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To: [XFI]
From: [Centino, Arthur]
Re: Subject: Update on Case #128930A

L and I hit the ground as quick as we could with the awesome Miss Storm's intel. The Underground had a little info, but the 2 weren't looking for support.

For the casefile, and I'm obscuring the names here because I got a lecture on cyber security the last time:

Mr. Green [Address: see server]
Was a driver for both of the major app companies. His friends say that he preferred doing the tourist route. He boasted to a few people about his powers letting him "know when the red lights and traffic were a'coming," but they just thought he was boasting about being lucky. Apparently he liked to make some money on the side by running errands for souvenirs (the cheap stuff) while his rides were doing tourist things. Friends think this was a sideline, and there was a lot of nudging and winking. All kind of sketch.

Mrs. Mauve [Address and more deets: sameso]
A housewife. Her husband and immediate family (Lorna and I snooped in a middle of a bbq, ask Lorna for the recipes they insisted she take) didn't have any clue about her mutant status.

Her sister was apparently in town last weekend, and they did the touristy thing too.

Connection, maybe? See if Mauve left Green 5 stars? Maybe they ran across eachother.

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[1/3] I now it has been 1 day
[2/3] But I have a Great Bad Idea
[3/3] U in?
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(calligraphed on white paper, in bright pink marker)

My dearest Mr. Centino,

Merci beaucoups. The cards are
quite lovely. I will be sure to
do a reading for you with them.


Marie-Ange Colbert

PS. I borrowed this marker from Jubilation.
graphic of the letter under the cut )
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A paper wrapped in bright yellow paper with a fancy bow and a card left in Marie-Ange's mansion mailbox.

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To: [Worthington, Warren], [Morse, Bobbi], [Dane, Lorna], [Frost, Adrienne], [Summers, Alex][Storm, Sue]
From: [Centino, Arthur]
Subject: So... Uhh....

So has anyone been paying attention to JJ lately

She needs a hug

And maybe a talking to

And hey I'm not the boss!
But still
So many concerned emoji faces

~ A

PS: I left QQ off this and feel horrible but also not really, but we may want to keep them apart?
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To: Big Bird [Warren Worthington]
CC: Song Bird [Bobbi Morse]
Subject: The Office is Still Standing

Hope the two of you are having a wonderful time down south. :) :) :)

Don't worry. XFi will still be here when you get back! Take a little more time if you need it. All's quiet with the ongoings with no new pings or casefiles. Staff's been really light.

There was a tiny bit of trouble with the mind reading people in the big house, but no one died.

Sunshine and hugs,
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[1/3] Turns out I'm not at all a businessman lol
[2/3] But srsly I let my loveable nature get the best of me
[3/3] Warren is going to kill me
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(1) Taking off for a week or so. You're still in charge. I'll want reports.

*2 minutes later*

(2) Please make money. Any money. Small money, big money, whatever money. Just...money. We're a business, not a charity.
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Left In The Medlab Mid to Late Day


The happiest of birthdays to you. I know things haven't been easy, but you bring you me joy all the time!!! I'm concentrating and meditating and making that one scrunched up face you tease me about to send all of my luck your way today. Let me know what happens, or if you're elected president, or if you find a dollar or something.

If nothing happens, I left a surprise for you in the fridge here where you hide your lunch but swear there is actual supplies. If something happens, you probably want to check the fridge anyway.

~ A

Left In the Fridge )
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any chance I can convince you to take care of the dog tonight/tomorrow? I'll owe you a favor.
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[1/6] !!!
[2/6] so I was on the roof
[3/6] above the smoker's porch
[4/6] not creeping, I swear
[5/6] I saw Gabe (I can call him Gabe right, were bros now) pass out
[6/6] Move him? Y/N/I've got him in a fireman carry already
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(1/3) Hey - sorry I kep saying no 100 times but I'm free if you want to do something tonight.
(2/3) (Although it seems like you've been busy. Hardly see you anymore. :\)
(3/3) You, me, dog?
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To: [Lucky Rabbit's Foot]
From: [ The Cool Boss]

Hope your passport is up to date. You're getting an all expenses paid trip to Russia courtesy one Roxy Washington.

As you can see from the emails, we've been given some assistance from our good friends at X-Force. Teamwork -- love it.

Your mission (since you're up on the rotation) is to determine if we are dealing with a brilliant fox or a brilliant shapeshifter. Please use your luck to not die of radiation poisoning That'd be great.

In the event this is a mutant in need, let us know so we can get that railroad going.

As usual, use the company card for expenses. Don't forget to check in regularly. I'm on-call this week, so feel free to bother me anytime.

Any questions?


Warren 'The cool boss' Worthington III
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Partly cloudy and 96F in Juba today. North and I are still alive. Pass it on.
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To: [Wade], [Arthur]
From: [Cece]
Subject: [Oh good]

I mean, things were starting to feel a little too quiet.
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[1/3] Word is that theres been 2 many lucky coincidences lately
[2/3] Pretty sure it isnt me
[3/3] Do we need a field trip to the city to look firsthand?
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[1/3] You been feeling glum about anti-mutant hate groups lately?
[2/3] Ruminating on how it'd be better if something unhappy happened to them?
[3/3] Anything you think your bff the universe might want to make better for you?
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Cece says I need to go tie-shopping with you. My ladybird agrees.
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To: [Jewel], [Arthur]
From: [A Frost]

Subject X-Factor Investigations

I don't know if either of you have had cause to discover this yet, but there's a meeting room here in the mansion with X-Factor Investigations on the door. I've got all the financials on a drive I can access on my computer. It would appear that the three of us work for XFI in this universe. It looks like the room is our office. (I vote we rectify this and get an actual storefront asap.)

And we work with a woman named Barbara Morse. Either of you heard of her? Apparently she's out of town on a job right now. (At least according to the expense claims she's filing. She'd better be on a job.)

Hope the two of you are holding up well in the wake of everything that's going on.



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