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To:  Gibney, Kyle
From: Sinclair, Rahne
Subject: I was going to wait..

Hi Kyle,

Every time I meant to email you, I talked myself out of it and then things are going sideways AGAIN at the mansion so I thought 'no, wait because things are going sideways AGAIN' but.

But maybe now's a good time at least to ask? Maybe if not start? 

Sorry, email babbling is the worst. I should be smart and, like, leave the mansion because this can't be normal and I've got so much more control over my powers. But. But this is my home and these are my friends and I don't want to leave.

So - idk, can you teach me stuff beyond what I'm learning in GenX?

I mean, I have a feeling it's going to be like 30% chasing you through the woods but like 70% Other Things that I need to know.


Group Text

May. 7th, 2018 10:39 am
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Text to: Steve, Rahne, Maya, Nica, Miles, and Xavin

1/2 Nica's birthay is this week. We should all do something together!
2/2 Nica what do you want to do?
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[1/3] I know we're kinda stuck till the weekend.
[2/3] But, let's do something far away from electronics?
[3/3] Doesn't have to be far away. Just. No computers?
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A card:

Happy birthday! I know this is really cliche, but I don't know, it's a good read. And I like reading about the arctic in the summer.

And a book )
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[1/2] Get dressed I'm kidnapping you and I won't take no for an answer!
[2/2] I'll be there in five minutes.
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A card with the text:

Hey lass,

Happy birthday! That the new year may bring you many good things.

When I was a bit older then you, learning about my faith and digging deeper was one of the things that made me very happy. Even now I still value very much what I learned. I hope these books will be of help to you when you feel the call to dig deeper yourself and that you may find the same happiness in it that I did.


PS. And every girl also needs something pretty!

A small package containing:

A large package, containing three books:

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1/3 I'm not going to be in the suite for a few days.
2/3 Decided to check out the woods
3/3 Talk to Wade if you need me.
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(2/2) have you girls been into see manhattan yet? Bobby and I will show you around! Saturday y/y?
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To: Xavin, Rahne
From: Kyle Gibney
Subject: Spring break

So while you guys are on Spring "Break" I'm going to head up to Alaska to help some folks with a thing.

It's kinda an X-thing but not really an X-thing. Anyway, you guys should be okay, cause I should be back before break's over but if I'm not, I left you guys some video lessons and assignments, and I trust you guys to handle some self-directed stuff, you're both pretty responsible. None of the videos involve Hamilton, I promise.

Also there's 20 bucks for pizza hidden in the SAT and PSAT prepbooks.



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