Text to Wade

[1/7]srry i couldnt help but overhear
[2/7]matt died saving me
[3/7]he was very brave but i know that wont help
[4/7]it wont bring him back
[5/7]but i made sure the people who hurt him suffered
[6/7]they died in pain and afraid
[7/7]im sorry i lost him

Text to Topaz

Would it be okay if I joined you in the common room. I do no wish to be alone anymore...

TXT to Wade

Sounds like once this is over you and me need to head to Harry's and empty the backroom.

TXT to Arthur

[1/2] I have two goals right now. Keep Molly from crying and kill the people who killed Matt.
[2/2] So stop talking at me as we can both focus on the kids.

Text to Marie-Ange

(1/2) get your bf in hand
(2/2) he's going all frank miller noir around grieving children

TXT to Adrienne

[1/3] I'm actually pretty good with being me right now.
[2/3] Me's really good at killing people.
[3/3] And there are definitely some people who need killing.

TXT to Logan

[1/2] Arthur and Wade are duking it out to see who gets to pick the movie marathon. Wanna come?

A few minutes later

[2/2] I figured you'd want to be alone tonight, but I don't want to be...I'd rather be with you than anyone else. Let me know.

Text to Matt Murdock

(1/6) Hi Matty. I know you won't read this cause...y'know. But can I pretend that you did?
(2/6) So I bet you kicked butt. And I bet you saved a bunch of people cause...that's what X-People do. But I wish you'd been saved too.
(3/6) It's not fair. I know sometimes it happens. It just happens. But I don't like it. I don't like it that you have to be gone. The X-People are supposed to win. This isn't fair at all. But if you have to go...at least it's somewhere nice.
(4/6) Can you say hi to Yvette and Catseye and Tabitha and Mr. Guthrie for me? Maybe Heaven's like...somewhere you can do whatever you want and eat whatever you want and stuff. Oh! And your dad. Cause...you made him sound nice. And maybe Batman. (I know he's not real but it's Heaven, right?)
(5/6) Anyway...I should go. Cause, I know you gotta get back to meeting Batman and like...eating ice cream with the others and stuff.
(6/6) Bye Matty.

Text to Sooraya

(1/2) If you're not busy or otherwise occupied, wanna hang out? You'll have to come to me unfortunately.

(2/2) Don't have to talk or anything. Unless you want to talk. I'm good with whatever really.

Text to Rouge

1st Text: What the hell happened?!

2nd Text (moments later): Sorry to yell, helping with three of Matt's friends.  Do you need anything?

Voicemail left for Bart Jones

"Hey Dad. Um…so you probably heard by now I missed my interview. Could you maybe put in a good word and tell the editor I'm really not a total flake? I just had a bit of an emergency. And before you freak out and storm the gates - don't. Things are kind of bad here right now. I don't really want to explain to your voice mail…or over the phone. I'm gonna try and get out to see you and we can talk then. Maybe next weekend. Um. Maybe. I don't know. I'll call you. Or you call me when you get this. Either way talk to you later. Love you."

TXT to Adrienne

I'd be happy for the company:) Just for you, boss, I'll put some clothes on too;)

Group Text to: Sue and Julian

I am with Topaz in her suite. We are watching movies. Still processing what Rogue posted. I cleaned Bunnicula's cage and told him about Matt...can bunnies understand?