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To: Roommate McShinybutt
From: Roommate McBoombutt
Subject: As you're the only one who'll notice

My grandma is sick. Like, REAL sick. I'm going home. Probably won't be back any time soon, what with the complications of school transfer and all. If anyone asks, which I doubt, at least you'll know in addition to the PTB, that my mom contacted already.

Catch ya on the weird side, Al.

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[1/3] Taaaaaaaabby!
[2/3] My roomie isn't coming back to school
[3/3] Move in with me before they stick me with someone else I don't know? <3
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[1/2] omg what am I even listening to right now...?
[2/2] If I ever write a song with lyrics as nonsensical as some of the stuff out there today, you have permission to blow up my piano. omg
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[1/2] Do you have a fake identity set up?
[2/2] Because if so and her name isn't "Tabitha Rasa" I don't know if we can still be friends.
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Are you ever coming out? I have a pile of Cassie Claire novels waiting for me to read if you don't.
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Dude, can you make hamburgers for Kyle? Like in the crazy science way you do? Please?!
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A skateboard with this design, and a helmet.

With a note:

I know since we JUST GOT SNOW this probably isn't the best gift, but we'll find a way to make good use of it. Happy birthday Little Person!

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[1/2] Tabby quit ignoring me!
[2/2] Or do I need to hide that Bluetooth speaker in your room and blast Bieber at you at 3 in the morning?
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[1/3] Tabby!
[2/3] Taaaaaaaaaaaby, I need help
[3/3] I need ideas for Halloween. Txt me when you get this!


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