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 From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Kane, Garrison; Summers, Scott
Subject: Qunbula showed up again - possible

Qunbula possibly blew up Salina's dad's car. Luckily no one was hurt, but I'm heading to Pine Ridge to get my mom of the grid and stay with her for a bit till we know more. 

I've asked Clarice to take me and at the Claremont they think it's an family emergency. 



 From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: [medlab]
Subject: Away

So sorry to leave you high and dry, but I'm heading to Pine Ridge for a family emergency. I don't know when I'll be back yet. 


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To: [Wanda Maximoff] [Amanda] [Haller]
From: [Dr. Cecilia Reyes]
Subject: Help.

I had already been thinking about this, but Xavin's question just made it even more pressing. I'm no psychologist, but we need a way to explain whatever happened to Quentin to some of the younger people that happen to live here. As far as some of them know, their friend or roommate disappeared. But we're not suave adults, and I'm sure some of them are catching bits and pieces of whatever it was that happened, exactly.

I'm sure none of you are in a position to deal with this emotionally, and I'm sensitive to that, but none of this is in a realm that I'm capable of understanding, and so I can't figure this out on my own.

I'm happy — probably happier — to talk this out in person.
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Reyes, Cecillia; Ferguson, Clarice; Grey, Jean; Collins, Laurie 
Subject: Afraid you'll have to miss me this summer... 


Hope this is not gonna be a problem this summer, but after a long assessment last week I've been admitted to a nurse-to-paramedic bridge program in NYC. Between my shifts at the Claremont and the schooling my time in the medlab is going to be tight.  

I'll start riding as an EMT-B for a few weeks, since they want to double check if I am up to date on my alphabet soup (ACLS, BTLS, TNCC, PALS, ECRN and even my CEN... Like the Claremont would let me work if those were not up to date).

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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Reyes, Cecilia
Subject: Can you miss me next week in the Medlab? 

Hi Cece, 

Wanted to check in with you if you could miss me next week in the Medlab. Between my shifts at the Claremont and the assessment that I have for the Nurse to Paramedic program my time is pretty tight. Since my 'experience' is so spread out, they want to me to do some practical tests as well. 

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Would you mind taking my shift for tonight? Got back from a mission and it was a little rough. Also, coincidentally, would you be able to write me a prescription for a couple of days worth of ketorolac?
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Grey, Jean; Ferguson, Clarice; Reyes, Cecila; Collins, Laurie
Subject: A thought I had...

Just an idea I wanted to float by you gals... In Rapid City I've taught the Certified First Responder course a couple time and in the army as a medic I was responsible for the Combat Lifesaver training. How about combining some elements from these two into an advanced first aid course?

I've been thinking about this of and on ever since that whole bus thing last year where the Cho kid ended up doing an emergency tracheotomy from a video... Not that I want to teach them that, but folks here seem to get stuck in in the mud a lot.


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Garrison is working out some stress right now, so we're gonna have to postpone the rgular training session for today. From the sounds of it the Dangerroom is going to be tied up for the best part of the day.
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To: [Scott Summers]
From: [Cecilia Reyes]
Subj: (no subject)

Did you know?
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To: [Haller]
From: [Cecilia Reyes]
Subj: Oops.


So sorry to find out I forgot your birthday! To make it up to you, lunch is on me for our next sit-in-silence-and-make-no-pretense-at-socialization appointment.

Belated happy birthday,

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To: [Sharon Friedlander]
From: [Dr. Cecilia Reyes]
Subj: Hey.


I don't know that I said this yet or if anyone said this, but I don't remember hearing it in the midst of everything that was going on. So:

Your instincts in the field with Julian were spot on. If you hadn't done what you'd done, he'd be dead.

Trauma surgeon to trauma nurse: Glad to have you on our team.

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(1/2) Still on for lunch?
(2/2) Because IDK if you realized this when we made these plans but Valentine's Day
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[1/3] Turns out I'm not at all a businessman lol
[2/3] But srsly I let my loveable nature get the best of me
[3/3] Warren is going to kill me
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Left In The Medlab Mid to Late Day


The happiest of birthdays to you. I know things haven't been easy, but you bring you me joy all the time!!! I'm concentrating and meditating and making that one scrunched up face you tease me about to send all of my luck your way today. Let me know what happens, or if you're elected president, or if you find a dollar or something.

If nothing happens, I left a surprise for you in the fridge here where you hide your lunch but swear there is actual supplies. If something happens, you probably want to check the fridge anyway.

~ A

Left In the Fridge )
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(2/2) Thank you SO much.
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A package containing a new stethoscope and a second box for a 'vineyard days' stethoscope cover. There's a note attached to the first box that says, "Happy Birthday, Cece. Dinner's on me. -WWW"
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any chance I can convince you to take care of the dog tonight/tomorrow? I'll owe you a favor.


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