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[1/2] We found your team.
[2/2] Here.  You're welcome.  ~C
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[1/3] Things are wrapping up here. I hope you appreciate this.
[2/3] We had just found the most amazing dress when you called.
[3/3] We will hold you to our deal. 
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[1/2] J, We/I need to speak with you about something critical. No rush. Not time constricted. You pick the place. I've talked myself into so many circles recently I don't trust my own room anymore. Just make sure it's 100% secure. Nobody but you can know.
[2/2] There's something I think you deserve to know. PS: Bring your violin.
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[1/2] Thanks for the funding. It's been put towards a good cause.
[2/2] Maybe one day you'll even find out what. ~C
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-One bottle of 2012 Peter Michael Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Au Paradis

-One chess set already arranged, with white and black glass pieces cut and etched to mirror the faceting of diamond. Black is positioned towards Emma's chair. White king's pawn has been moved to e4. A note on the board in calligraphic cursive reads:

Black to play. Leave the note on our door. 1. e4 --
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Birthday presents for the Cuckoos - each with cards signed either by Marie-Ange or Doug

To: Sophie Cuckoo

A very very high quality espresso machine (with milk steamer, grinder, all that good stuff) and several months of beans and syrups and fancy sugars and some very nice coffee cups.

To: Irma Cuckoo

Very beautiful and sturdy Japanese-style rice paper room dividers with watercolour illustrations of maple trees in the autumn

To: Esme Cuckoo

A really very high quality keyboard, recording software, good headphones, a stand and a bench.

To: Phoebe Cuckoo

A signed Dallas Stars Jersey for Jason Spezza (and a very neatly printed apology note from Doug saying that he had to snoop on the girls' internet browsing to figure out what teams/players Phoebe followed)

To: Celeste Cuckoo

Several gift certificates to boutiques and shoe shops in NYC.
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To: [Frost, Emma], [Abbott, Hope], [Szardos, Meggan], [Topaz], [Kinross-Dayspring, Rachel], [Cuckoo, Sophie / Phoebe / Irma / Celeste / Esme ], [Quire, Quentin], [Grey, Jean]
From: [Haller, David]

The professor is cutting his trip short and will be back tomorrow morning. He'd like to take a look at us all to make sure there aren't any long-term effects. If you feel like there's something acutely wrong please let myself or Emma know and report to the Medlab immediately.


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