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To: [Those with reason to care]
From: [Taking the easy way out]
Subject: Anticipating a new arrival

So my father called to inform me my half-sister shall be arriving shortly.

Whilst in the past I have found her quite an amusing individual to whom I literally owe my life, I took the precaution of glancing through social media and have identified certain . . . differences. This comes directly on the heels of notice that Wanda, who as of this morning I had been given reason to mourn, shall be arriving shortly.

With all due respect to the fabric of reality, I think that is quite enough for me.

Tomorrow I shall, if you will excuse my language, be fucking off to (one of) the family home(s) in Brisbane. Having ascertained we do indeed own the usual property, I extend to all an invitation to join me. My mother, heartless capitalist though she is, remains a wealthy heartless capitalist and has consented to pay the way for any who wish to join me. So Jen, if you feel so inclined to extend your impromptu vacation, I more than welcome you to exercise your right as a small business owner and do so.

I apologise for the abruptness of this announcement. However, I confess that I would like to see my parents. I am as surprised as anyone. Nonetheless, there it is. It will allow me time to get some things straight as well, which already looks to be rather necessary.

If you would like to join me in my shameless retreat from reality please do not hesitate to contact me, either now or on some future date. Consider it an open invitation.

In the meantime, I shall be packing.

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To: [People I Went Through Hell With]
From: [A Frost]

Subject: wtf?

There is a Yale sweatshirt in Kane's suite. He assures me it doesn't belong to his bit on the side. I was looking at my CV (SHUT UP IT SEEMED LIKE THE BEST PLACE TO GO TO FIGURE OUT WHERE THE FUCK I FIT IN HERE OKAY?!) and apparently I went to Yale. Instead of Harvard.


I feel so dirty.


I also have a business empire again, apparently. But instead of 64 Square it's called Meridian Enterprises. It does PR in addition to fashion design and has different branches of management for models, musicians, and... athletes? Wow. A multi-faceted agency. Go me.

Anyone else find differences in their own lives now? Other than Cece's dog?
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Favour. Need a donation. Down in Medlab.
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You are amazing and I am dead. Seriously man, bravo.
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To: [Kyle]
CC: [Jennie]
From: [Marius]
Subject: A shamefully delayed word about one of your students A shamefully delayed word about one of your students )
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To: [Laverne, Marius]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Favor


I was wondering if you could help me out with your mutant mojo. We have a new student that has displayed a vague amount of psychic ability but we're having trouble narrowing it down to what those abilities might be. Do you mind taking a look?

I will buy you a case of Gatorade for the trouble. Or a beer. Your choice.

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A lovely post-mission gift basket containing flowers, hand sanitizer, and a box of mustachioed cupcakes.
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A large bottle of Polish vodka with the following handwritten note:

Laura -

I would like to apologise for my behaviour last night, including but not limited to:

1) Jumping you;
2a) Biting you in a borderline non-erotic manner;
2b) Biting you in a decidedly non-erotic manner;
3) Shoving you;
4) Terminating the encounter with a swift exit through the window rather than, say, verbal explanation.

Number 1 was quite enjoyable. 2a was, in itself, not entirely without its charms. However, 2b through 4 were undeniably rude. Clearly my mind was not functioning at fullest capacity, which, admittedly, is something of a chronic problem. Nonetheless, it is my hope the ridiculously illegal alcohol content of this vodka will convey my sincerest apologies.

- Marius
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Copies of this left for Marius and Laurie, or handed to them personally.

Kyle Gibney hereby transfers the debt of one free lunch owed to him by Laurie Collins to Marius Laverne.
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Left by Yvette's bedside: Bouquette of flowers in a vase.

Left outside Angel's door: Basket of fizzy bathsalts.

Left outside Paige's door: A note reading "Congratulations on avoiding the Medlab. In the event of future injury, please use the enclosed." and a plastic pouch marked 'Medical Waste'.
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To: Laverne, Marius
From: Rasputin, Illyana
Subject: Insurance

If I don't get my cookies within 48 hours, this ) is going to be my default icon forever.


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To: [Privileged Enough for a Personal Bunker]
From: [The Baffled and Vulnerable]
Subject: And all the world is gone mad

I return from a restful weekend in the curiously unpopular outside world and find the journal system straining beneath the weight of mass psychosis. Or at least that portion of it allotted to Laurie's post, the replies of which I ceased to read halfway through in fear of my sanity. From that brief perusal I have gathered:

1) Laurie continues to dislike drinking.
2) All others continue to dislike Laurie's dislike of drinking.
3) Jen and Amanda dislike one another for reasons unknown to me and, apparently, Jen, although Amanda appears to have given the matter a bit more thought.
4) Everyone has far too much free time.

Have I missed anything?
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to: [M]
from: [J]

Okay. What the hell? When did he wake up? Why the FUCK weren't we told?

Did you think he didn't want us told?

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to: [Midterm boy]
from: [Procrastinating girl]

Hey! Look at me being totally responsible and NOT calling Angelo out on his FLAMING DOUBLE STANDARD. Because it's okay for him to go off on Laurie for something relatively harmless because he has "trauma" and when I get mad at Amanda Laurie for a legitimate reason? He threatens to tell on me to Fearless Leader.

I would say something, but I'm going to sit this one out. Mostly because I lack the freaking time to care.

On that note. You are coming to the show, right? I think I've convinced the rest of the boys to come on the basis that it's as close as they'll ever get to seeing me naked. My costume does not leave much to the imagination. -. -
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To: [The fox]
From: [Happily not a hound]
Subject: Well well

Jen appears to have gotten over her case of involuntary Canine, so I assume the same already applies to yourself, or shall shortly. So, whilst not to obviate the invaluable lesson we have all surely learned about the Importance of Avoiding Certain Comments, but as your mate I am compelled to ask: a fox? Truly?
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to: [The Australian] [The American] [The Texan]
from: [El Mexicanidad]

So it seems I have gotten some chocolate today. Unsigned. Did any of you happen to see/hear anything?
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[To]The hopeless
[From] Wings
[Subject] Valentine's Day

Please tell me you have plans. Ororo gave me an awesome plant for Kevin. I reckon you should go see her if you're idealess. And if you do have plans, aside from Terry, curious minds want to KNOW because I'm always the last to find out anything. And it sucks.

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To: [Sly dog]
From: [Capable of basic math]
Subject: Just tell me this

It is Crystal, isn't it?

Nice one, mate!
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Was kidnapped yesterday. Me Wanda and Domino. Broke probablilty. Better now. V unamused. Will say more when get home.


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