[identity profile] x-forge.livejournal.com
To: [Angelo], [Doug], [Jono], [Mark], [Marius]
cc: [Kevin], [Jay], [John]
From: [Forge]

As mentioned before, it's guys-night-out tomorrow. For those who are of drinking age, the first round is on me. For those who aren't, you are on your own and I for one am not going to be questioning the validity of any identification you happen to carry on you. Jono's graciously volunteered to drive - you can drive a stick shift, right?

I'd say we should implement the "be an emo-muppet, take a shot" rule the girls have, but it's no fun when Jono has to drive, and I think it could be fatal to Kevin - who needs to come along whether you're feeling social or not, ex-convict lad.

8pm tomorrow, the garage.

[identity profile] x-skin.livejournal.com
To: [Jono]
From: [Angelo]

A word with you. Find me in the gym.

[identity profile] x-foliate.livejournal.com
To: [Starsmore, Jono]
From: [Guthrie, Paige]
Let's go )
[identity profile] x-sparky.livejournal.com
To: Paige
From: Jono

Any chance I could bribe you into borrowing one of those fancy cars in the garage and you and me going out for a drive? I'm told it's nice weather for it.
[identity profile] x-penance.livejournal.com
To: [mr. jono]
From: [yvette]

Dear Mr. Jono,

Thank you for to be helping me, when I am talking to my mother. It was to be making it easier to be brave when you are being there with me. I am sorry my mother was to be rude. She was being surprised and angry. She is not always this way. She is being the much more calm now.


[identity profile] x-cypher.livejournal.com
To: [master of multiple mayhem], [can of atomic whoopass], [thoracic furnace]
From: [the ghost in the machine]

Subject: Your mission, should you choose to accept it... )

To: [low man on the genius pole], [handjob], [toilet breath], [stuffed and mounted]
From: [the ghost in the machine]

Subject: RUN. )
[identity profile] x-cable.livejournal.com
To: Jack
From: Nathan
Subject: quick trip out west )


To: Starsmore, Jonothan
From: Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: away this weekend )


To: [precog #2]
From: [precog #1]
Subject: me vanishing and all )


To: [shiny one]
From: [grumpy one]
Subject: Miles and my bird )


To: Paul
From: Nate
Subject: Bella... )


To: Pete
From: Nate
Subject: just so you know... )
[identity profile] x-cable.livejournal.com
To: [limpy the lightbug]
From: [big mean merc]
Subject: really interesting dream...

I think you're going to want to 'see' this one... )

To: Starsmore, Jonothan
From: Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: that offer...

That offer... )
[identity profile] x-cable.livejournal.com
(OOC: Sent Wednesday morning)

To: Espinosa, Angelo; Guthrie, Paige; Starsmore, Jonothan; Ferguson, Clarice
From: Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: that email

Wanted to let you know... )
[identity profile] x-shinobi.livejournal.com
To: Sefton, Amanda; Espinosa, Angelo; Starsmore, Jono
From: Shaw, Shinobi
Subject: Thank you. )

To: Lee, Jubilation; Rasputina, Illyana
From: Shaw, Shinobi
Subject: For what it's worth.. )


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