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I know this was you. Touché.

Email to XF

Oct. 3rd, 2018 09:00 am
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To: [Everyone]
From: [Clea]
Subject: Reminder

Hello Artie, Amanda, Marie-Ange, Doug, North, Wanda, Jubliee, Felicia, Nina, Kevin, and Gabriel

This is a reminder that I will be out of office for the rest of the week starting tomorrow and that you all have an hour a day at the front desk. You all agreed and there are no take backies. The schedules can be found on the calendar.

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Inside Clea's suite, a large box containing various English snack food, plus some kitty-type treats. A note on top reads:

Happy belated, kiddo. Sorry for the delay, but I had to rely on delivery instead of getting it myself. Don't eat yourself sick. ;) - A
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This t-shirt, with a simple card attached. Written in the card:

Sorry it's a day late, but happy birthday kid. -Topaz
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[1/1] Where'd you guys get to. I thought we were gonna do movies?
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To: [magic brigade]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: All hands on deck

Topaz was just by and let me know there seems to be something amiss magically with some of the mansion folks - Hope, Callisto and Tandy are all down in medlab with weird 'illnesses' and when Tandy was hit, Topaz felt some magic. So, it's to the books we go - if you're up for helping, it'd be a great help. We'll be in the library that's been set up in the chapel.

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I am sorry that we didn't get to go to the movies last night. Wanna try again this weekend?

Group Text

May. 7th, 2018 10:39 am
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Text to: Steve, Rahne, Maya, Nica, Miles, and Xavin

1/2 Nica's birthay is this week. We should all do something together!
2/2 Nica what do you want to do?
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[1/3] I know we're kinda stuck till the weekend.
[2/3] But, let's do something far away from electronics?
[3/3] Doesn't have to be far away. Just. No computers?

Txt to Doug

Apr. 7th, 2018 09:29 pm
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1/4 Hi. It's me, your front desk girl. Clea. I have a small favor.

2/4 While we were in the game, there was a girl named Gracie that we teamed up way in the beginning of it all. I caught bits of her gamertag, lilcookiemunster. And something with numbers at the end.

3/4 Can you find her for me? An email would be fine. I am worried. Her entire party died, including her boyfriend. I can't stop thinking about her since we got out of the game.

4/4 Please.
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Various T-shirts with Magic Team Awesome on them over a runic pattern.

Pattern )
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To: [Magic Team Awesome]
From: [Strange, Stephen]

Subject: Go us!

So, since I mean we kinda saved people and were generally awesome I thought that maybe we should commemorate this!

So...I got us T-shirts made up! I had to guess your sizes, but the people said if they don't fit to let them know and we can get proper ones made up. I left them in a box in the classroom so we can all go pick them up!
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1/4 - Sorry I missed your text, kiddo. It's been a Week.

2/4 - Same intensity of dream as before? Same realism? Or regular nightmares?

3/4 - The Ancient One promised he'd made sure there couldn't be any more portals from the DD.

4/4 - I'll go check with him. And try for some answers generally.
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I am starting to dream about the city again. Should we worry?
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So. I got caught again. I have two essay to write by Monday. I am so going to miss comic con. This is the worst week ever!
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From [Xavin]
To [Clea]
Subject [all ok?]


I had to run because I've got that stupid 8am lab class and then work and stuff every day so I like, haven't seen you.


Everything okay? It sounds like you're waking up screaming the last few nights or you're sleeping on the couch and it's kind of worrying me. And I thought I had a red bull problem but yours is worse.

So. Everything okay? Can I do anything to help?

PS, bringing the leftover cake home tonight.

- X
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I need to borrow your notes for history. I also got detention because I accidentally dozed off again. Not my fault he is the first class of the day.
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So, feel like painting to town red birthday girl?

Chance to relax after the start of school and for me to spoil you rotten ;)


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