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(1/3) Are you drinking somewhere
(2/3) Because I'm drinking somewhere
(3/3) We can drink somewhere together and ogle boys
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[1]  Found your number on the school network, I need a quick primer on this Limbo place and hear you’re who to ask.
[2] How likely is it for someone to come back fucked up and is this treatable or are we just going to have to put them down behind the barn or something?
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I've always been lucky, so on the chance you still check this email. I need a favor.


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(1/5) What. The. Actual Fuck.
(2/5) Did you know Wilson left me fucking money?
(3/5) Which he told me in a fucking note by the way
(4/5) Probably because he knew how'd pissed I'd be
(5/5) That fucking idiot
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[1/4] Fi, I swear to God someone owes me something for this.
[2/4] This filing system is the worst.
[3/4] I'm not sure what the UK Public Service does well, but filing isn't it.
[3/3] Does Harrod's have a cocktail bar? I need a cocktail.
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(1/1) Who wants to break into a government building in London and get a copy of my child protection files from archives?
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[1] See, aren't you glad I made you take the afternoon off for that day we're apparently avoiding
[2] Hurry back
[3) img.jpg
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[1] He was nice to me once or twice and feelings are terrible can we go drink
[2] That's not a question you can tell by the lack of punctuation
[3] Yes I already started 
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[1] I am returning that useless paperweight of a camera and getting myself something else

[2] Like possibly a car or a small diamond

[3] Face Blowing a Kiss on Apple Face Blowing a Kiss on Apple Face Blowing a Kiss on Apple
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[1] What would it cost to keep me from sloppy drinking alone tomorrow and is no questions or FEELINGS extra?
[2] Asking for a friend
[3] With benefits
[4] Fuck ignore that last part emoting makes me dumb

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[1/6] Hoo boy, you two are missing out on some stuff.
[2/6] Like, dead-not-dead oops living in somebody else's brain
[3/6] type stuff. I'm kinda jealous about your trip to Kiev.
[4/6] But then, I ship it, so like. NORLICIA 5EVAAAAAAAAAA
[5/6] Or Felorth? I can't decide which one I like better.
[6/6] Opinions?
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To: [Fi]
From: [War]

I'm laying here listening to our song without any pants on.

Why, do you ask?

Because Bobbi SUCKS and she hid all my leather pants and how the hell am I supposed to strut to OUR SONG without leather pants on??

She also doesn't make fun of my penis like you do. It's such a turn off.

When are you back already???

I've eaten way too much "I miss you" ice cream. This has to stop. For the sake of my body, come back already.

ps: I'm super high. Like high enough to grow a cape. Pretty awesome.
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Revenge! Tell me you didn't get silly stringed like I just did?
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A card is provided saying the following:

I drank away Valentine's Day and therefore spent copious amounts of money, just for you and whoever else I remembered. Much love, W.

PS: You're actually my favourite.

A small box accompanies with jewelry from Tiffany's )
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To: [Staff All]
From: [Felicia Hardy]
Subject: Holiday

I now owe my mother a favor, so you better appreciate how much I love holidays and/or you all. She has a client with a permanent residence at Hermitage Club in Vermont and we can have it for an long weekend while he's in Somewhere I Stopped Listening. Leave Thursday night, come back Sunday night/Monday morning.

It's east coast snow which I hear is sub par but it's a free ski lodge and they have booze and I can wear sweaters and leggings all weekend so I don't care.

Book your own flights for security reasons blahblahblah bill someone that isn't me, you know the drill.


PS Yes, you're all going. Again, I don't care.
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(1)Do me a favour, and leak to the press that I had penis reduction surgery, and will be in the Bahamas recovering for the next six weeks. Doctors are hopeful that without the sheer massive dong between my legs, I'll be able to dance once again but they make no promises.

(2) Or however you want to word it. Make sure it's penis reduction though, not penis enlargement.

(3) <3

(4) Oh, and tell my parents the same story.
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[1] Happy Thanksgiving, babe

[2] Saw you briefly but didn't get to say. Thankful we ended up in the same place again.

[3] Date not date soon; dinner dancing pillow fort?


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