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To: [The people Adrienne said are still the same]
From: [Someone who remembers nothing]

Right. So I'm sending this to everyone that Adrienne said should know, but if there's others, please pass it on.

I remember nothing. At all. I know something happened, and I know it was big. I had a few things explained to me by Scott, but I don't know the whole story and frankly, I don't know if I want to know the whole story.

All I know is that in my mind, I'm 19 again. It's been explained this isn't the case, that I'm closer to 30, that I have all these weird powers, and apparently I barely have an accent anymore. I'm actually pretty sad about that last one, although can I say, I have a rockin' bod for an almost 30 year old.

Anyways. If I'm supposed to remember you, please please please email me back and let me know what our relationship is like. I don't want to walk by you and have you get offended when that's the last thing I want.

I really just want to remember things and looks like that's not gonna happen for a while. I have to make new memories, even though I'm sure I liked my old ones :(

Bleh. I'm going to go and eat McDonald's. At least my love for that hasn't changed.

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To: [Those with reason to care]
From: [Taking the easy way out]
Subject: Anticipating a new arrival

So my father called to inform me my half-sister shall be arriving shortly.

Whilst in the past I have found her quite an amusing individual to whom I literally owe my life, I took the precaution of glancing through social media and have identified certain . . . differences. This comes directly on the heels of notice that Wanda, who as of this morning I had been given reason to mourn, shall be arriving shortly.

With all due respect to the fabric of reality, I think that is quite enough for me.

Tomorrow I shall, if you will excuse my language, be fucking off to (one of) the family home(s) in Brisbane. Having ascertained we do indeed own the usual property, I extend to all an invitation to join me. My mother, heartless capitalist though she is, remains a wealthy heartless capitalist and has consented to pay the way for any who wish to join me. So Jen, if you feel so inclined to extend your impromptu vacation, I more than welcome you to exercise your right as a small business owner and do so.

I apologise for the abruptness of this announcement. However, I confess that I would like to see my parents. I am as surprised as anyone. Nonetheless, there it is. It will allow me time to get some things straight as well, which already looks to be rather necessary.

If you would like to join me in my shameless retreat from reality please do not hesitate to contact me, either now or on some future date. Consider it an open invitation.

In the meantime, I shall be packing.

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To: [People I Went Through Hell With]
From: [A Frost]

Subject: wtf?

There is a Yale sweatshirt in Kane's suite. He assures me it doesn't belong to his bit on the side. I was looking at my CV (SHUT UP IT SEEMED LIKE THE BEST PLACE TO GO TO FIGURE OUT WHERE THE FUCK I FIT IN HERE OKAY?!) and apparently I went to Yale. Instead of Harvard.


I feel so dirty.


I also have a business empire again, apparently. But instead of 64 Square it's called Meridian Enterprises. It does PR in addition to fashion design and has different branches of management for models, musicians, and... athletes? Wow. A multi-faceted agency. Go me.

Anyone else find differences in their own lives now? Other than Cece's dog?
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To: [Flame-o My Good Hotman!]
cc: [[Korvus]]
From: [Fuzz-Butt]

Subject: Cover for me?

Hey Angel! Would you be able to cover my RA duties for me for a few days? Maybe a couple weeks? I think I need to sleep at my deli for the next little while. It keeps getting vandalized and I'm tired of replacing windows and cleaning spray-paint and toilet paper off everything.

Love you to death,

To: [Fred]
From: [Catseye]

Hi Fred! Would it be possible to hire you for some guard duty? My deli keeps getting vandalized at night. :( I'm gonna sleep there to try and stop it from happening, but I was hoping maybe a presence as imposing as yourself hanging around for a couple hours a night (maybe 10-1 or something like that?) might deter these anti-mutant jerks after a couple days. What do you think?

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To: [Korvus], [Matt], [Billy], [Frank], [Ty], [Johnny], [Namor]
From: [Clint]
Subject: Pizza & Games

So I need pizza topping preferences for you guys for Friday - we doing the same thing or changing it up? Also, if you've got any games from the last couple years you should bring them with. We've got some educating to do - I'm pretty sure Namor's never even heard of a PS3, Johnny probably doesn't know the classics, and Ty's just got some overall catching up that needs to happen. I'm hooking up the N64 so we can do some classic Mario Kart. Also, if you want something besides Coke or water to drink, you should bring it. Friday at 6, be there or we'll mock you until next week.

