TXT To Roxy

Jun. 6th, 2015 10:23 am
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(1/3) Just finished Dr. Who S1. I don't know what I was expecting...
(2/3) But it wasn't that. Do you have the second season?
(3/3) Please? <3 That was really good.
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to: [miles weird old dude friend]
from: [bling]

hey u work 4 the detectives right?

there's this fox in chernobyl that was filmed making a sandwich n im worried it might b a mutant shapeshifter. i no its not likely but i cant stop thinking about it.

my rents said i could hire a detective 2 go check it out. could u go? or get some1 from yer agency or whatever 2 go

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dude did u see ontd just now???? wtf alison blaire? hope its not rehab. not a big fan of her music but that would suck.
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To: [Mama], [Daddy]
Subject: Arrived safe

Dearest Darlingest Momsie and Popsicle,

There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz...

No, seriously. This place is totally Shiz-like! There's no goat teacher, but some of the people here aren't too different, mutation-wise. And there are even magic classes! For people with magic mutations, I mean. Not for me. I promise. I'm not doing anything dangerous.

I miss you guys, though! And the cats. I really miss the cats. Can I get a cat? Or two? So they can keep each other company? Lots of people have cats so it wouldn't be special treatment or anything.
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Blind Item:

A certain 16 year old rock princess is turning 17 today. According to sources, she’s spending it with her female lover, hiding away after brutally attacking paparazzi a few months ago. Does she really think we’ll forget her disgusting actions? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re not meant to take out an eye. Register her already!

Gossip website:

Roxy Washington is now officially 17. Daddy Libido and Sexy Mutha must be so disappointed that they can’t go all out for their little girl. Not since she went all mutant on them, putting several media members in the hospital for disfiguring injuries. I mean, really – it’s bad enough that she’s kissing girls, but to be a mutant too? Double whammy. Too bad …I was looking forward to her 19th birthday. Who cares now, amirite?


Who do you think you’re fooling, Roxy? 17 years old today and no one’s seen you in weeks. Word is you’ve been sent off to a convent to deal with your lady lovin’ issues, but what convent would take a mutant too? All I know is someone’s gotta take control here. Can’t have a dangerous weapon giving concerts for kids. Is there a cure already?!


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