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[1/4] I have a little problem. I heard a thud/thump when I was driving after I hit something. This was followed by uncomfortable stuttering noises.

[2/4] After walking around the spot after turning back, I think a piece of my car may have gone merrily down a storm drain I passed. It still drives right now, though! No fires. No explosions. I'm okay! There was just an ordinary bit of asphalt jutting out near a fixed pothole, as it forms itself a new baby pothole.

[3/4]: The stutters stopped before I got back safely.

[4/4]: Would you please, please take a look at it so I know what made a dash for the sewer, and if it was important?
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[1/3] Per the comp savvy, Weber died in the 80s.
[2/3] I did get an address for his son, Henry.
[3/3] Meet you there? He's giving me CCR vibes.
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[1/3] Think I found Miss Erma Schrean. Third possible location.
[2/3] She looks like a nice old grandma. Always with the spy lies.
[3/3] You want to talk to her all spy-like? Or should I? Less spy-like.
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So there's stuff we need to figure out about what's going on now to tie into whatever they're sifting through his head to find. I don't even know what that's going to be but the more we can gather on our end, the better. I've had a basic skim of stuff and there's not a lot to work with, but obviously there's something there. We just need to figure out what it is.

Attachment: SapLeagLeads.xcl
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(1/4) This might just be denial
(2/4) But I'm not buying it
(3/4) Look at my track record
(4/4) Nobody in my life stays dead for long
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[1/6] Need med assistance ASAP
[2/6] Sydney, NYC, GSW
[3/6] Sending GPS loc.
[4/6] Need all usual: blood, fluids, bandages
[5/6] I'm coming in from outside, will meet you there
[6/6] Sapiens League encounters possible
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Skittles - wanna help me out with my loco parent stuff?
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[1/5] I need a favor, Doc Grey.
[2/5] Can you take specific memories out of my head?
[3/5] And then not remember them, yourself?
[4/5] I've got written permission and specifications set up.
[5/5] Won't need it for a few days, at least, but it's important.
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[1/2] After yesterday, I need a drink... and today is International Roma Day.
[2/2] So how about I'll pay? It'll be great. We can be mad at Nazis and VR creators everywhere.

TXT to Doug

Apr. 7th, 2018 08:16 pm
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[1/3] Talk to me about what's happening at the Predator X thing.
[2/3] That breaking news story just said 'malicious malfunction' and what the hell does that even mean?
[3/3] Do I need to go kill some people? Cause I feel like I do. 'Trapped in game.' What even.
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[1/4] Did Amanda's lakey protege actually accept the job offer?
[2/4] If so, what're her powers? Does she have anything offensive?
[3/4] Cause if not, we need to rethink security at the front.
[4/4] I'm thinking something poison darts. Panic button.
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To [the old crowd]
Subject  [i goddamn quit]
Attached  [mansion security footage]

Remy. Is back. The new improved version. 

Fuck this shit.
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Group Message

(1/2)I have successfully risen the dead, I need a vacation.
(2/2)When is our schedule free? I am done with all of this drama.
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[1/6] Hoo boy, you two are missing out on some stuff.
[2/6] Like, dead-not-dead oops living in somebody else's brain
[3/6] type stuff. I'm kinda jealous about your trip to Kiev.
[4/6] But then, I ship it, so like. NORLICIA 5EVAAAAAAAAAA
[5/6] Or Felorth? I can't decide which one I like better.
[6/6] Opinions?
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To Wade
[1/3] Sorry. Broke my phone. Didn't get a new one until today.
[2/3] Am in my suite. Don't really want to go out.
[3/3] Thanks for caring though.

To Angel
[1/2] Thanks
[2/2] Seriously
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[1/3] As established previously, we're totally that close.
[2/3] So are we going out drinking or am I picking you up?
[3/3] I can handle pickups. But you know the rule about pants in the car.
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(1/4) You know what's great
(2/4) Is when someone knows you're weird about birthdays but still won't come out with you or fuck you on your birthday
(3/4) And then you somehow fail to get lucky and spend the next few days sexually frustrated
(4/4) TLDR I need you to come out and drinking buddy slash wingman me tonight

Two minutes later
(1/2) I know we are not this level of close but just roll with it
(2/2) Pretend this is me asking you to drive me somewhere sketchy
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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange],[Ramsey,Doug],[Wilson, Wade]

Subject: [Please meet me in the suite Doug and I share.

There are things that need to be discussed, and I would like if you could all meet me as soon as you are able to.

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So, I appear to be a giant bruise. Garrison wasn't kidding. One of you up for keeping me company as I hopefully soak my muscles enough to be able to move my arm tomorrow?


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