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[text]We've been forced into a cave to avoid... extremely large insects. We cannot leave without assistance.
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If you want your gemstone back alive, quickly get to 46 Pomeroy St in Rochester. Be careful. She is not doing to well, and my siblings are out for blood.

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Bet you didn't know this is the first time I made Mandy bleed, did you?
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omw to dorm. u will not believe the weekend i had
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Hey you seen Miles lately? He said he had a thing at your mansion yesterday but he hasn't texted me since then. Thought you mightve seen him.
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tell me ur out patrolling tonite. i need distractions
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You might want to get your family to safety. My dad's car just blew up, though no one was hurt. Police is still investigating, but I'd do it just to be sure.  
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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Unkown]

We have the information you seek. Come to cross street of 11th Street and W42nd Street at 2pm.
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Yeah, Jane? It's Darcy, look I know you're probably doing SCIENCE! but hey.. I really need you to get in touch with me because apparently a bunch of ridiculous news sites think I'm a mutant and you know normally I'd just laugh it off. I mean I tried laughing it off but it started spreading to reputable sites and work told me to just wait it out and tow the office line but I've started getting these phone calls and someone spraypainted the door on the satellite office we use and like... I'm a little freaked out, here, okay? Do you know of anywhere I can stay until this blows over or I can get back to my family? Please?
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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Duncan, Fred]

title: Flight to St.Louis is booked


Get on the 4:35 flight out of JFK to St.Louis. Check in with the head of the field office there, Special Agent Cheryl Wallace. There's been two kidnap/killings in the last week and a third young man of a similar profile was just reported missing by his family. Wallace thinks it might be a serial killer but the twist is both victims were mutants. The local PD had a bad time during M-Day and is basically boycotting the investigation, daring Wallace to label it a serial murder without a full profile to go on. They seem to think SHIELD will crack heads and we won't.

Get out there and talk to her. If it's a serial killer, you need to confirm it so we can come down on this 'blue flu' crap from the PD and get to work properly. Check in after you talk to her.

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Kate, there's an item that's come on the market and I'd like you to acquire it for me. I'll email you the details but I've heard it will be in transit from somewhere in Greece in the next several days. Call me if you have any questions, otherwise I'll expect it in the usual place and you'll receive your usual payment.
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Inside are the words:

Hope to see you soon, traitor
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To: [Mama], [Daddy]
Subject: Arrived safe

Dearest Darlingest Momsie and Popsicle,

There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz...

No, seriously. This place is totally Shiz-like! There's no goat teacher, but some of the people here aren't too different, mutation-wise. And there are even magic classes! For people with magic mutations, I mean. Not for me. I promise. I'm not doing anything dangerous.

I miss you guys, though! And the cats. I really miss the cats. Can I get a cat? Or two? So they can keep each other company? Lots of people have cats so it wouldn't be special treatment or anything.
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(1/2) yo guess who i met last night
(2/2) spoiler alert not your mom
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Wheeze - if I don't drop you a line by January thirty-first and accounts 0000009876245, 0000000165004, or 0000098276513 get hacked, don't retaliate. I know the guy. Also, you have permission to hack 0000000007643 if I don't contact you by March fifteenth. I know you know that already. I know I told you basically this same exact thing a couple years back. This time's worse. If you hack that last account, you take everything, you go to ground, and you don't come back out, got it? You'd better. I'll come back and haunt your ass. -W
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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Hudson, Heather]


Call me right away from your secure phone. Judd and Jefferies have been hurt, and the rest of Alpha Flight-

Just call me. Right away.

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To: [encrypted]
From: [encrypted]
Subject: status

C - No follow-up planned. Target abandoned for now. Will try and advise if situation changes. Apologies. Q.
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To: [hindi class], [mandarin class], [international relations], [east europe/west asia]
From: [absentee teacher]
Subject: classes... )


To: Pete
From: Nate
Subject: brought something back from Belgium for you... )


To: Ani [address encrypted]
From: Nate [address encrypted]
Subject: help? )


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