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[1/4] Finally made it back? Took you long enough.
[2/4] I bet Kyle that Domino was gonna kick you in the junk.
[3/4] Just sayin'
[4/4] Help a girl out, it's like, a whole ten bucks.
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(1/3) Oh I forgot to mention
(2/3) I took some of your booze while you were gone
(3/3) Not paying you back.
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[KS] - Gabe. I need help. ASAP! *tracker enabled*
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I've always been lucky, so on the chance you still check this email. I need a favor.


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Look, this is going to sound a little nuts, but I ran a COINOP back in '65 here in New York against a SOVIET asset named HELIOS. Look, I know it was forever ago and the chances of any connection are remote but... well, just in case, can you look for a current residence for Dorothy Smith. She'll have been in New York since 1981 but will have no footprint before then. Actually, she'll likely have next to no imprint now. I mean, she's probably dead. She's ten years older than I am.

Just... see if you can dig up an address if she's still alive. It's remotely possible that some kind of intel is connected, like the Sapiens League dug up some old files or a related cache or something. When it turns out to be nothing, you can laugh at me over Eggs Benedict at Norma's in the Parker Meridian on me.

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Dude. If the offer is still open, I'm open for you curling my toes.
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I am very drunk, and all my drinking buddies have real jobs (or worse, actual date plans) and are begging out. Where can I meet you?
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One decently sized slice of cake in a Tupperware container, and a note that's mostly legible:

No sex for me, but I thought you shouldn't miss out on the cake. -A
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To: [sydney]
From: [gabriel]
Subj: Aha!

Well, this explains your stance on flip flops: https://twitter.com/HistoryInPix/status/890646478989004801

Don't tell me this isn't true. I'm going to be staring at your shoelaces until the end of time.
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to: SVM - All Staff
from: Sydney, Kevin

I just got off the phone with my contact in South Africa. The mutates are going home via a converted cargo container. Cammie and Amanda are going to play nursemaid until the ship off-loads in Genosha. I've got a source in the American embassy there who is going to take charge of 'finding'them and getting them back to the right government group. I've got an old network there that they're going to try re-activate while there.

And with that, I'm off for my traditional holiday alcohol binge and the attentions of a financially persuadable young woman named Noelle. Enjoy your holidays.

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You get anything off of it yet? The power on it is only good for 48 hours? Also, did you steal the cigars off that guy's desk? I swear I can smell a Monte Cristo out here.
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[1]Kane wants to see us at the Biltmore.
[2]Do not wear your 'Fuck You Cleveland' shirt.
[3]In fact, burn that shirt before you meet me.
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to: [Domino]
from: [Changeling]

Dom, I'm going to kill you. My fucking phone hasn't stopped buzzing with requests!
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Sending something your way - think it could be helpful.
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I need your hat. The one from the pub Friday. I'll return it.


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