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There's A New Drug That's Making Mutants More Dangerous — And Scientists Are Covering It Up
An X-Quisitr Exclusive

An explosive new report obtained by The X-Quisitr shows that scientists know that mutants are taking the new street drug Rave so that they can increase their powers — and they're not doing anything about it.

The news has been sprinkled with reports recently about muties found dead after Rave overdoses exhibiting strange features that go unexplained in autopsies. Unexplained burns on their bodies. Disfigured limbs. Signs of drowning in landlocked cities.

A publicly released report by the Federal Institute of Drug Abuse, obtained recently by sources close to The X-Quisitr, suggests that there "may be links between Rave and what is colloquially known as the X-gene." But instead of warning the public of this danger, scientists "are waiting for more data and studies conducted according to standard research principles."

In the meantime, people could be in danger from mutants trying to get their next high.

Just one more example of how the Mutie Conspiracy continues to hit at all levels of government. The X-Quisitr will continue its in-depth reporting on this issue and will bring you more updates when we finish reading this lengthy document.
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New Recreational Drug Has City Officials Stumped
By Thomas Lee

In the wake of a heroin crisis that deepened in New York last year, New York health workers, law enforcement and emergency personnel now find themselves struggling to combat the sudden spike in overdoses of a new drug nicknamed "rave."

The death toll from rave has risen 50% over the last four months, mounting a potential challenge to city officials who have so far been unable to combat the rise. At the same time, the spread of heroin in the city has continued, though the rate of overdoses has slowed.

Neither the mayor's office nor the New York Police Department made leadership available for comment. But a high-ranking City Hall official says that the administration links the rise in rave to the virtual disappearance of the mutant-amplifying amphetamine known as "Kick" from the street.

"After M-Day," the official said, referencing the series of explosions that occurred in December 2014, "with the mutant population decimated, the Kick trade dried up. No more customer base. The dealers were hurting, and they needed something else to fill the vacuum."

In a statement, the Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed that Kick-related arrests and seizures have dropped to their lowest levels since the agency began tracking the drug.

The agency, through a spokeswoman, declined to discuss Rave.


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