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To: [Wanda]
From: [Clint]
Subject: Right up your alley...

Hey - I got back from Copenhagen yesterday with Jennie after some shit went down. We think we blew up the people responsible. Unfortunately, there's no way to make sure they stay dead. That's not the fun part, though. Apparently, your people were involved in some kind of ship heist earlier this year? J mentioned it, I've got no details. Point is, there was a jewel heist while we were in Copenhagen. J says we were the distraction. A bunch of people died (we didn't kill them). But I figured I'd drop the intel we have on the jewel in your lap, since it seems like the kind of thing you might have better luck researching than me.

So, in the order that I found out about them:

1. The Star. Pic's attached. Acquired by the Danes a few centuries ago from the Swedes. Swedes got it from the Russians when there were Vikings sailing the seven seas. Nothing beyond that provenance-wise. Rumored to be mystically/mysteriously connected to the next item of interest, which is...

2. The Eye. No pic available. All I've got on it is that the Nazis had it. Don't know where they got it from. Mysterious connection to the Star is that, supposedly, if you have them both, they extend your life.

Think you can dig up any information? I'll make you the absolute best breakfast whenever you want. Like four times.

- Clint

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To: [NR]
From: [CB]
Subject: 120619841206201531

So, not dying of mercury poisoning! Great, right? You're stuck with me for the foreseeable future. Which means I'm totally hitting you up for intel on some potentially Russian stuff. Like, Viking Era Russian stuff. You ever heard anything about jewels/gems called the Star and the Eye? They're supposed to be connected somehow. Allegedly, if you have both of them, they extend your life. I don't know about all that, but it does seem that the Star is what the creepers in Copenhagen were after. Me and J were a distraction. Or the killings that took us there were a distraction. Kept the police occupied while the heist went down. Only thing taken from the Danish National Museum. Anyway, the Star's supposed to've come out of Russia, so it follows that the Eye was probably there, too, given their connection. We can check this out once you're stateside, I just figured I'd see if you could think of anything off the top of your head.


Nov. 18th, 2015 01:59 pm
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[1/4] we're alive (lookit apostrophe just 4u)
[2/4] back in the states
[3/4] left some stuff at urs sry
[4/4] also took the rpg launcher came in handy thnx


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