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im stayn @ the condo on fri night, u n?
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To: [One-G], [Two-G]
From: [Matt]
Subject: filing and things


While I appreciate all you do, did one of you put away the books I had out? With all the notes and tabs still in them I hope? Please find them.

Also, did anyone order that law book I requested? And coffee. We all need more coffee. Steal it from Warren.

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Wanna go out tonight and beat up bad people with me and Pete?
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Are you guys available? I need your help with something, vigilante style.
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(1/3) I remember the name Hanrahan now! He's the guy building the new condos near my house in Brooklyn
(2/3) Googled a bit and found he's building lots of apartments around the city, mostly Ft Greene, District X and Harlem
(3/3) Why would he have dirty cops selling weapons to FOH tho???
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Someone attacked Foggy. He's safe and pissed as hell, but can you look into this with me?
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To: [Kyle], [Ev], [Topaz], [Matt]
From: [Clint]
Subject: A team thing?

So I talked about a team type thing with Jennie a while back, but since we've been (accidentally sometimes) working together for a while now, what with Alaska and the fish people and the rage stick, I figured I'd toss the idea for a team thing to you guys, too. Fair warning: I kinda might've already tossed the idea at Julian what's his face. He didn't seem impressed, but he did say he'd maybe give us money.

I'm down for leather, but also figure it's not a prereq, like for the X-Men and everything. What do you guys think? Maybe it'd be worth it? I mean, at least then we could get paid for dealing with random science-y crap, ancient tech, and Asgardian baby WMDs. Yes? No? Maybe so?
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To: [Kyle], [Topaz], [Matt], [Ev]
From: [Clint]
Subject: [no subject]

the staffs offworld or at least i gave it to thor and todl him to keep it i'm really sorry about everything i have to go ice my ribs again now
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Just ran into Tasha. Anything I should know about?
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To: [Kyle], [Mols]
From: [Clint]
Subject: Wanna take a trip?

Hey guys -

So a friend of mine just called and asked me to check out a thing in Barrow, Alaska. That's where SHIELD sent me last year around this time-ish. He said I'd probably need a small team, so I figured I'd see if you guys were interested in tagging along. It's cold as balls, though, so be warned. I've got some extra awesome cold weather gear to share, if you want in. Let me know - I'm looking at heading northward tomorrow or the day after, depending. I've gotten word that the weather's not actually as bad as the NWA says it is, so.

- Clint

To: [bro]
From: [bro]
Subject: Dogsitting?

Looks like I gotta take a trip up to Barrow in the next couple days. Not sure how long I'm gonna be gone, but Tasha's coming with. Can you watch Lucky for me?
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To: [bro]
From: [bro]
Subject: Legal stuff?
Attachment: CBarton_Contract_Redacted.doc

Hey, I got this contract thing I need you to look over, make sure I'm not getting shafted or anything. I've already sent a tentative yes, cause the lady was all up in my business about only have 48 hours, but jeez. It's kinda secret-ish. A little bit. Basically, safe houses. So all the actual names and shiz are redacted (sorry) but can you check it over for me?
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we found him. he's safe he's ok he's here i'm with him i'm not leaving all weekend
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(1/3) I need your help
(2/3) you free tonight?
(3/3) brooklyn latin school, midnight
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[1/2] payin the dude 2 stp ferris wheel @ top
[2/2] y/n? bad cliche? oldschool chic?
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[1/4] hey so im getting decoration help sat
[2/4] from felicia 4 the new suite
[3/4] figured moving stuff after that would be good
[4/4] sun work for everybody?
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TXT to Jean:
ok whats the name of the restaurant again cos i might be lost

Group TXT to Jennie, Felicia, & Wanda:
[1/3] where the f am i going i got enough vodka to drown in
[2/3] & i cant find the damn restaurant
[3/3] somebody come find me or ill start drinking it all myself

TXT to NR:
[1/5] lost in little italy
[2/5] mostly willfully lost
[3/5] running out of vodka
[4/5] got reliable eyes on the ground in murrakech btw
[5/5] there was another thing i was gonna tell u

TXT to Matt:
u better b @ this thing 4 jean im bringing the good vodka
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got a txt frm andre family dinner not brkfst tmrw.


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