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(1/3) just so you know if you ever have sex w a demon i will fight for you and i will win
(2/3) this is not permission to have sex w a demon. bc i will also fight you too and i will also win that
(3/3) 💖
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what are we doing for halloween???
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[1/3] dude dude dude i learned the coolest thing tonight
[2/3] your not gonna believe it omg
[3/3] you know what a grilled cheez is right?
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this week sucked. wyd tonight
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To: [frosty], [spidey]
From: [glowy]

Subject: I finally did it!

I talked to Mr. Summers yesterday and Dad emailed him with his permission and guess what? I'm on the team! I'm a brand new baby X-Man!
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hey what happened u ok???

sent 15 minutes later:

text me back. just let me know youre ok please.

sent 10 minutes after the last:

bobby come on this isnt funny
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(1/2) hey gabo thx for taking me and bobby to pride today. it was kind of awesome to be in public together liek that
(2/2) i still dont get what the deal is with intactivists or why they march at the end of the parade
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(1/2) you up?
(2/2) sorry always wanted an excuse to text that ❤️
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Hey you seen Miles lately? He said he had a thing at your mansion yesterday but he hasn't texted me since then. Thought you mightve seen him.
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yo party in my dorm tmrw. come! we'll wingman each other
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To: [Super Awesome Team!]
From: Rogue
Re: You guys are amazing!!!!!

Hey you three peeps,

I just wanted to let you know how unbelievably proud I am of this whole thing. You guys stepped up to the plate when you didn't have to.

I know it's scary sometimes (even if you've had like tons of experience doing your own thing and/or danger room sessions with Kane) but I'm really just so so excited for you all because this is just the first of many life-threatening situations.

Molly, honey, I could hear you puking all the way in my room. If you need Disney and cuddles, let me know.

Bobby, high fives big guy! The way you kicked ass - I was impressed. I thought to my self 'self, that's one amazing popsicle.'

Johnny, I barely know you buddy but hey, extending the love anyways.

Pizza party is on me, kiddos! Just let me know when!


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To: [iceman]
From: [spectrum]

Subject: Totally late notice...

Yo, dude! Bayville prom is tomorrow night and I WAS planning to go with a group, but then everyone had to go and get dates and long story short, do you want to go? With me? As friends? I totally get that it's incredibly late notice, but I'll make it up to you.

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...what was clearly designed as a birthday cake (adorned with icing balloons and gift boxes on top) but with no birthday message on it, and a stack of some of his favourite graphic novels beside them.
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[1/3] dude I hate to be a pain in the ass but I'm broke af and I wanna get Miles something to cheer him up
[2/3] like maybe a cake or something idk? he likes star wars n shit too, maybe I can get him a book or w/e
[3/3] he's sad and I just want to cheer him up. idk. I'm gonna get a job n I'll pay u bk, promise
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(2/2) have you girls been into see manhattan yet? Bobby and I will show you around! Saturday y/y?
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dude my computer is acting up or some shit.


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