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(1/3) Thank you for your help with my attire, the wedding has been very enjoyable.
(2/3) It's difficult to explain but there was a murder at the venue prior to the wedding that threatened to disrupt it. Quentin and I managed to apprehend the culprit and turn him over to the police before the nuptials, however.
(3/3) Here's a picture of Quentin in the wedding party - I think he looks quite dashing.

[120118113.jpg attached]
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(1/6) Quentin has just invited me to accompany him to his cousin's wedding in a few week's time.
(2/6) It will be difficult to clear my experiments but I would very much like to attend so I will endeavour to do so.
(3/6) However, there is a slight issue - the dress code is suit and tie. My current suit was bought at the Burlington Coat Factor Big & Tall section.
(4/6) I have a feeling its quality leaves something to be desired to those who know anything about fashion. Quentin is one of those people.
(5/6) I'd prefer not to embarrass him in front of his family - or myself in front of him.
(6/6) All of which is a long-winded way of asking if you will help me find something suitable to wear. I have seen what you have picked out for Reed and know you have excellent taste.


Oct. 16th, 2018 10:31 pm
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So apparently I'm boss this week so...I dunno I think we're pretty good around here.

I dunno, this whole thinking up new rules is haaard. So the rule is say nice things about one another and make fun of Warren...wait that's everyday anyway, just better. Oh, and do your expense reports people so Lorna can reimburse you. and then we can all go to a spa day...or the girls can do a spa day at the end of the week and the boys can go umm what would you guys like to do?

Oh actually I know, the other rule for this week is no Chinese food! Every day a new cuisine lets try some Thai, Italian, Ethiopian.

TXT to Sue

Oct. 3rd, 2018 07:23 pm
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[1/4] The spies told me to check with you.
[2/4] Which I would have done anyway, oui?
[3/4] The model from my life drawing class. She has not been to the class in many days.
[4/4] You will help me find her, no?
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yo wtf is up with warren lately do u know???
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue; Bowen, Tandy; Keller, Julian; Worthington, Warren; Ramsey, Doug; Frost Emma 

Hi everyone, 

I wish to thank you all for your advice and recommendations in sorting out how I could get my new apartment in an LLC and engaging knowledgeable professionals. The LLC was officially registered last Wednesday and my first tenant is moving in tomorrow.  


Text to Sue

Aug. 7th, 2018 10:29 am
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(1) Hey, do me a favour? Next time you guys bang, can you do this for me?

(2) kama sutra position.jpg

(3) I don't think I'm bendy enough but it looks fun. Your guy is all stretchy, so if he says no, kick him the balls and find someone that will.

(4) Wait -- can he stretch his balls too?? WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE MORE?!?

Text to Sue

Jul. 9th, 2018 10:13 pm
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I could replicate this for you. You're the center of my universe.
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 From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue; Bowen, Tandy; Keller, Julian; Worthington, Warren; Ramsey, Doug

Hi everyone, 

Yesterday evening I came into the possession of a lovely apartment in the Upper East Side. Starting in September or so I hope to rent it out, but before I can do that I need a reputable real estate attorney, accountant and a property management firm. Among the things I want to do is create an LLC. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. 

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To: [Abbott, Hope]
From: [Storm, Sue] 

Subject: Ksavia

Hi Hope, 

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I've had my first meeting in Ksavia. Nothing's been decided but it's an interesting country for a factory at least if not a research centre, they asked me to pass on their wishes to you. 

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Summer means surfs up, brah... Where these East Coast waves at? If not...Costa Rica beckons :P

Txt to Sue

Apr. 11th, 2018 09:45 pm
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It was sibling day. When is pseudo sibling day? I want to treat you to a day out.
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 One package containing this dress with the following message.

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy this.


Txt to Sue

Dec. 27th, 2017 11:02 am
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(1) okay. the beard grooming set, I love it. Even though I don't think I'll be scruffy Warren again, still. Love it. The prank stuff, even better. Bobbi won't know what hit her. But a year's supply of florist coupons? As if I don't have a standing account with several, but thank you for the thoughts. I do have a lot to apologize for on a regular basis.

(2) Also, how are you even texting me when you have that TV to stare at?
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Storm, Sue
Subject:  Remember that strange gun I gave you? 


I need help. I've a guy after me with dangerous powers for me and the people around me. People here know, but I need something more on me... Remember that strange weapon I gave you after the Avengers stuff. Any chance you can reverse engineer it and make me something similar? 

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Note left on a package for Darcy.

I saw this and thought you might like it.

In the Package )

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To: [Science Bros]
From: [Rogue]
Re: help plz

Hey guys,

So we will definitely be needing that containment thing you guys were working on and two people to help out. Long story short -- we're making a move now, Sapien League wants to find this emerald before we do and that ain't happening.

We're moving out asap, anyone around and able to help? Lord knows none of us will work that containment thing properly, and we'll end up, I dunno, ripping a hole in the space time continuum or something equally ridiculous.



Text to Sue

Sep. 7th, 2017 03:05 pm
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Are you ready for this weekend? I'm thankful we're going to HQ, and not to Cape Canaveral...
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To: [Cho,Amadeus], [McCoy, Henry], [Richards, Reed],[Storm,Sue]
CC: [Lewis, Darcy], [Barton, Clint]

Subject: Let's do science to it.

Good evening everyone,

It appears that those of us in 'team insert name here' and X-Factor have found the thing making people sick recently.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot about these pendants that we can tell from simple observation and I'd much rather that you all have a chance to look at this thing before I make Kyle trying licking it.

If you'd all meet me down in the labs this afternoon, I'll give you the pendants and let you do your work.


Laurie Collins aka 'team to be named later' current resident MD.
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To: [XFI]
From: [Storm, Sue]

Subject: Update on Case #128930A

Hey all,

So I managed to trace back the first cases of the sickness Bobbi brought up in the hospital databases. I don't know if they've thought about cross referencing it yet, but I managed to get into all of the larger databases and it looks like hte first cases started showing up around the first of August. 

The weirdest thing I found, they don't seem to have had an epicentre of the epidemic. I think that's why it's proving so hard to lock them down, the first guy looks to have been a driver from Queens who works in Manhattan, the second case a housewife in New Jersey.

The kicker, the tests and interviews reveal they're both mutants, though she didn't know it till the event, but they only have minor powers. 

I've summarised what data I have and attached it to this email. The raw data is all stored in the server. 

I'll keep digging, see what else I can find.

~ Sue

Attached a word file: Summary of findings for case 128930A


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