- Clint
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To: [Logan], [Korvus]
From: [Wade]
Subject: All grown up...

So our baby's all grown up and ready to go out into the world via the twisty, turny streets leading into the city. Which one of you wants shotgun for her inaugural drive?
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You free?  I got a wall needs a patch-up.  No hurry.




You might want to keep an eye on the new student, Frank.  Kid's got quite some rage boiling up in there and I've got a dent in my office wall to prove it.

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To: [Logan], [Rook'shir, Korvus]
From: [Wilson, Wade]
Subject: Found

Contact of mine found me a pretty little '69 Fastback that needs more than a new coat of paint. Figured you two oughta meet anyway and what's a better pastime than restoring classic cars? Ye or nay, my friends? I can have it dropped at the garage by Friday if we're all in.
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To: [Roomie}
From: [Roomie]


KorvusKorvusKorvus! I just had an idea and I don't know where you are! So the students here go back to school this week, right? And we're their RAs, right? Well I was thinking maybe at the end of the week when they've been back in classes for a couple days we could take them all out to eat? Have a sort of official Welcome Back and How Were Your First Couple Days and Introduction and This Is Who We Are You Can Come To Us If You Need Help Party? I was even thinking maybe we could make it a regular thing, like once a month or something? Just so we can check in with all of them about how they're doing? What do you think?
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Waiting just outside his room, Korvus will find three items, in a carefully wrapped box with festive blue ribbons carefully tied around it. A note is attached to the top. It reads:

“Happy birthday, Korvus! I hope you like the cuddly and sweet, good and wise White Knight/King Winnie the Pooh, and the Broadsword Umbrella. Just try not to whip out the wrong sword on a rainy day, because Nandaki wouldn’t be the best at keeping anybody shielded from a sudden downpour.


P.S.: I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t resist getting you the Cat Decision Maker, too, after that conversation I saw on the journals a while ago.
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To: [Korvus]
From: [Layla]
Subject: Kara

So you remember when you gave me that Kara bracelet as part of my secret Santa gift? You know how I used to wear it literally all the time? You remember that time a totally fucked up crazy country kidnapped us all from a protest and we showed up without our clothes? Guess what else didn't show up? So...I dunno if there are like cheap knock offs vs like good ones or whatever. Can you help me find somewhere to get a replacement from? Or maybe wherever you got the first one from?

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To: [Catseye]
From: [Rook'shir, Korvus]
Subject: Our Conversation on the Journal


I am sorry but I am unfamiliar with the idiom 'touched a nerve.' I assume it means I engaged an already present feeling. If you were previously busy but no longer are, perhaps the amount of time you now have unoccupied has induced loneliness. While the mansion residents have been very welcoming, and I am very fortunate, I am also lonely at times. You seem to be one of the individuals here most familiar with culture shock and the resulting adjustment period. I would be amenable to spending more time with you if that would suit you as well.

Sincerest Regards,
Korvus Rook'shir.
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To: [Blue], [Korvus], [Monkey]
From: [Trouble]

Subject: Operation: Birthday Dinner Is Go

Just a reminder, the Broomstick and I will be at the mansion around five to pick you lot up for Meg's birthday dinner. Wear something nice but comfortable - I found this brilliant Indian place and I have a feeling we'll all need to loosen our belts by the end!



Oct. 19th, 2011 10:45 pm
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To: [Szardos, Meggan], [Rook'shir, Korvus], [Murdock, Matt], [Hayes, Molly], [Maddocks, Artie]
CC: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
From: [Wilson, Wade]
Subject: This weekend...

Hey, so, I thought it might be fun for me to kidnap all of you and drag you into the city for a movie and some pizza. We've got some options on timing and everything, so just let me know if you're interested. For reference, I've asked Marie-Ange to come along just for fun. Minion #2, I know you might have other plans, so no pressure, just let me know. Trip's on me and stuff, but picking the movie's on you guys.

- Wade
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To: Korvus
From: Meggan
Subject: Matching!

I promised I would let you know my homecoming dress color, so you could match, once I found it. It’s purple. Very light purple, not dark purple, if that makes even a little bit of difference for what you’re wearing. There’s a tiny silverish trim around the edges.


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