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To: [Dr. Grey-Summers, Dr. Voght]
From: [Dr. McCoy]
Subject: [Shift Coverage]

Dear Colleagues,

It is with sincere apologies that I must beg a favor from the two of you. Young William has fallen ill back across the Atlantic and I am to depart within the hour to be with him. I realize this will put a burden on the two of you in regards to shift coverage of the medical lab, but there is- to my perception- no viable alternative to inconveniencing the two of you.

My case files are all up to date on my computer, with hard copies filed properly in my office.

Most Sincerely,
-Dr. Henry McCoy
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From: Wolverine
To: Medical
Subject: Kitchen

You might want to consider decontaminating the kitchen before the morning rush.

By the smell of it, someone toxic had a little fun in there. All over the place. Hate to have a mass outbreak of poisonings.

Least the coffee's still good.

I think I'm going to go drown my nose in Lysol now.
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To: [Doctor Jean], [Doctor Amelia]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Jay

Dear doctors,

Perhaps this is the being the nosy person, but I think Jay is sick. He is being tired and not like himself, and when we were playing cards, he was not seeing the properly, I do not think. But he has the healing power - if he is sick, it is the very strong sickness, yes?

He is being the silly boy and not going for the help, so I am being, how you say? The tattle tale. I am thinking he is needing to see the doctor. He is in his bed at this time, if you are needing to find him.

I hope this is being the best thing to do,

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To: [Xavier Institute Staff], [X-Men.list], [Sefton, A.]
From: [Forge]
Subject: **ALERT**

Security sensors just went haywire. Something surged and in doing a security sweep we have four missing: Shiro, Angel, John, and Marius. Visual check confirms they're not on the grounds, and their phones aren't responding - GPS shows them still onsite, but somehow fried.

Second visual check confirms. Five missing - Jubilee was on grounds. All five seen in the company of a blonde woman, I've attached the security photo. They appear to have been teleported, but not through any means I'm familiar with.

Amanda, those wards you put up are fried, as in literally. Burned to ash on the walls. Any clues this gives would be appreciated.

I'm instituting a full lockdown as of now.

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To: [MacTaggart, Moira], [Voght, Amelia]
cc: [Xavier, C.], [Grey, J.], [Guthrie, P.]
Subject: Temporary measures for Marius

First off, I apologize for the methods used to help Marius during his incident today. Dr. Voght, I didn't mean to overstep your authority and experience, but I knew it was the only way. Everything I have from here on out is getting run through the proper channels to you folks.

Second, I've built a portable respirator for Marius. It'll provide him with enough of a sulfuric acid vapor sublimed directly into his lungs so that he can function. It won't need a chemical recharge for at least six months, but in case of emergencies, I've included documentation and recharge units in the package. It's the green one with the requisite BIOHAZARD stickers on it.

Third, if there's anything more I can do, tell me. When he's stable again, I'd like to see him.

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to: [Mactaggart, M and Voght, A]
from: [Stavros, J]

You know damn well you can't keep me out of there. I'll wait up all night if I have to.

Not like I'm fucking sleeping anyway.

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To: [Scott], [Storm], [Amelia]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Test Results

I've found something interesting and more than a little disturbing. Mixed within the mucus samples I took, I found trace elements of the gas that was sprayed. The chemical make up of it looks like it's supposed to render people unconscious, probably pretty severly at that, but to do this it reacts to hormones in full grown adults.

Children don't yet have those hormones and teengers have too much, it's why Clarice and Shiro weren't affected. The older the person is, the more affected they are. It seems to be lab made, though, but I don't know if something can be rigged up to combat it in a hurry.

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To: [Moira], [Amelia]
cc: [Ororo]
From: [Scott]
Subject: Clarice and Shiro

Could the two of you do some blood tests on them, please? If they were exposed to this gas during the kidnapping attempt but not affected, we need to know why. It's an inconsistency, putting it up against the other reports of similar incidents.

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To: [MacTaggart, Moira]
CC: [Voght, Amelia; Summers, Scott; Munroe, Ororo]
From: [Laverne, Marius]
Subject: My flatmates

Can't see myself being much use right now, but if there's anything I can do just say the word.

Kyle and Jay wouldn't see me, but I caught enough through the observation window to have a decent idea as to why. Can this be fixed? Realistically?
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To: [leatherclad minus two], [Pete], [Moira], [D. Haller], [A. Voght]
From: [one-eye]
Subject: I think this calls for a celebration.

Especially since Jean and I snuck off and didn't allow you all to have an opportunity for a party. I sense thwarted celebratory impulses.

I'll sweet-talk Harry into playing accomplice for the festivities - sometime next week, maybe? I'm not suggesting a big formal do or anything, obviously (or I wouldn't be suggesting holding it at Harry's) but I really do think it would tickle the two of them. They've come through a lot to get to this point, both of them, and I'm really happy for them.

Although anyone who asks about dates at that point, once the need to settle on one has sunk in, is liable to get a laser somewhere uncomfortable. Brides-to-be are volatile that way.

Jean, don't kill me.



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