by the Federal Institute of Drug Abuse, obtained recently by sources close to The X-Quisitr, suggests that there "may be links between Rave and what is colloquially known as the X-gene." But instead of warning the public of this danger, scientists "are waiting for more data and studies conducted according to standard research principles."

In the meantime, people could be in danger from mutants trying to get their next high.

Just one more example of how the Mutie Conspiracy continues to hit at all levels of government. The X-Quisitr will continue its in-depth reporting on this issue and will bring you more updates when we finish reading this lengthy document.
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New Recreational Drug Has City Officials Stumped
By Thomas Lee

In the wake of a heroin crisis that deepened in New York last year, New York health workers, law enforcement and emergency personnel now find themselves struggling to combat the sudden spike in overdoses of a new drug nicknamed "rave."

The death toll from rave has risen 50% over the last four months, mounting a potential challenge to city officials who have so far been unable to combat the rise. At the same time, the spread of heroin in the city has continued, though the rate of overdoses has slowed.

Neither the mayor's office nor the New York Police Department made leadership available for comment. But a high-ranking City Hall official says that the administration links the rise in rave to the virtual disappearance of the mutant-amplifying amphetamine known as "Kick" from the street.

"After M-Day," the official said, referencing the series of explosions that occurred in December 2014, "with the mutant population decimated, the Kick trade dried up. No more customer base. The dealers were hurting, and they needed something else to fill the vacuum."

In a statement, the Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed that Kick-related arrests and seizures have dropped to their lowest levels since the agency began tracking the drug.

The agency, through a spokeswoman, declined to discuss Rave.
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Rep. Ramona Scott D-Pa. may have a mutant working on her staff, according to a new report obtained by Fox News.

An anonymous source submitted DNA samples that are allegedly from various members of Scott's office, and the results were detailed in a copy of the medical report. That report alleges that media relations assistant Darcy Lewis has the mutant gene.

A representative in Scott's office denied any knowledge of a mutant on staff and questioned the truth of the medical reports, stating that they were quite possibly fabricated to do damage to Scott's work for the Democratic Party.

Darcy Lewis has not replied to requests for comment.
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Dear Adrienne.

You were right. The Toronto Blue Jays suck like a giant sucking thing and I suck just as much for liking them.

From Garrison
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SAN DIEGO — A key component of Biotech Ltd.'s rolling out plan, an aerosol scanner intended for use at airports, went missing yesterday.

Worthington Industries acquired Biotech in early 2015 in an attempt to expand their technological sectors, and in a move that raised investors's concerns, invested heavily in the fledgling organization.

"We are always excited when a new company joins the Worthington Industries family, and we are especially excited by Biotech," said Tamara Sparks, the company's spokeswoman, earlier this year. "Although a fairly new company, they are currently on the cutting-edge of genetics technology and many of the projects are very promising."

Now, less than a day after the theft, there is no official comment from Worthington Industries, although it is clear that investors are noticing the crime. Shares on the company dropped several points today, and financial experts are predicting it will continue to fall until a statement is released.

"The uncertainty and lack of communication is worrisome," Jack Stewart, professor of economics at New York University, stated. "This is not usual behavior for Worthington Industries, and if it continues, investors will wonder if the leadership is hiding something bigger than a theft."

More as this story unfolds.


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