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Amanda calls Homily, wanting some asnwers to some unanswered questions arising from what Rack said in Mexico.

Loose ends )
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To: Dayspring, Nathan
From: Morlocke, Sarah
Subject: Amanda

So. I got this e-mail from Jono that said Amanda'd ended up in the medlab after some shit happened on her trip to LA. Considering that's all the information I could get out of Sparky, I figured if anybody could tell me what the fuck was going on, you could. Is she okay? What the fuck happened? And more importantly, is there somebody I can kill?


PS. My pretty half says hi.
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To: Wisdom, Romany
From: Dayspring, Nathan
Subject: me again )
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Subject: Ouside consultants

If it's OK with the three of you, I'd like to get Doc Strange in to have a look and Amanda as well, just in case there's some kind of magical damage that we don't have the equipment to detect around here.

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To: Wisdom, Pete
From: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: What happened to Amanda...

Mr. Wisdom-

Please tell me that Rack got his. I don't think I've ever wanted anyone to get what's coming to them so badly as when Amanda told me about Rack. And I know that she only told me the barest little bit because I had to help her translate the binding spell that Rack cut into her. Anyways, I could kind of read between the lines of your post, but I'd like to see it in black and white.

Also, Marie-Ange rescued Manuel from drowning after some sort of seizure or something in his bathtub. I have a hunch that it might be related. Has there been any change with him?

Lastly, I want to learn more self-defense. I know that my power isn't exactly the most flashy, offensive one in the book, but I think that body language aspect of my power could be useful, like you said a while back. I've been doing a little reading, and I think that something like aikido might mesh well with the body language thing. So let me know if you're available for a little extra work?

-Doug Ramsey
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To: CXavier@xaviers.ny.edu, PWisdom@xaviers.ny.edu, [Romany]
From: SStrange@columbia.ny.edu

Subject: Explanations. )
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To: [Shinobi], [Sarah], [Nate], [Moira], [Marie], [Marie-Ange], [Pete], [Paige] [Xavier].
From: toil&trouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: [none] )

To: [Romany], SStrange@columbia.ny.edu
From: toil&trouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: Unbindings. )
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To: MdelaRocha@xaviers.ny.edu
From: toil&trouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: So you know. )

To: mooreforme@bellsouth.net
From: toil&trouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: They don't call me 'Trouble' for nothing )
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To: [ange]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Wanna run away for the weekend?


Me magic tutor has business in LA next weekend and he's arranging to take me with him. But since he's busy on Sunday, he's said I should take someone to keep me company that day. Feel like seeing your mum? You'll need her okay, or whoever's responsible for you at the school. Let me know as soon as, ok?

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To: ASefton@xaviers.ny.edu
From: SStrange@columbia.ny.edu

Subject: Field Trip.


I've gotten permission from your Professor Xavier to take you with me on tat LA trip I mentioned. Provided your 'uncle' Wisdom and your friend's parent/guardian consent, everything shall be arranged. I'll notify you as soon as things are finalised, but in the meantime, could you arrange things with this friend of yours? Including him getting permission?

Stephen Strange.


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